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  1. A delivery from Amazon yesterday means that I now have enough Gtechniq C2v3 and Easy Coat to see me through this winter, and probably the next one as well. My son is coming over on Saturday, and we're doing a full "pre-winter" clean and protection exercise on his Polo GTI - he lives in a flat, and although he has his own parking space, there's no access to an outside tap, or power socket. We reckon that four or five hours should be enough to clean and decontaminate the car, and give it a coating of C2v3, followed by the Easy Coat (I've now decanted some into a hand sprayer at about 15% dilution), and treat the wheels with Gtechniq C5. Saturday is forecast to be dry, albeit chilly, but needs must. We want to be finished in time to watch England beat Wales, which kicks off at 4pm - it will be almost dark by then, anyway.
  2. Yes, it's one of those things that we have to live with - I had a Focus as a company car many years ago, and that, as I'm sure you know, has a pronounced slope to the tailgate, so it was much better - the airflow over the roof remained attached as it passed over the roof and down the tailgate, rather than creating a massive vortex (which equals drag) and sucking everything up on to the back of the car. The only way to stop that happening on a car like the Golf, which has a vertical tailgate, is to have a sodding great diffuser, similar in terms of subtleness to the one which Aston Martin used on their GT racers in the WEC:
  3. Looks good - I'd be interested to see if that affects the amount of dirt and crud that is deposited on the tailgate and rear window as soon as the weather turns slightly damp.
  4. The car has spent another week collecting dust, so a wash with Gwash, and a first experience of Gtechniq Easy Coat, having watched a few videos showing how easy it is to apply, and the promised 3-month longevity. My first impressions are that it is indeed very easy to apply, but the water spray function of the spray head gizmo which attaches the hose directly to the bottle is a bit rubbish, and although the second valve which introduces the coating into the water spray does make application very easy, I think, on balance, that I would dilute the coating with water in a spray bottle, and use the spray head on the hose. Rinsing the car after application does indeed make it appear that Easy Coat does what it says on the bottle, and it appears to have impressive water repellent qualities, and I'm hoping that the 3-month claim holds up. I managed to use about 2/3rds of the bottle, which is supposed to contain enough liquid to cover two cars, which is probably another argument for using a separate sprayer. The finish is glossy, streak-free, and pleasingly slick, so my first impression is favourable. Only time will tell. Details and videos: https://www.cleanyourcar.co.uk/gtechniq-easy-coat
  5. My experience of AutoGlym products is that they've all been superceded and improved upon, and you should look at a supplier such as www.cleanyourcar.co.uk and take your pick from any of the suppliers of up to date kit, such as Gyeon, Poorboys, GTechniq etc. It's not snobbery, although I have an inbuilt resistance to anything that you could buy in Halfords (apart from Auto Finesse), but there are far better products available if you know where to look. Other than Cleanyourcar I've used, and can recommend, Ultimate Finish, and I'm sure that others will be along shortly to recommend alternative suppliers of detailing chemicals for your delectation.
  6. Hello, and welcome! I came to my Golf R via a Mk7 GTI, and prior to that a Mk6 TDi and Honda S2000. The R is standard, and likely to remain so. I have modified so many Golf and Scirocco GTI's, and air-cooled VW's in the past, and engineered a friend's Formula Vee single-seater for many years. I've done my time working on cars in all weathers, and I just wanted something which could do everything that I wanted a car to do. And certainly one of the best things about R ownership is this place. Enjoy it!
  7. I buy the cheapest multipack sponge/pan scrubber type things I can find, nitrile gloves, and use the sponge part to apply tyre treatment. The Meguires applicators are all very well, but they tend to break up, and I'm not convinced that they do the job any better.
  8. Yes, I wash my microfibre cloths in the washing machine, using Gyeon Microfibre Wash, and without fabric conditioner, followed by tumble drying. I can use a power washer, as I had a double socket installed in my parking area, but I usually just use the hose, with a Hozelock multiple spray head, and either my BigBoi dryer or a very absorbent waffle-effect drying towel, followed by the Gyeon silk towel. But, as is so often the case, I always wonder if there's a "better" solution out there somewhere. that "open" fitting that you've shown above looks to be a good idea for a final rinse, thanks for that. With regard to water hardness, it virtually comes out in lumps here, so I'm wavering towards a softener. I was looking at one on Ultimate Finish's website yesterday, and the accompanying map showed that where I am, it would last for about 20 washes. It's the price that we pay in this neck of the woods for beautifully clear chalk streams. Thanks for the replies.
  9. And, while I'm at it, I would like a 21st century version of a mangle, to make it possible to squeeze water out of drying cloths without having to wring them out, which ultimately weakens or rips holes in them.
  10. I'm rapidly coming to the same conclusion, Matt. I was hoping that Rebecca or somebody had found something with fewer novelty spray options, that was well built and delivered water in a useful and reliable manner.
  11. Does anybody have a recommendation for a Hozelock-type spray gun? Mine has got to the stage where it's rather dribbly, and I was wondering what's available. I have a Hozelock with about ten different options, selected by turning the clicky spray head, of which I use about three - the fan spray, a higher pressure water jet for dealing with bird crap and smashed insects, and the "tap" option for filling buckets. It's only for car cleaning use. Hozelock type quick-change fitting, obviously.
  12. If we're allowed to include racing cars, then they don't come more perfectly formed than the Chevron B8:
  13. Even the moggy looks as though it's been polished! What do you use on it? There seems to be a bit of "catitude" going on there! Unlike some, who have taken their R the length and breadth of the country to make it filthy so that they can clean it again, I've covered very few miles in the last ten days or so, but the car was still covered in dust. So, as I wanted to finish the second coat of Gtechniq C2v3, and today dawned warm, sunny and calm, I got out my power washer and the snow foam, followed by a shampoo with Gtechniq GWash, and a drying down with my BigBoi dryer and Gyeon silk drying towel. No holding back. Once dry, I gave the roof, bonnet, tailgate, and everything north of the waistline a coat of C2v3, so that's the whole car done now. Weather permitting, I'll give it another coat before the end of the year, but even so, it's looking good, and feeling slick, so I'm hoping that nothing's going to stick to it, and regular maintenance washes, even when the weather has turned a bit Siberian, will be quick and easy.
  14. I've had an email from www.cleanyourcar.co.uk with a 10% off discount code for this weekend: HALLOWEEN10
  15. They should be able to pressurise the system, which should show something up. At least it doesn't sound like the thermostat cover. It could be a punctured radiator - I had a stone hit the radiator of my Mk1 Scirocco once, causing a small leak. I hope that you can get it sorted, please update the thread and let us know.
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