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  1. RR day sounds good to me. I’m not too far from Manchester 👍🏻
  2. Yeah, I hear you. Nobody really knows where we’ll be in 6 months or even a year, but being optimistic it’s at least the type of thing to look forward to when the time comes. Anyway, this thread is here now as a placeholder of sorts, so hopefully as time goes on we can build some demand. It’s a bad time for everyone, but I think it’s healthy to try and look forward positively 🙂
  3. Hi guys 🙂 Does anyone know if there are any events potentially lined up for the new year? And would anyone be interested in organising one if not? I’m thinking along the lines of a dyno day or airfield day, that kind of thing. I’m currently in the process of getting my mk6 R running nicely with the current setup (Loba 4xx etc) and as much as it made excellent numbers on the Statller dyno recently, the current road conditions and temperatures really aren’t suitable for stretching its legs safely! I know there are plenty of well built cars on this forum, and plenty of you I’ll remember from the mk5 forum, so it’d be fun to meet up and see where a well-sorted mk6 sits amongst other Rs of various states of tune and newer generations. I’d like to think my old girl would hold her own... to a point 😁 Obviously we’re still facing big challenges in terms of even being able to organise and manage an event in the current situation, so this is a feeler, if anything. If the demand is there, we could potentially get something off the ground when things start improving. Let me know what you think 👍🏻
  4. Just realised I can’t PM photos without them being hosted, so apologies for clogging your thread. This is the same as I’ve got available for swap/part-ex. Genuine Revozport rear bumper with carbon diffuser. I can get you actual photos on my car if you like. Would look good in black 😉
  5. Wow, some big things happened for you then?! Firstly, that must have been an absolute sickener with the cam follower 😣 To say it’s meant to be ‘uprated’ and then go on to destroy itself and your engine... I’d have been gutted. It’s great that Nick and the boys looked after you, though. I assume you’ll be running a standard follower and checking it regularly from now on?! If it’s the same Helix Organic clutch I had on my old GTI, it’s excellent. Just be wary of the slave cylinder with that clutch - mine didn’t last long and it’s not a quick job to fit a new one. But the clutch itself is great; feels very OEM but slightly heavier. Dealt with 340lb/ft in one big lump for me no issues! I’ve also just fitted some wheels in that exact fitment - 19x8.5 et48 BBS CH-R. With 225 35 PS4S. I really should start a build thread of my own.. Regarding your hunt for a rear diffuser... I actually might have something that interests you in a swap for your standard rear. I’ll PM you 👍🏻
  6. Little update for anyone interested in the Loba LO4xx and what it’s capable of. Mapping done by Steve at Statller Power Developments using custom Ecotune software. This was one of the best runs, 460bhp peak, on pump. No meth or tricks to make the power, just a good hardware setup and good tune. They dialled it back to keep some headroom and make sure it’s running well within safe limits. This turbo makes useful boost at high RPM. I believe it peaks at 2 bar. They avoided mapping any big spike of torque (which should be a bit kinder on my standard internals). Torque is ‘only’ peaking at 400lb/ft, but as you can see from the graph it’s not exactly dropping off a cliff as the engine speed increases like you might see on some other small frame turbos. A plateau is better than a spike. The existing DSG map isn’t preventing clutch slip unfortunately, so that will also be remapped soon. It’s a smooth and progressive map. The power is linear - the more the revs rise the more you’re pushed into the seat. A huge transformation from the previous GIAC map and EBC setup. And I now have OEM throttle control with the N75 back in the loop, which is nice. It’s really good to drive. Great work from Steve at Statller, Stan at Ecotune, and of course Darius Loba 😉
  7. Yep, a decent setup then. Steve at Statller mentioned a few weeks ago that the 4xx “needs a lot of boost to wake up” or words to that effect. I’m guessing Rick wanted to be careful with the torque, like you said earlier in the thread a while ago - it’ll make almost 2 bar but whether that’s safe/efficient is another matter. I just hope I’m happy with the result come the end of the week. And I’m interested to learn about this 450bhp setup of Ryan’s...
