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  1. Had a better look at the damage after work, seems most of the damage is to the diffuser but there is a noticeable indentation also on the bumper, will take car to body shop tomorrow and see what they say, in all credit to the company they called today and said to let them know the cost and they will transfer the money direct to me👍
  2. They have taken full responsibility, luckily I have it on CCTV as well so would be very hard to deny, will have to pop to local body shop to get idea of price. Anyone used VW Ensurance?
  3. Woke up to this today, I am sure it should be just a case of replacing the diffuser
  4. Just few shots ❤️ Not bad for a 7yo car with 77k miles Multistage Enhancement Detail including Polish Angel Cosmic V2 Glass Coating, Polish Angel Supersport PTFE Wheel Coating and Rain 9H windscreen coating
  5. MikeBuzz

    Won a Golf R

    I will let the photos do the talking ❤️❤️
  6. MikeBuzz

    Won a Golf R

    Royal Steering Wheels, top quality job, would recommend them 👍
  7. MikeBuzz

    Won a Golf R

    Am sure it was only £2.99 a ticket
  8. MikeBuzz

    Won a Golf R

    Yep Polish Angel Cosmic v2 will be getting applied
  9. MikeBuzz

    Won a Golf R

    Wish I could take credit for the work, I am not that talented, I entrusted the work to a specialist 👍
  10. MikeBuzz

    Won a Golf R

    Polish stage done, not bad for a 7yo car with 77k miles
  11. Yeah can’t wait to collect on Friday, few more pictures to bore you all
  12. Have been recommended to maintain using GYEON wetcoat and bathe+ which I had started to use, but will go back every 12 months just to make sure all still good
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