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  1. So i've been a busy bee on this car! I also added an oettinger style spoiler to the back which i think completes the whole look on the back end then finally got my calipers done, however I did change my mind on the colour when I saw them and opted for this super neon looking greeny/yellow 😍
  2. Finally - a picture of the front end now the chrome has been covered then followed by a better picture of the rear diffuser 👍🏼
  3. If you have a manual I was quoted around £1.2k which was map and uprated clutch as the standard clutch isn't good enough!
  4. Not usually a fan, but that looks clean! I also like the fact you haven't put the 'kill all wipers' sticker there... sorry to anyone reading this that has! 😬
  5. Little Update: So slightly unrelated to the de-chrome first - I bought at fitted (well my brother fitted 😂) the maxton rear diffuser! I was just after something to make it look that bit sportier... (i'll post a better photo when i get one 🙄) Before Vs After Then I've actually had the chrome front lip wrapped! I was going to have a go myself with the kit but my other half actually found someone local who does wrapping and spraying etc and it only cost £40! really happy with how it looks and i'm super tempted to book back in with
  6. That looks really good, I think i'm going to have to give it a go! I'm falling a little out of love with my car at the minute as the deep black pearl paint is in desperate need of some serious TLC before I even think about doing any other little mods, but the weather so far has been too bad to get detailing properly!
  7. Hiya, sorry for the late reply! I’ve not been too active on here in a while - I didn’t get round to doing that yet as it seemed quite fiddly. Have you got yours done yet?😊
  8. Yeah I love the pops of yellow against a black car 😎 I’m going to paint the callipers yellow from a recommendation on here when the weather picks up a bit more! I know I’ve seen someone’s on here that has yellow accents too but I can’t remember who, I’ll have to check that thread out!
  9. Adding a little bit of yellow 🤪
  10. Oh god, might just end up changing them then! To be fair I only went for them as they were on previously and it was around Christmas time when money was tight 😂 im pretty sure I’ve got 19”, it will most likely be which ones have an offer on as I often see like £10 off 4 etc on black circles 😊
  11. Me running my golf on bridgestone s001's out of choice.... 🤡 I think i'm going to go for either PS4 or goodyears next time 😂
  12. Thanks! I used these: https://www.ezmods.co/product-page/vw-golf-r-mk7-grill-overlay-decals
  13. After having these vinyl strips in the house for a few weeks the weather was finally nice enough while I’m off work to get them onto the car. There’s a few tiny air bubbles that I need to squeeze out but I’m quite happy so far! Next step is the bottom lip - any suggestions on what works best? Vinyl again, are they easily removable to spray or buy a new one in black? 😊
  14. Aw she’s gorgeous!! I love German shepherds - most are soft as a brush
  15. Absolutely loving your new 8R in Lapiz Rebecca! I honestly wasn't a huge fan of them until i've started seeing new owners pictures of them, they look so much sportier and just generally better than the images from promo/garages. Hope you're enjoying it!
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