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  1. The EVs struggle a bit with range in Cold Sweden... ;). We need more superchargers here...
  2. Can confirm the R works Awesome even in Swedish Winter!. 🥳
  3. 🤣Think we missunderstand understand eachother. But i never heard nobody get rejected warrenty, if they have updated the ECU. ( not due to the drivetrain problems.. ) You always get all the updates that is required anyway. I have close contacts with serveral Vw Dealers and they never reject any updates.. So don´t worry!, just tune and have fun! 😄
  4. Alright!, yes always awesome to know every Gremlins. But on all car brands forums ( without Tesla ) people just talk problems.. So you might think all cars are rubbish ;)..
  5. 🤣 But much same same ;). Think we have less isues than other premium brands right now. Look at some Hybrid car forum...then you see some crazy problems ;)..
  6. What gremlins?. 9 months with and the only isue is with the heated seat. All New cars have isues!, 🧐
  7. The ECU might med Cracked!, someonr that have found some info ablout this!😅
  8. How we wash MK8R in Sweden!, Lot´s of Degreasers!! 😂. In this the one, already the first strong degreaser is applied
  9. They don´t fit!, i have tried on my! MK8R.. And it will Never come any OEM frpm VW to the R The best i found is these, that i have now on my Mk8R!
  10. POOOOOOWER as your Mr Clarksson says! 😂
  11. It WORKS!!!. And so Awesome!. Thanks for saving 1000 Euro!
  12. Didn´t worked for me :)... What do you mean with " ""was able to select maps on both screens from there"" So many option to select maps 🙄...
  13. Works awsome the apps!, Which have you tested?. Finally Scandinavian Taillights!!
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