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  1. Awesome build! Is this still about? Love the direction it was going!
  2. Nice splitter! Rate that
  3. Me again! With a little progress update. been in the midst of tidying the car up, it has had a full correctional detail and ceramic coating since my last post, to try get the paint a bit more up to my ocd standard. There are still a fair few bits i would like painting but it has been the cheaper option correcting it by myself to keep that urge satisfied for now. I’ve put an airtec intercooler on and done the cambelt for peace of mind, getting ready for 2+ Rtech mapping in march! also suspension wise, i’ve made a start wiring all of the air suspension in so i can switch out the KW’s for the Airlift performance 3H in the near future. More for practicality than handling! and finally, de wipered the rear of the car at the weekend, making it look a bit smoother and cleaner. pics attached below! thats all for now, will be back in the future with more updates!
  4. Yeah big things buddy! It was sickening and yes, back to checking that oem cam follower 😂 so much for trying to improve on a flawed design! the Helix Clutch is one that everyone raves about on all the tfsi tuning pages. Capable of holding much higher power than im running, hence the price tag! rear diffuser wise, i have a feeling father christmas may be bringing me one along but we shall see! 😁
  5. Thanks! I would like a diffuser at some point, but i do love how it looks!
  6. Thanks mate, appreciate the kind words! I hope so too as my pockets are empty! 😂 Onwards and upwards! Andy
  7. SECOND UPDATE! i thought i would post this separately, after the sob story i thought id get onto the better side of things. The new wheels for the R, BBS Speedlines with machined flat faces, in gloss black, i’ll add some pictures further down. 19x8.5 et48 and a perfect fitment for the R, wrapped in Eagle F1’s, they set the car off on another level! also my private reg has finally gone accross so the R is now on the X18NDY plate. my parts hoarding whist the R has been away has led to a few things to be installed: - Killallwipers rear de-wiper kit - LED Undercar Lighting (yes this could be a bit awful, but i thought for a bit of fun and a few photo op’s it could be nice for a cheap mod! -Airlift Performance 3H with Performance Struts (it was inevitable that it would be bagged with my track record, and the black friday deals were just too tempting!) that is all to report for now! I’ve been bedding the new clutch in so have been driving it to work and back and i love it. Will be sad to put it in the garage and get my daily TT back out, but needs must! (Plus its a little heavy on the fuel, im sure you know what i mean! 😂)
  8. UPDATE! so a bit of news as it all happened. After this post i had a 2 week holiday where whilst sunning myself when the lockdown lifted, i ordered important parts such as the cam follower and wheels for the car. as soon as i got home i got back to it installing the new Ceramic Cam Follower from WASA motorsport. Plastered all over as being stronger and longer wearing than OEM. 2 days later, it shattered in the engine on the way to work. Luckily i live around the corner from R-Tech performance so they managed to diagnose this as the larger spring from my APR HPFP when compressed pushing the thicker inner walls of the ceramic cam follower and shattering. This should’ve been picked up on testing however it came to like these parts hadn’t actually been tested! Luckily R-Tech helped Contact WASA so i would get some compensation to fix this mess, however the damage had been done. APR HPFP - Smashed to pieces Cam Follower - Smashed to pieces Cam - worn beyond belief for the short amount of time! and little bits of follower scattered through the engine, blocking my oil ways and causing pressure issues. I was gutted to say the least. thankfully, R-tech cracked on fantastically helping me source a replacement CDL engine (it was deemed cheaper than repairing the current one) and making sure it ran 100%. And they did a fantastic job fitting me in between their busy schedule. the car returned 2 weeks later with a fresh lease of life! now my new HPFP is the VIS uprated one and i must say it is just as good as my APR one, the thing pulls incredibly well still on the APR map currently but booking back into R-Tech for a map in the near future also whilst changing engines my clutch was in pretty bad shape so i replaced this with a Helix one with organic plate from AKS tuning. Apologies for the big post, but i thought it was important to explain where i’ve been! It’s been an expensive couple of months. And now back on to the fun side of things. pics of Cam follower and HPFP attached, to show you just how screwed i was. A lot of bad luck here!
  9. Welcome! Sorry its been so long, i shall do a post about why shortly. New wheels are on also will mention in my next post! with regards to the mk5, my final fitment was 9.5J ET20 with a 205/40/18 tyre. Arch work wise the rear arches were rolled and pulled a little, i had SRS tec fronts that widened the arches an inch either side over stock, with the inner lip trimmed for better fitment. Camber wise it was -12 on the rear and -5ish on the front to get it to sit like it did, but yes, it drove terribly 😂 cheers for the love man!
  10. Will do mate! I’ll do a build thread in the mk6 section. It’ll be a slow build. But i’m sure it’ll be a good one. Doing things properly is the No.1 priority!
  11. Thanks for the insight. Whichever i go, it will be a little while off while i enjoy the power its at now. i want a turbo from somewhere very reputable when i get one because ive been through a few on my previous golf that people have “recommended”. Its a minefield! Rtech will probably be my go to for all things performance as they’re just up the road from my house, and know their stuff with regards to these engines.
  12. Oh i almost forgot the power side of things! When im bored of the stage 2+ i think i’ll get an uprated intercooler and go for something like a tte480 to really get the heart racing! Do you know the power limitations on these before needing internals to be forged etc? I’d hate to blow it!
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