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  1. It’s not really on the throttle and not always it’s more like when going from a stand still usually happens around 2-2.5k rpm while dsg is switching up a gear. It seems like I’m still on the throttle but as I’ve started easing off of it.
  2. Yeah hope not either way I’m going to have to deal with it I really like the car. I’m actually taking it tomorrow to my friends garage he mainly does hondas big turbos and that so should be able to sort me out. But yeah until it’s sorted I won’t be touching it as I don’t want to cause more issues.
  3. Just came back from a drive and the flutter only seems to be getting worse. It’s louder and happens nearly every time under light throttle. Officially f****d lol
  4. Yh bro I’m defo a little paranoid every little sound I’m like quick turn down the volume let me see if I can replicate that and understand where it’s coming from and why 😂 but so far it’s taken everything I threw at it so I should be more confident with it.
  5. Yh really am loving it. Speed is on another level, the pops and bangs are loud af and I don’t like them is what I say to my self as I rev it for more pops and bangs. Only wish my tints were a bit darker as I don’t want to be seen doing it I just want to experience it 😂 must be annoying from the outside for most people
  6. Honestly though I haven’t really been ragging it much because of these things. I just want to make sure everything is running perfect before I rag tf out of it 😂
  7. Really? Like are you saying this is a golf r thing? I don’t remember this on my 335i or gti. It’s not that just around the filler cap it’s moist also right below it looks rather oily.
  8. Also this is straight after I switched off ignition https://streamable.com/3w34bo Forgot to mention it’s got a decat and possible stage 2 tune.
  9. It’s been close to a week now I’ve had my r and enjoyed every bit of it. But couple days ago started realising that I’m getting turbo flutter noise which I heard is not a good thing. happens only when around 2k rpm as I’m easing off the throttle I can’t always replicate it but it is there and it’s rather annoying to know that it’s damaging to the turbo. Checked out the engine again today and took some photos doesn’t look great to be honest. Looks like I got some oil leaking also the intercooler is dirty af. I’m going to be taking it into a specialist on Monday but just wanted to hear you guys opinions as I don’t want to sound lost when I get there. thanks in advance!
  10. DRK

    Hi all!

    The most talked about custom ones on this forum are mrc and unicorn. unicorn is a 8 hour round trip although it may be worth it I’m not bothered. Mrc was my choice from day one but seeing their prices kind of put me off when rtech does it for nearly 1/3 of the price. I’ve been checking out the rtech Facebook page and see a few mk7 R there with some decent figures. https://m.facebook.com/RTechRemaps/photos/pcb.3464967436895497/3464967126895528/?type=3&source=48&refid=52&__tn__=EH-R problem is there’s not much reviews on the forums for rtech and tsi engines.
  11. DRK

    Hi all!

    Never heard of TVS mate are they any good? I’m currently looking for a good local place to get a stage 2 from near North London. Does TVS do custom maps? atm I’m leaning towards rtech since I’ve been there before on the mk5 gti and also the price is on point £425 for both ecu and tcu stage 2.
  12. DRK

    Hi all!

    Am I safe to say there is no dsg map since it still up shifts on its own in manual mode? at the same time I tried my first launch control which was sitting at 4krpm which suggests maybe dsg was remapped? and finally here’s a couple pics. Didn’t take any myself still from the original advert
  13. DRK

    Hi all!

    Just wondering if anyone on here has got a rtech stage 2 tune on their r? the price difference is huge mrc ecu and tcu is 1350 and rtech is around 500 But I haven’t heard much about rtech for the 7r. For the mk5 they were the place to go.
  14. DRK

    Hi all!

    Yh I have added on the extras except from a remap as I do not know if it has one or not. I’m going to book with mrc later on for a stage 2.
  15. DRK

    Hi all!

    Car is a 14 plate with 53k miles on the clock. It’s got full service history. forgot to mention it’s also got a miltek down pipe which I’m not a fan of to be honest even gets loud and drones in eco mode. It’s also got awe intake I think it’s been remapped but I’m not sure neither was the seller. Probably be taking a trip to mrc once I’ve taken it to my garage to make sure everything is running as it should. thank you for the informative post Rebecca 🙏
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