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  1. Yes, on the turned off engine gears goes smooth as supposed. Also noticed that cluch pedal has no resistance at all, which was not a case prior the event.
  2. After realigning shift linkages, seems that it got both better and worse. The reverse is now engaging, but it's not possible to switch gears above 2k rpm. And on the first gear upon starting to move, vibration is sensible which makes me think that it's more of a cluch problem than gearbox.
  3. Car was for bumper respray, so nothing related to the mechanicals. And no, warranty is gone long time ago 90k miles on it. It was difficult to engage the gear on the way home, but I live 500m from the repair shop, so thought maybe it's cold engine or something. The next day it was impossible to engage reverse on working engine, only on shut down.
  4. Hello, Just wondering if anyone else had difficulty to engage into reverse, first and second gears? All the rest needs more force than usual. I will adjust the shift linkage tomorrow, but despite that it is strange as this problem appeared overnight once I took the car from the repair shop on other matters. Cheers,
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