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  1. My previous car was a BMW F30 with s/s. This horrible feature was easily coded out, even prohibiting the auto turn on in Eco mode. No need for add-on modules or fudging the voltage/temperature. I'm hoping that my new F40 (whenever it finally arrives) can be fixed the same way. So, no, the s/s was only superior in that it was more easily cancelled. 🙂 BTW, my s/s module will be for sale for a nominal sum around mid-November, assuming the F40 is ever built. Drop me a PM if interested.
  2. Well, some people love s/s, some don't care and some really dislike it. If you're in the latter category this is for you; if not then move along, nothing to see here. Not much point in arguing the toss about it.
  3. An excellent fix. Here's the one I used: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000988119998.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.5d694c4d6GWWZK&cv=0&aff_fsk=Y7bAZbY&af=88566&aff_platform=aaf&sk=Y7bAZbY&aff_trace_key=47c39ba7d03e40b4b6dddc23649d869f-1613562435239-09088-Y7bAZbY&cn=15727&dp=0%3A%3A88566%3A%3Akl9detu46n000dsl024vk%3A%3A%3A%3A1613562435&terminal_id=be8cc96be7ae4d99a054384c2cd54b91&tmLog=new_Detail This has three modes of operation, selected by a sequence of s/s button presses: 1. Disabled, so stop/start works as VW designed it. The mod
  4. While I make no apology for criticising infantile attitudes towards driving on public roads, my overly aggressive expression was due to having just been told by my salesman that my new car, ordered in July and expected this month, is now likely to be delayed until 2022. Not good for one's mental attitude. However, unlike some of his more obnoxious customers, I refrained from shouting obscenities at him, as it's clearly not his fault, and I still have my 2-year old immaculate, and slowly appreciating in value, R to enjoy until I can finally put it on the market. Meanwhile he has an
  5. Well you may believe that but, if you're planning to exercise your 'childish' excesses in this country, please announce it in advance and I'll be sure to stay off the roads until you get killed or arrested.
  6. Looks so much neater than the stupid plastic chrome that doesn't match or tone with anything else on the car. After seeing my parked Atlantic Blue 7.5 from a distance with folded mirrors I just thought "spaniel ears" and couldn't then unsee it. So I did the same.
  7. Adding the red warning + white puddle light to the 7.5 doors, I found that AliExpress et al offered all sorts of fancy projected patterns as well as plain white. I just don't see why anyone needs to be reminded what their car is every time they open the door. The job of a puddle light is to help you avoid puddles, cig ends, mud, and worse. Why obscure the image with VW or R or other childish crap?
  8. Just a suggestion, and I think I remember this correctly (I've reset a lot of coding prior to selling the car). For the 03 Brakes control unit, Adaptation for Dynamic Starting Assist, I found that changing this from Normal to Early made a difference in the following: With the car on the level, engine running at idle, DSG in Drive, foot on brake, AutoHold off, handbrake off, release the foot brake and note how long it takes for the car to start rolling. Normal -> Early made a noticeable difference.
  9. If VW are anything like BMW the dealer should be very committed to the idea of a good survey. When I bought my last BMW the salesman was absolutely insistent that if there was the slightest issue I must raise it with him at once, even if it was just the choice of biscuits with the free coffee.. He said he would fix anything, irrespective of whose a**e he had to kick, in order to get a 100% positive review. I did suggest another £500 discount but he had to draw the line somewhere.
  10. There's a similar nightmare awaiting the casual BMW programmer with the ESys application. Reset will return the car approximately to the state it was in just after being nailed together in production BEFORE all the control units are correctly programmed to the car. Only solution is back to the dealer on a flat bed, plus a lot of money. Again there is nothing to stop the unwary, apart from some well-intentioned warnings from the experts. There is another, although usually less disastrous, fate awaiting the novice who jumps in to OBDeleven apps and runs amok picking everything that l
  11. That would certainly fix the problem of on-street charging or queueing for a charge point. Just nip down to the local petrol station and fill up. Electricity is the future. 🙂
  12. Last time I had a lively debate with a salesman over the petrol supplied with a new car I brought up my first experience of car buying. In 1971 I bought a new Hillman Avenger (no laughs, please), that cost £950. It came automatically with a full tank, which I think was 8 gallons at around 5 shillings (25p to all you youngsters) per gal. So £2 of petrol works out at 0.2% of the car price. Roll forward to today for a £40K Golf and 55 litres of petrol at £1.35/litre. Petrol cost is £74 or 0.19%. It seems a full tank is not exactly outrageous now.
  13. The OSRAM LEDriving DMI for VW Golf VII are expensive, but very good. Unlike I suspect the Chinese cheapos they are Euro legal. They do two versions White Edition and Black Edition. The latter may be more "cool" to people of limited imagination but they aren't as bright as the White, which seem to achieve the objective of being seen more efficiently.
  14. Please NEVER use the apps, or you'll become one of those sad souls complaining that you did X, Y and Z, and now A, B and C don't work and you don't have a backup or any idea what was changed. Remember that apps are a fairly generic solution and if something goes wrong (i.e. you're trying to do something not supported on your own car) you won't know about it until it's too late. Coding lets you see immediately if something hasn't worked. Also, in order to stay sane, make only one change at a time (whether app or coding) and WRITE IT DOWN, then TEST IT. Once it's working as expected
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