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  1. Sounds like sticking runner flaps. You can get them replaced or do a runner flap delete, which is only really beneficial if you’re already running big power (and trying to remove any small flow restrictions). Cold starts can become an issue with the delete, as well. I’d recommend a proper fix instead. Hopefully you’ve got a decent garage / specialist that can sort it for you. Good luck!
  2. I’ve heard good things about the Venom turbos. There was an 8V S3 in at Statller a few weeks ago on a Venom, can’t remember the exact numbers but 500-odd and very quick from what they said. I know we don’t really run these cars with fuel economy in mind, but I personally like to see that kind of MPG occasionally, because it tends to indicate a good healthy setup. I can get mid 30s, that’s also with a hybrid (mk6 running a conservative 420 ish). Completely agree about leaving some headroom rather than running a turbo maxed out. You get consistency and reliability that someti
  3. A few years ago I had no end of problems with my old mk5 GTI. Chasing misfires and general poor running. Ended up replacing injectors and that finally fixed it. Anyway, the Shell garage I’d always got my V Power from mysteriously stopped doing V Power a couple of months after my misfire problems. And they still don’t sell it now. Does make me wonder… 🤔
  4. Looks absolutely stunning! 👌🏻
  5. What a colour! Enjoy it 👍🏻
  6. This 380mm version might fit some 18s such as Revo’s own wheels and Team Dynamics, but you have to be careful of placement of wheel weights. I’m running 19s (BBS CH-R 19x8.5 et48 with 5mm spacers) and my issue is spoke clearance. I sussed out (using a template) that they might just clear with the current 5mm, but I played it safe and I’ve got some 7mm spacers to go on. I got the calipers in red as I’ve already got red calipers all round. Looks decent against the Rising Blue. These brakes are made by Alcon, they’re the CAR97 caliper, but branded by Revo, hence ‘Revo by Al
  7. Indeed 🙂 I’ve also got a set of TTRS 8 pots with OEM 370mm discs, but they required at least a 10mm spacer with these BBS CH-R (calipers and discs will be for sale if anyone is after some). The Alcon/Revo 6 pots only need a 7mm spacer, so I’m giving the arches a very gentle roll this week to accommodate that. I’m currently using 5mm spacers down about 20mm with zero rub. So I’m quite optimistic that I can get it all working in harmony! 🤞🏻
  8. Coming together nicely 🙂 It’ll definitely be fun and games with the loom. Like mentioned before, modern systems using CAN are brilliant when it’s all working as intended but a bit of a puzzle sometimes. Although I get the feeling you’ll breeze through it!
  9. Should have an update in a few weeks 👍🏻
  10. Thank you! It’s slowly coming together, and it’s now got the looks to match the 420 odd it’s currently putting out. I know that’s not much these days with the mk7s getting close to that on the is38, but for me it’s a bit more special in a mk6. I might have more photos soon, of the 380mm Alcon variety 😬 Should really do a build thread!
  11. Took some better photos of the new carbon bits, and spent time pondering whether it would be foolish to go slightly lower once I get some decent coilovers in the mix… 🤔
  12. I keep checking in for an update… Hope progress is still good 👍🏻
  13. Finally fitted the Kerscher front splitter and sorted out the badly fitting front bumper.
  14. If you’re not tracking the car, Macan or 4 pot 8S TTS calipers paired with Clubsport S discs is a nice little upgrade for the road. The old 8J TTRS 4 pots are a good caliper for track but not with OEM 370mm discs. The VBT kit with these calipers and 362mm AP discs is track proven, and also sits a few mm further in than with OEM carriers and discs, so helps with getting wheel clearance. OEM 8 pots are great, but clearance is tricky. They’re a very deep caliper, and even with the VBT 362mm disc and carriers they need lots of room behind the wheel. I’m pretty close t
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