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  1. Just be careful when you’re using the alignment tool that you slide the wheel on gently. Any knock with the weight of the wheel on the end of the tool closest to you could damage the threads in the hub.
  2. Yep. On my current platform (EA113 CDL) it’s the fact the hybrids use a stock cast manifold. This chokes the flow, and the harder you push it the more you’re just creating heat and not a lot more power. I’ve been thinking about the possibility of getting a tubular manifold made up for the Loba 4XX hybrid on my mk6. Just as a bit of an experiment more than anything 🧐 Obviously it’s slightly different on the mk7 in terms of the exhaust manifold. But absolutely the same rules apply with hybrids and heat, like you say. Water methanol is one way round the problem, but n
  3. Ahh yes, that makes sense. Well, I’d personally be looking at whichever of those turbos makes the kind of power you’re after with the least boost. Obviously the trade-off with that is spool, but everyone is different and everyone has their own take on what’s laggy and what’s drivable. I’d also be considering which turbo has the most support. And I mean that in terms of tuning - is it a turbo that’s had a lot of time with different tuners - and also community experience. There are turbos out there that on paper are the absolute dream, but on certain platforms just don’t get much devel
  4. Is the Garrett the G25-660? If so, that’s a great choice. The G Series turbos are a definite step up from the older gen GTX etc. And it will make a hell of a lot more than high 400s if required. 465bhp will be running low boost, which really is the best thing all round for reliability.
  5. That’s it exactly. It’d be a guide. But only that. Honestly, the amount of sleep I’ve lost over the years trying to figure out BBK fitment isn’t worth mentioning 😂 But one thing I’ve learned is that there’s simply no substitute for getting them bolted on and trying a wheel (with an assortment of wheel spacers at the ready). Failing that, you can take measurements with them bolted to the hub. This is the next best thing. Measuring them off the car… well yeah. Far from ideal. And as I mentioned, I wouldn’t want to take and then provide measurements, for them to be used as som
  6. Hi Bodyboarder The kit for sale is mine, and as I’ve advised Seano, to do this ACCURATELY, the discs and calipers must be bolted to a hub. Yes, you could get an idea of how much room you’d need by measuring off the car, but it would only ever be an idea. When squeezing big brakes behind wheels, we need a bit more than an idea! 😆 One millimetre of inaccuracy is all it takes for the wheel to foul the caliper. And nobody wants that. I would never provide measurements that I know will be interpreted as definitive, when I know they are at best an approximat
  7. You’re not driving it hard enough then 😉
  8. Yes. Plenty of info out there.
  9. Oh I know. I was knocking about in a mk5 and moderating the mk5golfgti forum when a few of us were first trying them out, and incidentally Hurdy first got them on his mk6. Supplied by Dave B IIRC long before Awesome bought Vagbremtechnic.
  10. Yes, that makes sense 👍🏻 Either way, Brembo 8 pots are great calipers… if you can make them fit!
  11. Really? I wonder if the mk7 at Statller with 8 pots the other week had diferent carriers / adapters then 🤔 Because that was on Prets, OEM discs, and the spacers were nowhere near 17mm. I do know if you use the Vagbremtechnic 362mm discs and adapters with these 8 pots you don’t have to space the wheels as much as using stock discs and carriers. And also if you try and use the RS3 Sportback setup you’ll definitely need more room than the RS3 saloon or 8S TTRS setup.
  12. I have a set of these for sale in Classifieds if you’re interested. Low mileage, full kit, OEM 370mm round discs, off a saloon 8V RS3 (so they’re the better offset for the mk7, same as 8S TTRS), carriers, pads, lines, everything. Oh and they’re the rarer red calipers 😉 In terms of fitment, depends entirely on the wheels you’re running? For example, with BBS CH-R 19x8.5 et48 I needed 10mm spacers IIRC. As I’m in a mk6 this unfortunately proved too much (I’m pretty low on KWs) so I had to go for a different kit. But on the mk7 you’ve got a lot more room in the arch to play with compared
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