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  1. Still new to all of this so I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right place but I've looked around the forum and can't find the same issue elsewhere so I'm hoping I can get some advice. I bought a 2017 MK7 R DSG last September, and besides a flat tyre it's been faultless, I launched it a few times after buying it but once it was out of my system I didn't want to wear the car down too much so I didn't launch it for two months or so till I took my dad out for a spin, when I switched the ESC off it popped up saying 'front lane assist' or something along those lines was unavailable, if it always does this I never noticed it before, but when I pressed the brake and tried to get the revs up instead of holding at the 3-4k whatever it usually does, it barely revved past idol, it just wouldn't launch, tried it again a few days later different conditions and same again. Car's throwing up no warnings, even on diagnostics and performs perfectly otherwise. Hoping it's an easy fix or I'm just doing something wrong, don't plan on launching it very often but I'd prefer that it still could. Any help would be appreciated, Cheers
  2. I know there's no single answer to what the best tyre is for the 7R, and a lot of it's down to preference but mine has come with michelin pilot sport 4's on the front, and a pair of Davanti's I believe, on the rear, is this a setup I should continue to replicate when it comes to needing them changed? Should I run the pilot sports on all 4 corners or is that unnecessary. Any advice is appreciated.
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    Hahaha, she's on a strict diet mate, promise.
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    Update: had it a few days, in love with it. Few photos that weren't taken in the dealership. Cheers for the welcome, some quality information on here, will be sticking around.
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    Cheers everyone for the welcome, the car's quality, done half a tank in in the space of an afternoon, launch on them is something else, as for plans it's staying pretty much as is for the time being, may map it into the 400's once I'm used to the power. I think it may already have had the resonator removed as the pops/bangs in sport are constant and still there even in eco, was going to do it anyway but curious as to whether you lot think it's stock or not? I'll get it up on ramps at some point and find out
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    I haven't got a clue how this works so I'm just gonna take a swing at it, name's Jack, I'm 23, from Newcastle and I realise this isn't tinder so I'm gonna crack on with what you care about, picking up my 7R tomorrow evening, pre-facelift, Lapiz Blue, DSG, specced exactly how I want it, 5dr, never know what's round the corner, had a few VAG motors in the past (RS4 B7, 6P Cupra), but nothing I cared about enough to get involved in anything like this. Looking forward to to being involved, maybe attending a couple meets/track days etc. Cheers, Jack
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