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  1. Trailerhitch!!!, finally!
  2. You Welcome!, great choice! :).. Tomorrow i will show a render of the big difference of the brakes on my page..
  3. Remember that you get these small old Brakes still on the S3 and the old 4wd!. Otherwise that is a nice car!, but not that cheap as many belive...
  4. You get a 10 step dampers setting!, awesome on bad Swedish roads!. And Great when driving fast you can go hard on settings.... Send me a DM on my Instagram ;), i can tell more..
  5. 😳 What a spec!, but now you really need the 9000sek DCC!. That is awesome with Performance PAck!!, ( a must in my eyes ) Sorry!, but you will regret.....Dcc is so cheap... I had a plan of doing Öhlins, and 30 000sek
  6. Alright thought we had high tax in Sweden..😳 On mine 50 000£ Car Year 1-3 800£ Year 4-100 160£ !!! Very cheap when i will sell the car.. :(..
  7. Strange Tax?!, just on the price on the car , nothing with the CO2?
  8. Congrates! But you can still put Dcc on the car! ;), think is the best and Cheapest option you can get on the R. The car can be like a old soft Volvo, to a hardcore Maclaren in ride
  9. Hello , Hej! You have to order the DEFA at the dealer!. Yes got the DCC, if you tested it you never go back...it is awesome Hope week 12..
  10. Agree That was not so Bad! :), but like 150 000 NOK more than Sweden But that is it Worth!
  11. Congrates!, Can you tell approx what a R cost in Norway? 😳.. When will you have delivery?
  12. Seems like the R is around 1550Kg, so pretty much the same as a Mk7.. Depends on the extra options so much
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