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  1. I had 29PSi last Trackday.. 🤣.... I am waiting for VW Factory for answer about this Crazy Tire Pressure.. ;
  2. Think this is a investment!. Soon it will be impossible to buy ICE... And if you can still drive a pretrol car were you live, this will not go down so much in Prize. Look at similar Evs, they are crazy expensive ;). So think the Mk8R is a keeper, the last fun petrol car you can buy from VW.....
  3. Just Kidding, the tires is like brand New still! ;).. And was going with 1,95 Cold in them!!. That is impressive!. That is like a Semi slick! as det Cup2! But on road my Nokian Hakka Black 2 i better ;).. But i use both..
  4. Don´t know but with my S0005 19kg!
  5. 2 Trackdays done...The car hit 1600km....Tire Finished... 🤣 No The S005 is Great!!
  6. Alright :)...But probably like 17?. The Estorils are pretty light
  7. What is the total weight with Tires? The Light 19" Estorill with Bridgestone is 19kg when i measured!. Mine aftermarket is a bit more heay. But have done some Dragy...And same performance
  8. Agree always use 98!. But think some people use 95 antway..
  9. What gas do you use in Your Mk8R?. Always 98 for me!
  10. Did this one! :), what you need to turn off att track to have full power and no problem with all the Safty systems https://youtu.be/ByIs7LpVPYg
  11. Same size 235/35/19....but a Fwd so lighter!. But just like 100kg..
  12. Yes maybe, but that is not serious for a Performance Car to renommended this high..You loos a lot a traction track!. So something Strange..When Cupra says 2.2Bar.. 😆
  13. But check how Cupra says!. That is Very Serious!! And 2.2 bar Cold! .. 🧐
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