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  1. 0% with decat and stage 2 apr tune. Tried to put it back to 100% the other day didn’t last a hour.
  2. DRK

    Potential Owner

    Welcome to the forum mate! I myself was lucky to get one with dcc but honestly I can’t tell the difference when driving in comfort or any other mode maybe because I’ve got 19s but who knows. Maybe they only work well with 18s? Good luck with your search 🤞
  3. Lol thanks I will be adding that later as well when I have the close ups
  4. @Booth11 I posted a ad in wanted parts but it’s not active. Do I need to wait for it to be approved? Thanks
  5. I can try that just need to get photos first. Will do that later on today. I seen your ad on there how comes you decided to get rid of the paddles it looked sick on your car. Is it the illuminated ones?
  6. As title says I’m looking to make a switch to 18s. Is there any place that takes trade ins can’t be bothered to go buy and sell just want a simple exchange plus I will throw my spacers in also. I agree 19s look 100x better but living in London and having speed bumps everywhere I prefer the 18s even though I have dcc i don’t see much of a difference.
  7. DRK

    Anyone in north London?

    Yeah scanned it with only ignition on and no faults. All good.
  8. DRK

    Anyone in north London?

    I’m not that comfortable with it yet I’ve used a couple apps and just clear error faults but don’t go into advanced options. Thanks will do another run with the engine off tonight.
  9. DRK

    Anyone in north London?

    Just had a read on another forum he was advised to disconnect the battery and reconnect after 15 mins taking away the codes so probably a minor electrical error. Some saying only do the scan when engine is off but ignition is on.
  10. DRK

    Anyone in north London?

    Am I f****d? Gearbox seems to be driving fine I cleared the faults drove round and it cam back
  11. Yeah could do that when I go in but every apr garage seems to either be closed during to pandemic or moving to a new location lol. I hate the waiting game.
  12. I heard the updates on the apr fixed the flutter don’t know to what degree. Even though I think this was the 2.6 version. I think I just need to head in and see if it’s still the apr stage 2 I have on there. Apr hasn’t put on a tcu tune maybe the driver previously has one done elsewhere but is there anyway to really tell if it’s had a tcu tune or not? I thought launch control sitting at 4K rpm was the tell but I’ve seen some cars claiming stock also sitting at 4K on a mk7.
  13. Also does anyone know if there has been a update to the stage 2 file since jan 2019? edit: just found out the latest version of the stage 2 apr was in April of 2019 so I could get a update.
  14. So just got off the phone to apr and they told me my car had apr stage 2 done back in jan 2019 but only ecu. They said if I take it to wrench or tuningwerks I can pay 180+vat for a change of ownership and they can update the file if that’s what’s still on there. question is what do I do pay for the tcu tune for them also or do I go to TVS? Or any other tcu tuner that you would recommend?
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