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  1. My RF018 in matte bronze finally arrived yesterday, I reluctantly handed then over to have tyres put on but thankfully they came back in the condition I handed them over (I always hate having tyres done) I'm chuffed with the colour and I'm hoping they're going to match up against the Indium well. I'm just hoping being 18" they dont look too small, but I opted for this size with a chunkier side wall as it's a family car for long trips that the wife also drives. I managed to clean them off and coat them with Gtechniq C5 wheel armour last night and I'm hoping to get them on this weekend
  2. @Booth11 @NRW Bit of a story to this, I have actually had a stage 1 tune by DMS Automotive. You may have seen my post but I had a few concerns with it. I'll post the printouts below but you can see it made 407bhp and 520NM which is BS I know! They are renowned for boosting figures a bit. Anyway, this along with the fact I was getting a bit of turbo flutter and higher oil temps I wasnt happy with the tune, I also wasnt that happy with how the gearbox was playing afterwards. Apart from this it did go well, and without a doubt Rob knows his stuff but I've since had the map taken off and they actually refunded me as it was so soon which thought was good service. I'm actually booked in to Bognor Motors in a couple of weeks to have the Revo stage 1 and TVS stage 2+ which I'm super excited about. Anyway below are the printouts and a few pictures on the figute happy dyno.
  3. I jumped on the bandwagon and bought a set of the paddles from the Ebay seller nczworks. I'm so happy with these and they've transformed my driving experience. Where I hold the wheel I really didnt get on with the standard ones.
  4. I'm one for the flush look with zero chrome so the car has been fully debadged all round and de-chromed at the back. I'm booked in to have the roof rails and front wrapped next month. Theres also an ECS tuning wiper delete installed 👌
  5. The next mod was suspension - After the help and recomendations from a few people on here I felt that B14 suited my needs and budget well so thats what i decided on. And so far I'm super happy! Its firmer but not in anyway crashy. I had this fitted by the guys at Regal Autosport in Southampton. I didnt bother with spacers on the standard wheels as these are soon to be replaced by the new Revo RF018.
  6. After about a month of owning the car I did my first mods. Firstly I upgraded the intake system with a Intergrated engineering intake and turbo elbow. This sounds and looks awesome! I'm hoping that the fact its scoping up all of the air from the front plus has a rubber seal along the top it isnt being affected too much from heat soak. I'm happy anyway 😊 Around the same time I fitted the Rieger splitter which is a really great fit and I think just gives the front a subtle bit of aggression it needs.
  7. I thought I'd start a thread on my Indium Wagon that I picked up with delivery mileage back in September. I'll be doing a bit of stuff to it so I'll hopefully keep up with posting on this thread. I owned a 2016 Golf GTI which I had done a fair few mods too so I'm no stranger to the VW scene. We needed a bigger car due to having our first baby so after always loving the look of the estates thought it was the perfect time to make the change. Here the Golf GTI that made way followed by the of the R first after it had its first decon and wash.
  8. Appreciate your help, I'm certainly going to look into this. I agree with you about the tips, the only ones I really like (carbon) are extortionate! Then it potentially gets messy and expensive welding different tips on. I also really quite like the look of the cerakote oval of the Milltek too, I am aware the quality probably isnt up there with the Remus though. Desicions desicions .....
  9. Thanks, that's cleared that up. Perhaps with the GPF having a further impact into reducing noise the middle resonator is deemed unnecessary on the GPF vehicles. Which is leaning my towards a non res system in that case.
  10. Hi mate thanks, yes I've been looking at the Milltek as they have 20% off at the moment. That's interesting what you say about Remus as initially I was leaning that way as i had one on my old golf and loved it, but having contacted Remus they say they dont do one that would fit the 7.5 GPF estate and dont plan on releasing one....
  11. Hi all, I own a GPF estate and I'm looking to buy an exhaust system (GPF back) in the near future but before choosing I'd like to get some clarity on something and hope someone may be able to help. My car has no middle resonator as standard, but I'm of the understanding that some of the estates have middles resonators, is this only pre GPF, or did I read somewhere that some of the GPF are different? If this is the case how does this work with regards to the effect each resonator has? I ask because I dont want something really ASBO so in a normal situation I'd go for resonated, but the fact I dont have a resonator now would surely mean it's not going to sound any different, and potentially be quieter? I'm leaning towards non resonated but like I said dont want anything ridiculously loud. Hope this makes sense, TIA.
  12. Great write up, and just what I wanted to hear as I'm booked in at Bognor Motors in a few weeks to have my current map swapped to a GPF Revo stage 1 and TVS stage 2 +, I have also opted for the SPS. Super excited now after reading that 👍👌😁 Hope you continue to enjoy it!!
  13. Nice! Yer that is quick, hopefully means mine should arrive next week some time 🙌
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