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  1. Followed me from the A57 Todwick side onto onto the M1 north on Thursday morning. I was on my way to see Steve & co at Statller in my RB mk6 R 🙂 Got to say, I do love a 7.5. Looked rather imposing in my mirror 👍🏻
  2. Well said mate, and you too 👍🏻 I’m lucky that my commute is on a quiet B road. It’s perfect for my old mk6. I know the road, know where to be careful of potential hazards, and enjoy it without being silly or making the road unsafe for other drivers. Thankfully, winter has buggered off now and we can all enjoy our driving a little bit more 🙂
  3. Just adding this for the benefit of anyone browsing this thread for info. According to the previous build thread of Huwgo’s old mk6 R, 5mm spacers were needed to fit OEM RS 8 pots with 19x8.5 et48 BBS CH-R wheels. I’ll be doing the same in due course, although I’ll have to research a solution for the spacers. I don’t think a 5mm spacer will have the hub flange/spigot. The smallest I’ve ever seen with a flange was 8mm H&R back in the mk4 days. I do remember reading about ‘hub extenders’ that allow fitment of flat spacers and maintaining that central bore for the wheel to
  4. I didn’t read this before I posted pretty much the exact same thing. I think we think the same way! Something else I’ll add, that might not have been mentioned. The more experienced I’ve become, the more tolerant I am of bad driving. Whether that’s me simply mellowing as a person as I get older, or it’s because I’m less likely to put myself in positions where I’m affected by another driver’s mistakes as I continue learning and becoming a better driver myself, I’m not sure. The point I’m making is that the more emotion you involve in your driving, the more likely something
  5. It’s good to see the overwhelming majority (commenting in this thread, at least) have a sense of safety. What NRW said is bang on the money. I’ve been into cars since I passed my test, 23 years ago. I’ve done some stupid things, and got away with it. 99% of these stupid things were done in my 20s. If I think back to some of the rookie errors I used to make, I cringe. Inexperience is by far the biggest culprit. Not ‘bad roads’ or ‘fast cars’. There are certain little quirks of driving I employ now that would just never have occurred to me had I not encountered certain dodgy
  6. OEM+ is basically what Shark Performance used to be. Guy called Ben Wardle does the calibrations. Very safe maps. Ben’s been mapping cars for years. I went round Oulton with him a long long time ago in his Octavia development car running all sorts of anti-lag etc. That was a BAM engine. So it gives you an idea how long he’s been doing it.
  7. I know this is a late reply, but thought I’d answer in case you were still looking for help. Front wishbone rear bushes, ARB bushes, strut top mounts. Do those with new shocks and springs (proper dealer parts, not pattern) and see how you get on. Should make a nice difference.
  8. Good info in here 👍🏻 I did read about Vagbremtechnic brackets breaking over on RS3OC if I remember correctly. Sounded bloody scary. I’ll have a read of those links, thank you.
  9. No worries 🙂 Good luck with the brakes anyway mate. As mentioned earlier in the thread it’s the TTRS 8S setup you need. I’ve spent a lot of time browsing the Killerbrakes website myself, and it’s probably only a matter of time until I get something ordered! Bilstein B16 are going on next week though, so not just yet 😇
  10. Can you remember what offset the wheels were?
  11. Hi mate, quick question about the setup on your old mk6. I saw you had BBS CH-R with the 8 pots - did you need spacers for clearance? And what offset etc were the BBS? Reason I ask is that I’m in a mk6 now, on CH-R (19x8.5 et48) and I’m looking into brake upgrades. Hoping I can fit some OEM 8 pots without too much faffing!
  12. That’s interesting. Could definitely work as a mild upgrade over mk6/7 brakes. Wheel clearance is something I need to look into. I’d rather not use spacers as the BBS I bought a few months ago fit really well at et48. So if the new setup fits behind the spokes while being a worthwhile upgrade in braking performance it’s something I’d be tempted by. I wonder what piston area the new caliper has.
  13. Yes, the clutch on a manual mk7 is a known weak point. They’re just on their limit even with stock power. Stage 1 will kill it pretty quickly. It’s a good idea to try and plan for how far you’re going to be taking the car. If you’re only ever going to be running at Stage 1 you’ll be able to fit an organic clutch and retain a friendly pedal feel. If you’re looking at Stage 2 and beyond in the future, it might require something beefier that’ll hold big torque more reliably than an organic clutch upgrade.
  14. Hi guys Has anyone looked into using the mk8 brakes as an upgrade? From what I’ve read, the discs are the main difference, being 357mm rather than 340mm. The caliper at first glance looks the same as the 60mm single piston mk7 R caliper, although I’ve seen it noted a few times that they’re a bit lighter in the mk8. So, who’s got any more info on the setup? Any more details about the mk8 caliper and whether they are improved/lightened over the mk7 caliper? Does the mk8 use the same master cylinder as the mk7? I’m actually in a mk6 R, but obvs parts are still
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