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  1. Had mine (2017 7.5 estate) done on Friday at Parkway VW, Northampton. Have to say for a main dealership experience I was impressed, always a bit dubious about going to main dealers after some of the stories you hear/read about. Nothing to report with regards to the update, still drives the same as before and no error messages so far. Will see how it goes over the next few days and if anything changes I'll reply on here, although I'm not really expecting anything to happen!
  2. As long as it has been well looked after I don’t see a problem with higher mileage. I bought mine with fairly high mileage and it has been absolutely fine! If anything it made it more of a bargain as it was priced a lot lower than others I was looking at. Persobally I’d rather a car with high mileage but very well maintained, rather than low mileage with no history/poor maintenance.
  3. Quick question, would I need to remove a res delete and R600 before taking it to VW for this recall? Or will it not matter seeing as it’s gearbox related? I’ve got extended warranty so hoping any issues that may be found after the recall is carried out will be covered by that.
  4. Just checked mine and it’s saying I’m part of the recall. 17 plate 7.5 estate.
  5. I’ve fitted one to mine, it’s a 7.5 estate but will be similar to yours. I'm pleased with the extra noise although I still think it needs looking at, as something sounds like it’s possibly touching and vibrating at certain revs. Just need time to get it up in the air. Lots more info can be found here -
  6. Thanks for the info, didn’t think it was quite right. Sounds more like it’s coming from the rear to me, which made me think it’s something underneath that has been disturbed. Although I was in the passenger seat being driven today and it didn’t sound as bad. Locating sounds in cars is weird 😂 Will have to investigate.
  7. Had mine fitted recently, loving the sound it makes now! Just a quick question though, is it normal to have quite a loud vibration when accelerating away from traffic lights? For example between 2k - 3krpm, so not aggressive just normal pulling away? Mines an estate and DSG so not sure if that makes a difference? I was expecting more noise obviously, but wasn’t expecting the vibration I’ve experienced. Maybe I need to get it up in the air to see if something has moved and is now touching, when accelerating with more noise it’s now vibrating?
  8. Recently had it serviced and BCS res delete fitted. Loving the sound now! Got an r600 to fit also, just need a break from work! 😂
  9. Yes. Technically the hub is the part on the car and the discs are mounted/located on this. That’s why I referred to the disc centres. Hopefully that makes sense.
  10. I’m running VBT discs all round with the anti rust coating. Seemed ok at first but the rears have started to discolour on the centre of the discs, which is a shame. Can’t fault them apart from that though. Yes, the disc face will go silver after a couple of applications of the brakes. That’s completely normal and designed that way. Easier to coat the entire disc during manufacturing.
  11. Looks lovely, good work 👍 My Dad wrote his off a couple of years ago and we both still miss it, he replaced it with a Skoda Yeti which didn’t help with getting over the loss 😂
  12. I went with my Dad in 2014, brilliant experience and definitely something I would love to do again! Drove down in a Renaultsport Megane R26 (before I saw the light and moved to Golfs...😂) and was great fun with all the other cars travelling at the same time. Just watch out for the speed cameras/police... We didn't sticker the car up but would consider it for a return trip as it makes it seem like one massive convoy/road trip with all the other cars doing the same trip and all stickers up. Wasn't as expensive a weekend as I thought it would be, we camped on one of the sites at the track and cost was included in the ticket if I remember correctly. Obviously it's all relative as it depends how much you spend on accommodation/food/drink etc but was very reasonable and we weren't being cheap. The campsite was great fun too with some of the setups people had, was like a mini festival! Only issue we had was me being an idiot and running the car battery flat, but a bump start from some other campers and a random experience with a French recovery driver and we were all sorted and on our way home.
  13. I wired mine into the same slot/fuse as the 12v socket, as it’s switched with the ignition. Can’t remember the number of the fuse but it’s in the handbook 👍 Fitted it last year and has been fine ever since.
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