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  1. As promised, here are some fresh photos taken today, after I gave her a wash and valet with Meguiars products. The air deflectors won't be to everyone's taste, but they are something I've added to all my cars for several years, purely for aesthetics.
  2. ZYX

    Anyone know this car

    You'll know I've won when you see me rockin' this MF.....
  3. OK, so I'm a little boy at heart.... I love big trucks, and Scania is my favourite marque.
  4. There seems to be a preference for BMWs and Porsches on this thread. Which gets my approval!
  5. ZYX

    Anyone know this car

    If you win, you'd better send me two one-way air tickets.... NZ is one of the places in the world I'd love to explore!
  6. bringing it back to Golfs.......
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