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  1. Check your inbox👍
  2. Hi mate, tried to DM you but you can't receive messages. I'm not far away. but I'm not going put exact location on general forum. Maybe DM me if you can or get your post count up. I have the OBD. (sounds like a disease but you know what I mean).
  3. I have a question. My virtual dash and my infotainment screen were both noticeably dim the other night when I went out now I wasn't sure if I was seeing things but it then went back to the usual brightness so I wasn't sure if I'd imagined it. Then last night again it happened before my very eyes so I knew for sure it had happened but this time it remained dull, now it's not in the settings as it happened on its own just wondering if anyone has any thoughts or experienced it themselves. Incidentally I've just been out and it's back to peak brightness. As I said I'm sure its not the settings as the brightness can be altered but this was on the virtual dash too and it changed without me touching it. Thanks.
  4. So there's people on here who've been waiting since 2021 for their orders and an R20 is in the showroom for collection and it only went on sale in the last few weeks. How does this stack up?
  5. No wonder you're getting mad, that's totally unacceptable on a car that's cost you forty/fifty thousand pounds. I would expect better build quality from a Fisher Price toy. I know it's a pain having to leave it with them to sort this issue out but I'd want it done for sure. I'd be sending that footage you have to various people at VW and see if they think it's acceptable. Good luck and I hope they sort it.
  6. Excellent stuff, immediately reminded of this. You must have stood just about where Bob Dylan stood when he inspired to paint this. Great car by the way.
  7. Got a Pro here in the Midlands. Happy to help if anyone needs to use it.
  8. Yes, I've done it see my post on page 145 or open OBD app on phone then select garage-car-control units-structure borne sound (A9). It really is simple if I can do it.
  9. I have disabled the soundaktor on mine. You can choose the easy option and do it in the Apps, click on Apps then choose you preferred % under select value option. This and the lane assist to remember the last option "off" are the only two things I've done, I'm not really a tinkerer but that fake sound had to go.
  10. Nudge, nudge, I have an R estate in the classifieds.
  11. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    For sale here is my wonderful Golf R estate which I have owned for 4 years. Registered in November 2017. Taking into account the current volatility of market prices I believe I have priced it very sensibly considering the £4k plus of factory options. It is in immaculate condition. It has the following factory fitted extras DCC Dynamic chassis control 19 inch Spielberg Alloys Sat Nav Pro Large screen sat nav Voice control Carbon fibre wing mirror covers It has covered 32000 miles MOT expires December 2022 No advisories. Reason for sale is the arrival of my MK8


    , West Midlands - GB

  12. My May order for my CS45 is built and on its way to Emden. My 7.5R will be available if there are any takers I'll get it into the classifieds shortly.
  13. Or tape some paper over the pipe to see if it flaps about, might be a slightly more user friendly option.
  14. Yeah hopefully, I've never been concerned when it will arrive as I'm happy with my current car, just hope it has the new infotainment thingy to minimize any issues. Seems a little odd being apprehensive going from a faultless car that's 4 years old to a new one that's potentially fraught with issues, should be the other way round really.
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