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  1. Mines about the same - I'll take another look in a minute
  2. Your liners on the rear seem to be far more flush with the wheel arch edge than mine
  3. You finding that you've got a big gap between the arch and the guard on the rears? Struggling to get it to bend around properly
  4. I'm trying to fit the rears at the moment - did you use both spacers?
  5. Interesting to see how much difference it has made. Does anyone know if a DSG reset is done when a TVS tune is put on?
  6. I felt that initially but the consensus is that TVS do a better job - seem to remember someone posting that Revo have been after a DSG specialist for ages to no avail.
  7. I'm determined to do it without jacking the car up, mini wrench style
  8. Was there any need to tape the rears? Thinking paint protection and wasn't sure how stable they will be on the little spacers without. Going to fit mine tomorrow - combination of dirty car and feeling absolute gash from a Covid vaccine prevented it today
  9. I've got my fronts fitted on top of the liner
  10. No, Awesome seemed to think it wouldn't fit sadly
  11. I've got a bit of time yet but seriously considering it just for the pano roof - my only worry is that is it ever cracked they would blame it on vibrations caused by uprated engine mounts
  12. ECS's site is crap at actually telling you what will fit what, or even finding their own parts - got Al at Awesome to confirm the fit on everything. Only thing I wanted that he wasn't sure of was the Antenna cover, ergo I don't have one on order - apparently they are different on US models.
  13. that's the dream 😉 have the Racingline rear brace.
  14. ECS-ES4158458 ECS Tuning Carbon Fibre Front Bumper package ECS-ES3524976 ECS Tuning Carbon Fibre Rear Hatch Spoiler ECS-ES4070075 ECS Tuning Carbon Fibre Rear Bumper Flare Set ECS-ES3521493 ECS Tuning Carbon Fibre Side Skirt Extensions ECS-ES3098274 ECS Tuning Black Anodized Climate Control Rings I'm waiting on the rear diffuser too
  15. Everything is pretty tight once its on there, have to almost slam the seats back into position for them to latch
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