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  1. Thanks for the response. Think I may have accidentally torn the wires out of it when I replaced it lol, although I don’t really have a use for it anyway
  2. Hi, I purchased a used 16 reg Golf R a month ago, on purchase the buttons around the gearstick were like this. Does anyone know why the top right button is like this? I didn’t like the look of the buttons like this so I ordered the part and replaced it for the normal flat buttons. On removing it, it seems as though there may have been some wires attached to it. Could this be a ground or something? There’s 2 small microphones on the inside of the vehicle next to the front windscreen, one on the passenger side and one on drivers side. In addition there is a small black box wired on the dash on the passenger side, what looks like a GPS antenna or something. I am wondering if what I removed was potentially the ground for a Bluetooth kit or something? Thanks
  3. Hi guys, My boot drain pipe was perished so I took the boot trim off (the big part only, not the sides or the top) and cut this down to size and replaced with the upgraded variant. However I am struggling to refit the boot trim, have tried several times but just can’t seem to get it back in. Do I need to take the other parts of the boot trim out or something to get it back in? Thanks
  4. Agreed, wouldn’t pay £20 for that bottom metal part and the screw as it will likely just scratch again haha. Was the rest of the key casing I was replacing (buttons and plastic casing etc.) which was around £5 on eBay. Small price to pay to have proper buttons now as the previous ones were all squashed!
  5. Thanks for the response - this solved my issue! You were right, wasn’t rounded at all just needed a T6 screwdriver. Now have replaced all the perished buttons. Thanks again
  6. The screw I’m referring to is this one. Thanks
  7. Hi guys, The buttons on my car key have become quite perished/squashed so I was going to replace the key case. I have ordered the replacement key casing however the screw that holds in the metal part on the bottom (the part that says R) is rounded, it appears the previous owner must have attempted this and rounded it. I assume that screw extractors or similar aren’t available in such a small size, so has anyone got ideas about how I can remove this? Thanks
  8. Thanks, does it have to be one of those 2? I have no desire for any coding or anything so seems a little pointless to pay for OBDEleven or VCDS just to check these fault codes. is there a free/cheaper software package that would provide sufficient information? I wouldn’t have purchased Carista if I knew it would provide such limited information!
  9. Hi, thanks for the response! That’s strange because as far as I can see it is just the standard head unit that comes with the car. It works fine however. Here’s some photos of it, not sure if you can tell from this if it’s been replaced. Thanks
  10. Hi, Purchased my Golf R about 3 weeks ago however I have these persistent fault codes which come back immediately after resetting them. Anyone any idea what they are/if they are both related as I can see both are related to the alarm/locking system. Anyway to test if my alarm is working? Car is a 16 reg manual Golf R. Thanks
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