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  1. Thanks for the replies I will have a look underneath for the resonator. Not worried either way as I got it for a good price with only 5000 miles on it. Still cant get my head around how quick it is. I used to have a z4 28s which I thought was fast until now makes me laugh out loud only had it since Saturday. I like how people assume its a normal one until you hit the loud pedal and release the asbo mode.
  2. I have just picked up a golf r registered in Dec 19, however I have a physical ignition key not keyless go and don't have the auto hi low beam. Does that mean I have an earlier model year and 306 hp or was there an overlap in specs. Thanks in advance.
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    Pic of new tardis as instructed
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    picked up my golf r this morning, traded my audi a4 in for it. driving home i thought it was quite quick then I found race mode OMG .!!!!!!!!! Still grinning.
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