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  1. I run a Milltek non res GPF back on my estate, Which may differ slightly if yours is a hatch as its two small rear box's on mine vs one on yours. But I think it's perfect, it's not intrusive in any way from the cab just has a nice tone when under load and sounds great from outside the car.
  2. Thanks! No, far from it! I drive it as a daily and its fine. I've had cars in the past on various suspension set ups that have been crashy but this drives lovely. I'm sure sticking to 18" wheels like I have has made a difference too.
  3. Yes, that's right. I know, I went to buy another as there's a little lift in one corner of the one I fitted
  4. One of the front I thought I'd put in
  5. Happy new year all. Little update on the wagon, had this done a few weeks ago but haven't had a chance to give it a good wash. I have had the roof bars, front grille and badge wrapped gloss black with a carbon overlay on the front which compliments the indium well. I also had all the side windows tinted, if I remember rightly, the fronts are 35% and the rears are 20%.
  6. You're correct they're not hubcentric, and I was a bit dubious about using them. I asked a few places and they said along as I used hub extenders and obviously lengthen the bolts it will be fine, so that's what I've done. So far so good, no obvious vibration however they are on the back so probably a bit harder to notice. Both the Revo and TVS have transformed it, I'm so happy with how it drives.
  7. Just put some more pics up 🙌 Yes they fill them well, obviously the wider wheel and offset is set up to be perfect for the VAG cars, I am running 3mm spacer on the rear but that's not going to make a huge difference. I'd choose wheel/tyre size carefully though if you're looking down the same route. I went 18 obviously but went for 235 40 vs 225 40 tyres giving me a slightly bigger tyre wall, otherwise I think they could look a bit lost.
  8. Few more pictures since its had a wash. I've also raised the suspension a few threads and carried out the fender screw mod which has got rid of all the rubbing. Well happy with how it looks and drives! I also stuck a Revo sticker on the boot in black and red which I wasnt sure about doing but I actually quite like it. #onlyrevo
  9. Thanks Marshy, that's just the response I was after. I think I'll give it a go.
  10. Hi people, I'm getting some rubbing over large bumps after putting my new wheels on, its not massively low its more to do with the fact I'm running slightly wider tyres and chunkier aspect ratio. I'm considering doing the fender screw mod but I have some concerns... I know you wont ever see it but Is it something that if done well can look fine or does it look a bet of a mess once its folded back? Does it do a good enough job of holding the lining back ? Does it actually work? Basically, I don't really want to do any irreversible body work adaptations if its not going to make any difference ….. TIA
  11. The RF018's are finally on and I'm well happy. I'm running 3mm spacers on the back too. I need to do a few tweeks as I'm getting a bit of rubbing on the front. I'll start with the fender screw mod and see how i get on, if not I'll raise it a little. At the moment it's about 3/4 threads from max lowering so fairly low. Ride is still fairly good though. I was also at had the Revo Gpf stage 1 and TVS stage 2 + today which completely transforms the car! It really is a pleasure to drive. The Revo is super smooth power delivery and really feels quite OEM. The TVS make changes so smooth and the DSG no longer hesitates and is in every gear you want it to be. Unfortunately I found my splitter damaged after this, and I know it was fine 24 hours before because I have pictures, the garage are saying it wasnt them but I literally drove there to drop the car off. It's my word against theirs but it's just really disappointing 😥😥
  12. If you're on the border of Dorset you're probably not too far away. I'm not far from Lymington.
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