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  1. The more i think about this the more angry I get, God knows how you are feeling. Some more advice coming! It's shocking that they have come to this decision without having the expertise to say what caused it. So Google gearbox specialists in your area. Chances are on a trading estate somewhere near you is a gearbox specialist, even a racing gearbox company. Take more pictures of the box and the flywheel and with a bottle of wine visit the specialist and tell them your story of a 38 month gearbox and how VW are being idiots. A gearbox special will more than likely be able to tell you in 30 seconds what's happened. After an exchange of wine, ask them if it does end up in court, would they mind writing a report. Really wish you all the best and hoping VW will do what's right.
  2. Wait to see what they came back with., but in the meantime, get knowledge from trading standards, contact BBC Watchdog by phone and speak to someone, ask if others gave had crap service from the dealer, the more cases the better, if watchdog aren't interested, then local TV news. Please tell me you have to use your car to help key workers? 😁 Or look after you shielding family? If things don't go well, then let the Internet trolls out.... Go straight to the top. Alex Smith is your man. Hound him on all VW social media, email him, Facebook him, tweet him and always use #vwuk #vw #theresaholeinmyvwgearbox @ukvolkswagon and @vwukhelp are the tweets to use. Here he is on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/alex-smith-949255174?originalSubdomain=uk One thing execs don't like is being dragged through and mud thats being flung at the company. The more people who share your story via social media the more people will jump on board. I will with the shocked face emoji I had a similar thing happen years ago with a vauxhall insignia. The cambelt failed 8 months after they had changed it and tried to say it wasn't there fault. Social Media worked a treat. Good luck and keep us up to date
  3. Nope nothing from anywhere on the handle. Getting strange looks in the car park though!! Oh well just have to use the key. ☹️
  4. Hi all New owner of a 2020 mk 7.5 estate here. Loving the car so far and almost at the stage of being able to be a little heavier on the right foot. I've managed to figure most stuff out and read many threads here which has helped. However, I think I have keyless entry,it car unlocks with me pressing the sensor on the handle,but I can't get it to lock when I get out by touching either sensor. In fact to unlock its the opposite of what it says in the manual Do I not have it? Or am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance
  5. Do you turn the air con off at all? Only tip I know to keep windows free from mist, when you buy a car, turn the air con on and only ever turn it off when you sell it 😃
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