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  1. Thats crazy, u would think it would be a lot more aggressive. Look forward to a video mate
  2. Pappad

    Car Security

    That’s scary, glad the car came through on top 💪🏻
  3. Pappad

    Car Security

    Thanks mate, just the old better safe than sorry and the Ghost 2 looks pretty dam good judging by the videos.
  4. Pappad

    Car Security

    Hi guys slowly starting to realise how these cars attract thieves. A guy at my Mrs work got his new TCR demonstrator stolen from his driveway last year. See a lot with just steering wheel clamps on them but was curious any suggestions what you have done? Was looking at the videos of the ghost 2 immobiliser - don’t know if anyone has got it???
  5. After driving an R with it fitted I would’ve thought it would be more aggressive. Lot of cash for something like you said U prob wouldnt see back at the end.
  6. 😂 or pumping u £3k for an akrapovic 🤷🏻‍♂️
  7. Yeh bang on mate. I’d narrowed it down to non res, valved with black oval tips. Heading towards the idea of Milltek. Why didn’t they just make it louder from day 1 / only in race mode that’s all I ask 🤪
  8. Yeh totally agree with you on that one. Just wanna nail the right setup first time but It’s hard to find decent stuff online to get a good idea.
  9. I’ll do the man maths lol
  10. Thanks mate appreciate that
  11. Mrs works for VW but no one wants to comment on warranty lol
  12. Yeh defo a concern also mate
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