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  1. I’ve recently changed my order from blue towhite
  2. I’ve lost all appetite now for the car,it’s all about selling now at a profit when it comes These time scales now are getting crazy
  3. Has anybody else managed to change the paint choice after so long after ordering?
  4. I’ve got a lapiz blue with all the toys on order since Oct 21 ive seen a white one at my local dealership,is it possible to change my colour to white now as I still don’t have a build date?
  5. Start changing my order with missing items,I’m cancelling
  6. Mines just gone from week 38 to week 45 ordered Oct 21
  7. I’ve had a update from Medway,it’s gone from week 19 to 23 to 28 to 38
  8. Just got a update my estimated build has gone from week 19 to 24 and now 33,Ordered Oct 21
  9. Did anybody find out if these from the new polo fits the golf?
  10. Maybe having to cancel my order due to a chance of a job change Will I get back my £1000 deposit back from JCB Medway
  11. Just realised you can buy a fully loaded R for 46000 Canadian dollars which equals to £26000
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