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  1. I used a dog/pet dryer for years, only recently upgraded to a BigBoi BlowR pro as I wanted something wall mounted in the garage where I could just pull out the hose, this is where the optional 9m hose you can buy for the BigBoi range comes in. honestly though the dog dryer works wonders on a well sealed car, the water just sheets off
  2. Purchased from DTUK, cost £215 delivered, use promo code PB10 at checkout for 10% off. it couldn’t be easier to fit, 1 torx screw to undo, unplug a connector, plug in 2 connectors and your away. If you get the Bluetooth version you download the app, pair the pedalbox with your phone and you get to make changes even easier. If your worried about the install search pedalbox, Bec has a guide that will show you how to do it
  3. I’ve just fitted the DTUK DTE Bluetooth version, very easy to fit, app works great, have settled on the standard sport setting as it suits my driving style, well worth the money I’d say
  4. I’ve been looking at this one, it appears the VW part number is 5G6827940A 041, anyone here have one fitted or bought one recently, wondering how much they are these days
  5. Thanks to all for the advice👍
  6. just bought the Bluetooth one from DTUK, there was a 10% discount code on their website hitch convinced me to go for the Bluetooth version. it looks the same as the DTE version, not entirely sure it is the same one though
  7. So obviously it’s breaks into the pedal wiring via the two connector plugs, where are you lovely peeps hiding the buttoned fob ? wondering if the Bluetoothery is worth it, once I’ve found the right setting that’s it (except as Bec says, off for service visits etc)
  8. I’ve noticed the lag, as the sure if it was the induction system though, trying hard not to modify so to keep the warranty
  9. Evening all, I’m thinking I need a pedalbox, is there much difference between the offerings ? Anyone care to recommend one ?
  10. Jolly nice of them to un-do all of the free things ! 😡
  11. Anyone done it or had it done ? been looking at some options and I’m told you loose CarNet and WeConnect if you retrofit an upgraded system ?
  12. Wold I be right in thinking this would allow car net to update live traffic info on the nav screen ?
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