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  1. We can debate this but ultimately it’s going to come down to your insurer. I’d agree with you that it’s not a contributing factor to an accident, however your insurance company may well have an objection if they find out you have undeclared mods. We all know how keen insurance companies are to dodge paying claims, and I’m pretty sure in the small print most policies state that the cover is void unless the vehicle is road legal, taxed etc. As I said before it’s up to you if you’re comfortable taking that risk, personally I’m not willing to take that risk just for a bit more noise, but some will be.
  2. Of course it does. Your car isn’t road legal, and I’m sure you haven’t declared that mod. Sure, you’re unlikely to get caught and the odds of insurance checking would probably only happen if your car is written off. If you’re comfortable running the risk of invalidating insurance that’s up to you. I’m not comfortable with it, but bet the car sounds great with it removed!
  3. I’d love to do that but removing the GPF makes your car illegal for road use and invalidates insurance
  4. I'm getting my done in Feb on a GPF golf R. Would be great to hear from anyone on here who has had any work done on their R! Their facebook page seems to be mainly BMW's but have seen a few R's done and sound good!
  5. Where's the best place to try and get ahold of a second hand one? Have you had more luck on here or on facebook groups or others? I'm after a helix sub but don't really fancy spending £400 on a new one.
  6. I'm so surprised that you've both got bored of the rs3. What was so disappointing in the RS3 compared to the Golf? Surely cant be anything to do with performance or sound
  7. I think you've hit the nail on the head there. Out of interest, what made you come back to the R from the RS3? I would've thought the RS3 was a natural upgrade from the golf R?
  8. I’m more tempted to save for the RS3 or something instead, that 5 pot sound is amazing! I think if you want more noise on GPF (legally) there’s little more you can do than the backbox delete as far I can see. Nothing is going to compare to pre GPF cars, I guess it all depends how important noise is to you. I suspect the backbox mod will be enough for me but it’s all personal preference
  9. Yeah I doubt you’ll have any issues with police etc, it’s more the insurance potentially being voided that worries me. I’m getting my backbox modified by PCW exhausts (have to wait till Feb) so can comment on how it changes the car then, but I don’t drive my car that much so it would be mad for me to consider swapping it just for a bit more noise.
  10. I really hope you’re happy with it, us GPF owners have a hard time of it. Maybe cheaper and easier to swap the car for an 18 plate pre GPF 😂😂
  11. Looks like it’s flush with the boot lip. It’s meant to be OEM fit on the Rs but you have to lose the spare tyre. You can still keep both but then the boot won’t fold flat
  12. Trying to wait for a second hand one to come up for sale but barely seem to be anyway so might just have to buy it new from eBay. Will probably go with the round helix as per your advice
  13. When you had your rectangular one fitted how did you mount it in the boot? Did you have any issues with it shaking or rattling?
  14. Or I might just opt for the rectangular sub. Sound difference can’t be that much different, and I barely have stuff in the boot anyway so might be more practical.
  15. Yeah from what I’ve read on the helix thread most people are happy just losing their spare tyre. I’ve got breakdown cover with VW anyway with warranty, and will be covered privately outside of that so not particularly concerned about the spare.
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