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  1. Nope. That ain't it. Gonna nip into Robinsons tomorrow to ask there. I guess using the right-side footrest helps, but I certainly prefer Mazda's definition of the word "Limiter" to VWs. What is the point of telling the car "Limit my speed to 40 please" if it then ignores you? How is that a Limiter? This is a big black mark against the Golf I'm afraid 👎
  2. Yea thanks I DID read the manual as stated in the initial post
  3. Thank you Jamie. I'm now going out for a run to test this - I'll let you know how it goes!
  4. That's my point - it DOESN'T. It maintained it's speed even when my foot was removed off the throttle, which I don't like. I refer you to Jamies reply, above. It appears that I wasn't using the buttons correctly.
  5. A-HAH! Now that's the answer I was looking for. Thank you so much Jamie, I will try this next time I'm out in the car.
  6. So I have to take my foot off the throttle, and leave my foot pointed up at an uncomfortable angle, in mid-air? On the Mazda it doesn't matte where your foot is on the throttle - you can ram it into the carpet, and it won't accelerate. That is what I call a LIMITER...... How does it LIMIT you when a little pressure applied by your resting foot on the throttle takes you into 3-points territory?
  7. "You need to look up how the speed limiter works" - this is what I was asking in the first place. "There is also a big digital read out you can set to show your speed" - I know that. I use it. "By the way calm down" - it's a bit irritating when you ask a question 'how do I use this function' and people answer "I've never used it". That's not the question I'm asking. Never mind. I've posted the same question on golfmk7 forum, maybe someone on there will be able to answer my question.
  8. that is the whole point of a speed limiter - you CANNOT exceed the speed unless you 'off' or 'up' with the button. This is what keeps your licence clean and free of penalty points.
  9. And the 99 times when the damn thing WON'T ALLOW ME TO DECELERATE......??????!!!!!!!!
  10. I very often use this function when driving the wifes Mazda. It ensures that I keep to the speed limit and avoid getting clobbered by some dickhead in a high-viz holding a clipboard and a speed-gun. Seems that if this function does not exist on Volkswagens then Mazda has that advantage over them. I am extremely dissapointed if my car does not have this function.
  11. With all due respect, out of say 100 times, I'd be needing to BRAKE out of a situation 99 times, maybe accelerate one time in 100.
  12. But it can be overridden by the BRAKE - far more conducive to safety, surely? And how is it safe when you take your foot off the throttle and the car still continues at the speed, instead of decelerating?
  13. A question for you clever people, regarding my 2019 Mk7.5 TSI 150 EVO R-Line DSG. My wife's 2015 Mazda2 automatic has a speed limiter, where if you press a few buttons on the steering wheel, this limits the speed wherever you set it. No matter how hard you depress the throttle, the car won't exceed that speed unless you press the 'up' or 'off' button. This is very handy for retaining a set speed, and being a good boy and maintaining, say, 30mph in a 30 zone or 40mph in a 40 or whatever. Or 70 on the motorway. That is my understanding of what a "speed limiter" is.
  14. my final post in this thread, as it's too addictive. this is my bow-out pic:
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