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  1. Ahh right. I’m going to guess something like et35 if you’re needing the 225s to clear the arches. The OEM 19” wheels are 8 wide and et50 IIRC?
  2. What width and offset are your CH-Rs? And I assume you’re on 235 35 tyres? I’m trying to suss out what’s possible over OEM dimensions without them being too pokey. Do you have any photos looking down the side from the front or rear? And also worth mentioning, I usually hate black wheels, but keeping the rim silver has made a huge difference here. I like the look 👍🏻
  3. Well, I didn’t buy that car, something didn’t seem right about it. I did wonder if it was some kind of security stamp/etch. Or a marker of some sort. But by who, and for what purpose, I’m not sure. Thanks for your replies anyway guys 👍🏻
  4. Auto Dynamics on Attercliffe road, Sheff, go past Statller on your left and it’s a bit further up on the right. They’ve got a proper Hunter machine. Recommended by Statller themselves, and naturally they did a great job for me.
  5. Any info on piston area etc with the Macans over say the tried and tested TTRS/RS3 caliper? Same for the mk3 TTS? The Macan calipers do sound like they make the most sense, not needing adaptors for either a mk6 or mk7. Drop in a pair of Clubsport discs at 300 odd notes and you’ll have a decent setup.
  6. AJP

    Car Security

    I queried my insurer about the quote they gave me for a mk6 R recently, it was almost double that of my tuned mk5 GTI! They said it’s simply down to the number of theft claims made on Golf Rs. I did go on to ask whether mk6 Rs are lumped in with mk7 Rs in them calculating that risk - because I get the feeling for every one theft claim on a mk6 there are dozens for mk7s - but I didn’t really get an answer 🙄 I also asked whether insuring a 5 door was more of a risk, considering the apparent appeal of 5 doors to the naughty people when they’re out doing naughty things, and again I got nowhere. I remember when Cosworths became almost uninsurable in the early 90s. Same reason. It’s a big shame we have to pay so much to insure these things, and then go on to shell out more on security measures on top, just because life’s losers want what we’ve got, and want it for nothing. Anyway, Pappad, do what you can, and be smart about it. I’ve heard good things about Ghost. And extra measures like wheel clamps will always have a place. Good luck 👍🏻
  7. Keeping an eye on this one 👍🏻 I think I’ll learn a bit more about what’s possible on the mk6 in terms of wheel fitment etc. I’m assuming the same rules apply as on the mk5, so for example an 18x8 et45 with 225 40 was a nice flush fit on the sensible side (no poke, no stretch, and only really needed the arch screw delete doing on the front for a decent drop). But looking at your mk5 I can imagine things might get a bit more extreme than that! What were the wheel specs on the mk5 Andy? And how much arch work, camber etc was there needed? Any initial thoughts for wheel fitment? Are you going with 19s? Lots of questions, I know, but I’ve got a feeling you’re going to create something good here 😁
  8. Alright guys A particular car I’ve been to view a couple of times has me scratching my head. On the headlights (near the bottom edge) there were numbers/codes printed, something like W4678. Not exactly that, but IIRC it was alphanumerical. I think the windows also had the same codes printed on them. The text is in a faint white/grey. Do all mk6 Rs have this on the headlights? It seemed a bit out of place, and not something I remember seeing on other headlights on other cars. The car is actually a 59, registered at the start of 2010, so one of the first. I’m wondering if that’s got something to do with it. Maybe it was a press car or something. It’s got 19s, so the all black headlights, if that’s relevant. Can anyone tell me if their car also has these codes (or whatever they are) on their headlights? I’ll probably be going for another look, at which point I’ll take photos to post up, but in the meantime if anyone can shed some light on this it’d be appreciated 😏
  9. I’ll keep an eye on the build 👍🏻 I saw your old mk5 in your thread - looks like you put lots of hard work into it, so I’ll be keen to see how the new mk6 goes!
