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  1. Someone that have a pic of the undercarrige with the Akra system on the 45?. Have seen it but can´t find it now 😕
  2. I hope/think it is not just a software update this powergains. They have done proper wintertesting here i Sweden with the 20 Ed.. And if it just was some badges and software, that would not have been necessary ;).. So it will be interesting if it is some Turbo Tweeks aswell
  3. No one figured out how the power gains are made?, is it just a software tweak?...
  4. Helpt some friends with this Review of a Mk8R, the guy that set the times is like the Swede Stig They were impressed with the Car ;)..
  5. Yes that is 10k Euro tune on that ;). And it is a sleeper.. :). But had some isues after 400m, but works fine later.. But it had just 10km/h higher speed at 804m.....It is hard with strong headwind after 200km/h
  6. Had to show the time with roll out. But don´t think that is the right way to measure.
  7. Thanks! You Noticed that! Yes at 82mph he flew past :). But was suppried that it took so long with 700hp.. But the LC in the Mk8R is Crazy good..
  8. Did a 804m event again!, the Mk8R is STRONG... 😁 Strong headwind throughout the event, so no cars set any record times Best times according to DRAGY 0-402 m 12.42 Sec 804m Trap speed 213Km / h 133 mph For Compare. Cupra REVO stage 1 370hp 128mph under this event..
  9. Awesome!, first i see with the Lapiz Color!
  10. Thanks!, have not seen anywere that they realy Cracked the ECU! :). But it is pretty Crazy that no one else have done this yet. Must be overa Year since HGP did this!. Impressive! But we need more tuners, to pay over 10 000 Euro is a bit expensive in these War times, 🤪
  11. Agree, i got a offer on a 20 one.. But the Prize is Crazy..Like 10 000 Euro more than mine... You Can get a a RS3 with less option for that money...and the RS3 is in another league..
  12. Now you can build it on the .de Site :). And it is expensive . But you don´t need all blue https://www.instagram.com/p/CeS-FhpjMso/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  13. Strange, but i trust that guy ;). So think this is right, bacause the software need to be customized for Sweden. So it is not the Same software in every country... But must check again
  14. Alright had a talk now.. :). And the software is realesed very different depending on the country! :). You are ahead of us! ;).. And the TPI with the heated seats was version 5 in the link. Last week version 9 was release in Germanny!. So i must wait for that to come to Sweden in a couple of months... Thanks for the help
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