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  1. Yeah I love the pops of yellow against a black car 😎 I’m going to paint the callipers yellow from a recommendation on here when the weather picks up a bit more! I know I’ve seen someone’s on here that has yellow accents too but I can’t remember who, I’ll have to check that thread out!
  2. Adding a little bit of yellow 🤪
  3. Oh god, might just end up changing them then! To be fair I only went for them as they were on previously and it was around Christmas time when money was tight 😂 im pretty sure I’ve got 19”, it will most likely be which ones have an offer on as I often see like £10 off 4 etc on black circles 😊
  4. Me running my golf on bridgestone s001's out of choice.... 🤡 I think i'm going to go for either PS4 or goodyears next time 😂
  5. Thanks! I used these: https://www.ezmods.co/product-page/vw-golf-r-mk7-grill-overlay-decals
  6. After having these vinyl strips in the house for a few weeks the weather was finally nice enough while I’m off work to get them onto the car. There’s a few tiny air bubbles that I need to squeeze out but I’m quite happy so far! Next step is the bottom lip - any suggestions on what works best? Vinyl again, are they easily removable to spray or buy a new one in black? 😊
  7. Aw she’s gorgeous!! I love German shepherds - most are soft as a brush
  8. Absolutely loving your new 8R in Lapiz Rebecca! I honestly wasn't a huge fan of them until i've started seeing new owners pictures of them, they look so much sportier and just generally better than the images from promo/garages. Hope you're enjoying it!
  9. Ahhhh right okay makes sense, takes the price up to almost £1.5k! 🤑 i'd definitely only be taking it as far as stage 1 if i decide to go ahead with it🤔
  10. I couldn't believe it when I saw, used to love watching her on top gear doing it for the girls 😞 Hope she finds peace 💐
  11. So i've enquired with a garage on getting stage 1 but they've said if i've got a manual it will also need upgraded clutch - is this something you must have done for it? i've got a feeling it's going to take the price extremely high 😂
  12. Well looks like it's unanimous for stage 1 😂 goodbye money...
  13. Might have to have a look into it! My dad (previous owner) was going to stage 1 but instead bought a 7.5R 😂 roughly how much was it at that garage if you don't mind me asking?
  14. Hiya Guys! So i've had my golf now since September and as the weather is getting warmer i'm starting to think about little changes I could make to my golf - i've done a few searches on here about some bits i've been thinking about doing but they're quite old threads or not quite got the answers i'm after so I thought i'd make my own post! (sorry if it's in the wrong section!) If anyone has opinions/information/pricing/do's and don't on the below I would love to hear from you! Exhaust; res delete on manual 7R - anyone done one and got recommendations? - I can't afford a new exhaust on it such as akrapovic which I would love so I just want something to make it sound a little more sporty not droning though. I've seen this on ebay? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VW-Golf-R-Hatch-Mk7-Mk7-5-Centre-resonator-mid-silencer-delete-pipe-deres-pipe-/362053265715 Blacking out the Chrome lip on the front - do I try DIY wrap it myself if i've never done anything like it before or pay someone else to do it? i'm in the Sheffield area if anyone had recommendations Full Wrap - this one will be a save up job if I decide to do it but I can never find any company that have rough quotes without having to enquire? has anyone had their R wrapped and recommend it/could advise a rough cost? (I know it will vary a lot with different companies and area of the uk) Stage 1 - Is it worth it, are there any other costs involved? - and again any recommendations for the Sheffield area? Thanks in advance
  15. I've loved having a quick read through here and seeing all the pictures of pets! So cute - We've got a almost 5 year old labradoodle Fred, he's still a little shit 😂 also in the beach picture is my brothers pup Tilly who's just turned one recently (also a labradoodle)🥰
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