  10. Spot on. And especially on a turbocharged car, where the downpipe is the immediate restriction after the turbo. Less restriction = more potential boost pressure. You know your beans, mate 👍🏻
  11. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t singling anyone out 🙂 To be honest you don’t fall into that blissfully unaware category at all. You waited, researched and learned. I don’t know about you, but I actually enjoy that process nearly as much as the fun of driving a car once mods are done. It’s part of the whole journey. And as much as I did a lot of work myself on the mk4, I left the majority of work on my old mk5 to Statller in Sheffield. I suppose I didn’t mind getting things wrong on an old diesel mk4, whereas the GTI was a real step up. And there were always times where their advice became part of my learning curve as well. If you’ve got a grasp of the fundamentals, for instance why a bigger downpipe creates the potential for more power, you’re doing things right. And it is often better to listen to your tuner in regards to which brands of particular parts work best. It’s easy to get carried away with forum chat proclaiming whatever new intake/exhaust/fuel pump/whatever is the dog’s b*llocks, and while good upgrades do build a good reputation, you’ll often hear of parts being fitted that aren’t really necessary or beneficial, simply because it became the done thing at that time! To me it sounds like you’re doing things the right way 👍🏻 Anyway, big tangent there. Back on topic 😁
  12. +1 I bet it sits nice in the corners, too!
  13. Yes mate, I agree with you 100% there. I could have written that post myself! I like to keep my cars as long term projects and really take my time researching the best ways of doing things, the best parts, and actually give myself time to enjoy the thing. I cringe when I see cars that go from stock to heavily modified in a matter of weeks, while getting a sense the owner really just handed over the keys to a garage/tuner telling them “I want Stage 3, bro”, while blissfully unaware of what actually goes into tuning a car, or sorting the suspension, and so on. I call them chequebook cars 🙄 The reverse-rake thing on the mk4 was very common. There were two ways of slamming a mk4; the cheap way, or the proper way: The cheap way involved doing the obligatory rear spring adjuster delete, to get the rear tyres tucking, and dropping the front as far as it would before the offside driveshaft started fouling the front ARB. And hey presto - hideous looking rear rake. You could spot these half-arsed efforts a mile off. The proper (and laborious/expensive way) involved the same rear adjuster delete, along with a suitable front ARB that went under the drive shaft, rather than over it. Plenty of aftermarket ones didn’t do what they were supposed to do, but I managed to get one off a TT to fit. So, then the front gets dropped, to match the back, and this is where it gets really silly. The driveshaft is now at such a high angle, it’s now contacting the chassis leg, making a lovely clonking noise. So, off to see Luke at Plush Automotive to get the infamous ‘chassis notch’. Now I was as low as possible without anything fouling. On top of that, there were further custom tweaks I made. On the mk4 it was very common for the rear beam to be ‘off’. In most cases this would manifest as the rear nearside arch gap being 15mm more than the offside, and also the rear nearside would poke more than the rear offside. So, I had an aluminium shim made up to sit under the offside spring, and had the 15mm spacer on the nearside milled down by a few mm. Things were starting to look even now, no lopsided rear beam. Finally on to the front, I fitted a pair of LCR 4 pot Brembos. This meant spacing the wheels to actually get the calipers behind the spokes. I somehow found a pair of 8mm hubcentric H&R spacers for sale, and snapped them up immediately. The wheels now fit over the calipers, but the wheels then didn’t fit in the arches. There was absolutely no way in hell I was raising the thing up after all the work I’d done to get it on the floor, so I had the arches rather drastically pulled and rolled. I believe the pic of the mk4 I posted is in its complete form. Job done, properly. Doing all that nonsense just in the pursuit of being low is only something I could have entertained in my twenties. I think I’d get bored of it all very quickly now. But, I’m glad I did it. I got stuck in and learnt a lot about the platform, while a lot were just buying a set of budget coils, hoping for the best, and ended up driving around on one of those rear-rake monsters because they weren’t prepared to get stuck in and do it properly. Good times 😊
  14. It was a K03 GTI, but is no longer mine. And thanks 🙂 I probably could have bought an ed30 with change left over with the money I put into it! One of my favourite ever cars. Next project is hopefully a mk6 R, tastefully lowered of course 😉
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