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  1. Added you on instagram, I'll message you on there RE meet-up, I'm busy again tomorrow and my 30th next week.. Sometime soon haha!
  2. @Muzza Was at halfords today in Maesglas. Your R is looking sweet on those wheels with the boot lip too! 👌
  3. What is your height from floor to top of arch? Mine is standard and I'll go out and measure it today. M
  4. Cheers man will do
  5. Ah no worries. Hopefully sometime soon Wales meet up. Have you seen that bafflehaus cafe up in Abergavenny? Mainly motorbikes I think but the odd nice car is on their Instagram.
  6. Ah sorry I work in Barry and have (covid limited) plans this evening unfortunately. Thanks for the offer though. Are you free at all Saturday morning? When can I DM? Hijacking Huw's thread here haha!
  7. I'll keep an eye out for sure. I'd love to see what a stage 2 is like! Thinking of a stage 1 on mine..
  8. Lapiz blue, 17 plate, 5 door with Cadiz alloys. Forge Lane and m4 are my usual routes! I'll keep an eye out for your number plate too. M
  9. How do you think the compare? Have you been on a stand set up for a comparison? I'm eyeing up lowering springs at the moment and wondering if I should also replace the dampers to try to get the best ride quality.
  10. Based in Newport though. I believe muzza is too? Muzza, if you check this thread, have you gone stage 1 or 2 on your R? M
  11. Ahhh strictly speaking, I'm in Wales from Stoke on Trent!
  12. Hello! another member from Wales here
  13. Nice wheels, I think the new rf019 have a bit more concavity around the hub area. Is that the Matt anthracite? Cheers!
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