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  1. I've posted this before, and it's a method which I used on my Honda S2000, which suffered with tar thrown up by the rear wheels attaching itself to the chromed tailpipes, and burning on. Taking the method shown in the video to another level, use kitchen roll, which won't disintegrate when it becomes wet, and then cover the pipes with the kitchen roll soaked in your solvent of choice with plastic bags, secured with tape or rubber bands for an hour or so. Only use this method on cold tailpipes, obviously. The bags prevent the solvent from evaporating, and keeps the soaked paper in contact with the tailpipes. If that doesn't work, try another solvent (WD40 used to work for tar), or learn to come to terms with having filthy tailpipes. Or buy new ones. HTH.
  2. Been there, done that. I bought a black Honda S2000 in December 2014, and bought my DA polisher in February 2015, thinking that it would be a good idea to work on it before the weather reached the point where I'd want to be out driving it. Some pads, polishing compounds, and a few of "Junkman's" videos on YouTube, and I was out there mummified in layers of fleeces and thermals, trying to achieve an elusive "black chrome" finish. I won't be doing it again. Winter car projects are painful.
  3. I keep thinking that I must get the DA out of hibernation once the weather warms up. Whenever that might be. Excellent job as always, Becs. You're an inspiration!
  4. There's a YouTube video that shows somebody not driving like a tool?
  5. And that is the cornerstone of "Advanced driving". It's served me well over the years, and is something drummed into you on any advanced driving course. I'd always recommend that anybody who drives a high performance car should have a look at "Roadcraft" https://www.amazon.co.uk/Roadcraft-drivers-handbook-Penny-Mares/dp/011708378X/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=roadcraft&qid=1617286565&sr=8-1 which preaches the gospels of observation and anticipation, both essential in keeping your licence and NCB intact. Don't forget: "With great power comes great responsibility". I know that I'm using the phrase out of context here, but it's as true when driving a powerful car as when doing politics.
  6. I had to spend four hours of my life (and c.£90) on a speed awareness course, as it seems that 80mph isn't acceptable on UK motorways, or at least between Junctions 8 - 9 of the M27. In my previous life, when I was travelling around the South East of England, including the M25, I always used a Road Angel to make me aware of cameras, mobile traps, etc, and I managed twelve years without a ticket. I decided to dispense with the Road Angel when I retired, as I wouldn't be subject to deadlines or other time pressures. All of the cars around me were travelling at the same speed, so it was a very remunerative day for the local Speed Camera Partnership. There's no "grey" area. You're either complying with the law, or you aren't. If the latter, it's only you, the driver, responsible, and you have to accept the consequences. But, in the case of the OP, we're not talking about a minor indiscretion. From the somewhat lurid description of his antics, the sooner he's on a "Driving without due care and attention" charge, the better. Our local newspaper's website carried a story yesterday about a 21 year-old who was banned from driving after he had racked up 66 speeding charges. These idiots are out there.
  7. There's a garage thread on Pistonheads which I always enjoy and think "one day, ..." https://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?t=573190
  8. I have detailing marquee envy. Again.
  9. News for those of us who are looking forward to a spot of Bank Holiday detailing is that according to the ever-cheerful Carol Kirkwood (BBC Breakfast weather forecasting person), those of us in the South and South East can look forward to some Saharan dust depositing itself all over our pristine bodywork at the weekend. Some of it will end up on our cars, as well. Let joy be unconfined.
  10. This is exactly what happened to me recently. £79 for a Haldex oil change, no filter replacement or clean.
  11. Yes, it's a surprise to many that Police drivers can actually be petrolheads when they're off-duty. At the risk of firstly name-dropping, and secondly dragging the thread off-topic, your mention of the IAM reminded me of a story which Derek Bell told me, of a "Circuit Experience Day" he was involved in at Oulton Park, for the IAM, and his frustration at their insistence on "wheel-shuffling", and disapproval of Derek's technique of keeping his hands still on the wheel when cornering, which he patiently explained was so that he always knew which way the front wheels were pointing, even if the car was sideways to the intended direction of travel. Until one senior luminary of the IAM found himself going around a corner with more enthusiasm than grip, and was frantically shuffling the wheel to attempt to retrieve the situation. Derek, in the passenger seat, calmly asked which direction the front wheels were pointing, to which the somewhat flustered reply was "I haven't got a bloody clue!"
  12. I'm not sure that this thread has gone in the intended direction for our friend the OP. I had several drives with a highly-qualified Police instructor (long story, but his daughter did have very nice legs), which taught me a great deal about observation, anticipation and how to treat every other road user as a complete imbecile. I've survived a good many years of driving as a result. I would much rather watch somebody else crash while driving as though they have a mental age of five than risk my own health/life/no-claim bonus by getting involved. I've done many, many laps of various race tracks in a range of modified road cars, mostly GTI's, and single-seaters, usually Formula Vees. And I'm more than capable of driving quickly, within the limits of the law, my capabilities, and those of the car, on the road. It's true that driving on track is a good deal harder than dicking about on the road, but our immature friend really needs to grow up. After all, if one of his friends or close relatives was to be seriously injured, or worse, by some halfwit trying to explore the outer limits of his car's capabilities on a public road, it might alter his perspective.
  13. I haven't been paying attention, and missed this thread. Sorry. Won't happen again. Firstly, it looks great, and I'm looking forward to seeing the pics of its first detail, so hurry up. I'm sure that had I been in a position to order a new 8R, I too would have failed to resist the Akrapovic exhaust - I've skipped over a few pages, so I haven't read your impressions of it, but having seen many YouTube videos of similarly-equipped Mk7's, I'm sure that it's impressive. Congratulations! I look forward to more updates, once you've finished inhaling the interior!
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