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  1. Tell me about it! To compound matters, based on the Cost2Coast U.K. pricing mentioned, there is only a £2k difference between OTR price for the Clubsport vs the R, whereas in Ireland there is a full €10k difference. Ireland utterly sucks for new cars pricing, it’s outrageous. R price translates to circa £55,500. Would love to have the U.K. price of £39k!
  2. Agree, I wouldn’t use the Irish prices as much of a guide, although the % difference between the Clubsport and the R may be somewhat indicative. We, well the Irish government, introduced new VRT rates based on WLTP emission standards which is also contributing to the particularly high price here. Higher performance high emissions cars have effectively had €4-5k extra added onto usual base price as a result. The push to EV continues.
  3. The Clubsport is also where I now see appeal for the reasons you said. You are effectively paying €10k for AWD and less styling to get to the R.
  4. Confirmed price in Ireland of €62,345 and an annual road tax of €600. Will be looking elsewhere unfortunately. Ridiculous price. List of standard features confirmed in this link which might be of interest as Irish and U.K. spec is usually the same: https://www.volkswagen.ie/idhub/content/dam/onehub_pkw/importers/ie/models/product-guides/2020/2020-11-18/201116_GOLFGTX_MY21.pdf
  5. If you think the German prices are bad, feel sorry for us in Ireland! Due to VAT and recent changes to VRT rules connected to emissions coming into play in 2021, rumours are that the R will start at €62k!
  6. Price difference in Germany between the new GTI and the R is €11k and between the new Clubsport and the R is €8k. I’m not sure of the figures for the MK7.5 but this seems significantly more of a gap, which doesn’t bode well for U.K. prices. By way of comparison the new S3 starts at €46k in Germany so €2k less than the R.
  7. Was just about to post this! Starting price of €48k in Germany. Only the three colours as expected too. I imagine everyone will go with Lapiz blue. Pity no grey colourway.
  8. Supposedly only three colour options available, Lapiz blue, white and black, which I would find very surprising if true. I wonder if that is possibly just market specific though and can’t remember the article it was mentioned in.
  9. Rumours in Ireland are that it will cost circa €63k due to new VRT rules applying next year, along with an annual road tax of €1200 if emissions exceeds 200g/km based on WLTP data. If this is true it will be a non runner for most in the Irish market.
  10. I would miss the AWD for standing starts too I must say!
  11. This is what is pushing me to think about the new Clubsport. I actually like the Clubsport styling (unlike most!) and at around 300bhp and quite a bit lighter than the R it might be a more fun and engaging drive. Let’s see what the R looks like when unveiled next week.
  12. I heard rumours previously that this would be the case, i.e. it will be standard. Will be interesting to see if this is true as it would definitely be something I would otherwise have optioned.
  13. These details seem to have been included in the owners manual for the new GTI.
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