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  1. Gain for The sub I believe. I’d advise you don’t touch it unless you’re having issues with the sub, it’s a plastic head screw and if you damage the thread on the top it’s a nightmare to adjust later.
  2. Thanks Dave, appreciate it! Just took it somewhere more local to me, sounds fantastic now, and got myself a RHD jumper switch which also makes a big difference to the sound. I opted for 97 instead of 57 as it sounded a bit better to me with less distortion from the tweeters at higher volumes.
  3. Hey does anyone on here have a helix programming dongle they’d be willing to rent out? Almost finished wiring up the system. Based around north west London if postage is required? Thanks!
  4. Yeah, finally managed to get them out, needed so much force on the sides to get the catches to release. Who would've thought VW would make it so difficult, the rest of the Helix install should be a breeze now compared to this!
  5. Won't this damage the mechanism inside in some way?
  6. Can anyone please help me as to how to get these radio removal keys out? I was trying to install my helix so had to remove the head unit, was being really careful with it trying to not slide them in too far but now they seem stuck? The springs on the side dont seem to allow me to press on them. Really don't want to just yank them out as worried this will damage the mechanism or make things worse.
  7. Thanks! Looking forward to it
  8. Would be amazing if you’re able to share a video on here. I’m planning on getting mine done soon but haven’t really heard any good drive by clips. Are the DSG farts more pronounced? Guessing that the overrun burbles are much better too?
  9. Would be interesting to hear your thoughts on it, heard good things but just don’t fancy spending so much on a custom exhaust
  10. We can debate this but ultimately it’s going to come down to your insurer. I’d agree with you that it’s not a contributing factor to an accident, however your insurance company may well have an objection if they find out you have undeclared mods. We all know how keen insurance companies are to dodge paying claims, and I’m pretty sure in the small print most policies state that the cover is void unless the vehicle is road legal, taxed etc. As I said before it’s up to you if you’re comfortable taking that risk, personally I’m not willing to take that risk just for a bit more noise, but some will be.
  11. Of course it does. Your car isn’t road legal, and I’m sure you haven’t declared that mod. Sure, you’re unlikely to get caught and the odds of insurance checking would probably only happen if your car is written off. If you’re comfortable running the risk of invalidating insurance that’s up to you. I’m not comfortable with it, but bet the car sounds great with it removed!
  12. I’d love to do that but removing the GPF makes your car illegal for road use and invalidates insurance
  13. I'm getting my done in Feb on a GPF golf R. Would be great to hear from anyone on here who has had any work done on their R! Their facebook page seems to be mainly BMW's but have seen a few R's done and sound good!
  14. Where's the best place to try and get ahold of a second hand one? Have you had more luck on here or on facebook groups or others? I'm after a helix sub but don't really fancy spending £400 on a new one.
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