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  1. Googling the name brings a cornucopia of plain silliness. Quite entertaining if you don't get sucked into it. A complete a***hole.
  2. This is just the simple wired socket with red & black leads for direct wiring that came as standard with the charger. M8 I think, and like Greg I had to cut a slot in the + terminal. I saw the LED one but didn't see much point as the car spends most of its time on charge. I'm happy to let the MXS 5.0 worry about all that!
  3. I've always used my CTEK whenever I put the car in the garage. As it is currently spending days on end in there it keeps the battery happy. With my 2 previous BMWs, which loved to run the battery down even when fully locked, I had 10 years on the original battery (still fully OK when sold) and then 5 years with no voltage issues. The little CTEK socket on a lead that can be permanently wired to battery + and chassis ground makes connection very quick and easy.
  4. I suppose it would stop you getting rusty as time goes by.
  5. Perhaps a light application of silicone grease, as it's less likely to attack the rubber valve stem. Petroleum-based greases and oils, sprayed or otherwise, tend to get everywhere. I find that a tube of silicone has many applications on the car, pressure washer, etc., for water-proofing, corrosion inhibition, lubrication, etc. In the distant past, when British car electrics were supplied by Lucas ("Prince of Darkness") I found that protecting the little spade connectors when they were new would keep them happy for the life of the car. A 50g tube of Servisol (about £7 on eBay) will last a lifetime. I recently found a nearly empty tube of ICI M494 grease that I 'liberated' 50 years ago. Still like new. Not for personal lubrication. 🙂
  6. Given that buying new cars is just a bloody stupid way to throw money away, we do it anyway. Best to reduce the outgoings to less than a raging torrent though. 🙂
  7. This is an interesting idea, assuming you're only thinking about a new car. Given that it loses, say, 50% of its value in 3 years, who covers that £20K depreciation? Leasing companies are run as profit centres, so someone has to pay for it. Have you done the sums of lease vs buy to prove your assertion?
  8. Perhaps Apollo 13. "Jose Jimenez on final approach" Correction: The Right Stuff.
  9. I think I'll know when it's time to give up driving. Would be an interesting challenge for the gormless numpty who claimed his Haldex was trying to kill him. Perhaps I should try selecting Race Mode and closing my eyes. Many years ago my boss, who was a serious (5 pints at lunchtime) alcoholic, spent a few hours in the pub after work. At just before 10pm he realised that he had about 3 minutes to get his car out of the multi-storey before it was locked for the night. Our company car manager let it be widely known that a certain 5 Series had been brought in without a single undamaged external panel. How he kept his job was a mystery.
  10. It's a bit complicated, as I have to use the mirrors to back down the drive, into the into the rather limited space between two houses, to get exactly lined up for the garage, then fold the mirrors in just before they hit the door frame. Then a slight swerve to give me room to get out. Driving out I hold my breath until clear of the buildings before opening the mirrors. What I can't understand is why my previous BMW F30, which was only 1mm wider across the mirrors, although 2cm wider in the body, was so much easier to back in every time. I think the Golf's stupidly pointed mirrors are not helping. I knew the new G20 3 Series would be far too wide, but was astonished to find that the new F40 1 Series is even wider, so the potential M135i had to give way to the Golf. A shame, as I don't find VW to be anywhere the equal of any of my previous 6 BMWs.
  11. I'd pretty much agree - horrible. However, it's even simpler for me: I will never own a Mk8, even as a gift, as it's nearly 2 inches wider than a 7 and I couldn't safely get it in my garage. At least I can easily ignore all the hype, stressing and wishful thinking that goes on. And ... from day 1 I've been able to use VCDS and OBDeleven to make just about any changes I want. Not being able to do this for an unspecified time, or possibly never, would drive me crazy. Just keep pressing that good old stop/start button!
  12. Doesn't seem a lot of point as you can buy a ready-to-go device with several potentially useful options in the £40-80 range. I only use the basic call it and get a locating text option, but it's been totally reliable. Call it once every 6 months to keep the SIM active and that's it. £10 top-up and 4p per text not expensive to run!
  13. An interesting idea, but a bit unproductive. 🙂 My original post was to provide a complete fix for the question about the potential issue of the dealer spotting the installation and causing warranty problems. Of course SM is otherwise fine for any work that doesn't require a road test. One other point about Ghost: at least for the Mk7 it offers a very effective stop/start inhibitor, which the installer can easily set up. No idea about using this for the Mk8, however.
  14. AutoWatch Ghost is a popular immobiliser, and only requires you to know the sequence of in-car buttons you have programmed. A simple tracker is exemplified by this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Tracker-TK-104-Anti-Theft-Alarm-Motorcycle/dp/B00SJUP77O In its basic implementation you install a PAYG SIM card and hide it somewhere. Long battery life but you can wire it in. If you want to know where your car is you just dial the SIM's number, hang up, and it sends you a text with its Lat/Lon and a link to Google Maps. Running cost is negligible. Other features allow setting up a perimeter fence, continuous status reports, etc. Some of these devices also have a subscription service with online position and route tracking. Also you can get an included relay wired into the fuel pump so you can send a text to shut down the car. While that might be a satisfying action, I'd not like to be on the wrong end of a court case if stopping the car from 120 MPH on the M1 caused a major accident.
  15. The exact lifetime of SM is open to some debate and may depend on the actual car. I've never got round to testing it but it happily survived my last dealer service. It's perfect for moving the car around on site but a serious road test would require a different approach. And of course it is flagged up by a DTC scan. TM completely disables the Ghost, making it completely inactive until reset. It is not publicly announced but it's there and it works. Whether the typical installer is prepared to discuss it is not defined. It's another 'feature' like anti-hijack mode that they keep quiet about.
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