  8. Hmm. Mine doesn’t feel laggy, and it’s got a pretty wide spread of torque. Maybe my boost controller is helping it in that sense. Whether it’s making 4xx BHP on its current setup... well the arse dyno says no. But it ain’t slow. What I don’t like is the erratic boost control on part throttle. That’s definitely down to the boost controller, or rather the lack of N75 in the equation. As I mentioned earlier, the car is in as we speak getting it mapped with new software and with the N75 back in the loop. I’m wondering whether I’m now going to end up sacrificing boost and performance for the sake of part throttle drivability after what you’ve said 🤔 I do have the option of a different turbo if this Loba turns out to be a pig. It’s proving difficult to find decent info on it. What I have found, from various forums over the last few years, is a real mixed bag of results and opinion! Everything from the Statller ed30 making huge power, to forum posts slating the concept/design of the turbo, and plenty in between. The few graphs I’ve seen look pretty good, although a good looking torque curve doesn’t always translate to a great driving car. Scotty, was your old car a grey manual 5 door by any chance???
  9. Hi Ryan. Bit of an old thread you’ve replied to, but I’m glad you did because us LO4xx owners seem few and far between 🙂 I’ve got the same turbo on my mk6 R, and the car has gone into Statller today for a new map. They did the build themselves 6 years ago, with a GIAC map and Turbosmart electronic boost controller (which was probably a good option at the time, but software and TFSI tuning in general has moved on a bit now we’re in 2020). I purchased the car in September knowing it was capable of good power and had been built by Statller who I’ve used for years and trust to do a good job. I had a couple of little issues to iron out initially but it’s fundamentally running ok now, so my attention has turned to the turbo and mapping. We’re going back to the N75 for boost control, as it’s not a great throttle on the boost controller. I believe Steve at Statller will be using Ecotune software. I’ve got the fuelling and supporting hardware in place to support good numbers, theoretically. I’m not sure exactly how much power it’s making now, or how much it’ll make on the new map, but I’ll find out soon! Can you tell me more about your setup? What you’ve got in place for fuelling, other hardware, and who has done the ECU map? Cheers 👍🏻
  10. After a bit of research, I think I’m swaying towards the Vagbremtechnic TTRS/DB9 4 pot kit with 362mm AP discs. Does anyone have any experience with this setup in terms of wheel clearance?
  11. Cheers Andy. Yep, the Forge kit is on the shortlist. If the Tarox kit is in budget I might have a look at that as well. Have you got a link? I seem to remember an old member and mk6 owner on here, Huwgo R, had these same wheels with 8 pot R8/Lambo brakes. That’d also be an option if he didn’t need spacers, and assuming the mk6 R master cylinder is ok with them. I’m dropping the car at Statller for revised software on Tuesday, and I’m pretty sure Steve’s RS engine mk6 has got those 8 pots. Can’t remember what wheels he’s running, but I’ll see what the crack is in terms of clearance while I’m there. The latest Racingline 4 pot kit sounds ok, and is definitely a decent price, but I don’t know just how good the one-piece disc is.
  12. I’m going round in circles trying to decide on a decent brake setup. The standard brakes are not cutting it. Budget is around 2k. One thing I really don’t want to overlook is clearance - I want my wheels (BBS CH-R 19x8.5 et48) to clear the calipers without having to use wheel spacers if at all possible. Trouble is, it’s really difficult to work out which options I should forget, and which are viable, when most posts around the internet go something like “I’ve got the 4 pot VBT/AP/Alcon kit, they’re great”. I need a bit more info please! 😁 If anyone can offer some detailed info regarding the BBK they’re running on their mk6 R, and which wheels (obviously including wheel width and offset) it’d be a good start. Cheers 👍🏻
  13. Cheers for the info. Getting the needle sorted isn’t a huge priority right now, but I’ll keep that in mind 👍🏻
  14. Damn you! 😆 Any guys with earlier cars want to chime in and solve this riddle?! To be honest if it’s pushing me towards Polar I don’t really mind. I could keep an eye on IAT, EGT, and so on. Btw, is Hurdy still knocking about? I saw his mk7 at Statller a few weeks ago...
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