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  1. Anyone know a good place in north London that can get this done within the week?
  2. Been pushing it quite hard lately and I think now I need thermostat and water pump changed. Thing is on the receipts I got with the car this was already done 3 years ago. The symptoms are the water temperature gauge is going mad to 130 where it usually sits just on top of 90. Getting max 4K rpm message epc and engine light also. My coolant level seems just fine. I connected to OBDeleven and also got errors there.
  3. I believe it’s high torque only from the amount of surge I get from the turbo lol
  4. Yes got everything other than intercooler
  5. Yeah when the gearbox is in s mode it’s all good but in d it’s a nothing at all or all in for me I don’t know if it’s my car or not. I didn’t get the stage 2 apr my self had to call awesome gti and provide my vin to have them tell me it’s got a apr stage 2 tune done in September 2019. like don’t get me wrong the car is a beast when I go all in but having driven a few stock r’s it just doesn’t feel as nippy in d. Anyone local to me in north London with apr stage 2 wanna come see? Would be nice to see how yours is and you can compare to mine. Obviously it’s not a great idea to change over
  6. I don’t like the way it delivers the power, nothing, nothing then all in whereas rtech do a linear map which I prefer. you had a rtech map on for 4 weeks why did you take it off?
  7. Just got off the phone to r tech and they’re saying earliest date is September to book in a remap session. I know I’m already stage 2 apr but I’d rather go with r tech. my question is anyone booked in with r tech and not 100% I’m ready to buy your spot. Let me know.
  8. 0% with decat and stage 2 apr tune. Tried to put it back to 100% the other day didn’t last a hour.
  9. DRK

    Potential Owner

    Welcome to the forum mate! I myself was lucky to get one with dcc but honestly I can’t tell the difference when driving in comfort or any other mode maybe because I’ve got 19s but who knows. Maybe they only work well with 18s? Good luck with your search 🤞
  10. Lol thanks I will be adding that later as well when I have the close ups
  11. @Booth11 I posted a ad in wanted parts but it’s not active. Do I need to wait for it to be approved? Thanks
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