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    Oh I didn't know that I thought it was accurate. shows 4.6 on gps 0 to 60 apps. thanks for the info.
  2. Chuckice72


    goodbadboy. Ur R is sweet man. at work so my words are lil short but yeah Sweet Ride
  3. Chuckice72


    Sorry was trying to post pics sooner but I was trying to figure out how to upload the pics
  4. Chuckice72


    window tint is darker than in pic. Haven't taken any pics yet with the darker tint yet
  5. Damn I should have took a picture of mine 40000 miles and 40000 launches later. I now service my haldex including cleaning screen every 10,000 miles. I know it's going to cost me but I can stop launching have to.do it at least once a week. Addictions
  6. Chuckice72


    Hello Guys. I'm a new member. looking forward to to being part of such a proud group of VW owners. I own a 17R and I previously owned many fast cars mainly V8's. and when I drove the golf R for the first time. I was hooked. That DCC blew my mind. The power, The handling. and those brakes. I was like Damn this is stock. I recently had it stage1 ECU& DSG tunes. My mods so far . Haldex set in increased traction. turbo inlet pipe. Modified stock intake with high flow filter. Upper and Lower 034 Dogbone. After market differential mounts. when i bought the car mg launch 0 to 60 was 4.8. installed a p3 gauge amd my 0 to 60 at stage 1 is 3.56 going full Stage 2 next week. Can't wait
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