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  1. Loving this car so far! 3 weeks in, about to do my first YouTube video on it, still not sure what my first mod should be!!
  2. I hope so! It’s starting to grow on her already which is great haha
  3. Sooo first project... took the car to be reviewed by TCR (Tamil Car Review) on YouTube! I’m not Tamil myself but it was a great opportunity to work with me good friend Sri Hoping to share some cool drone shots and photos soon!
  4. Basically 😂 but main thing for me is taking the car throughout Europe and capture some cool things hopefully!
  5. Lovely car mate, I’ve edited the post to include Mk7 owners too! 😎🇩🇪
  6. Hey all! I figured I’d start a topic for my lovely OPF 2020 Golf R! This topic is mainly to showcase the journey of my Golf R and encourage other Lapiz blue owners to share theirs! I’d like to welcome and share: 1. Car modification journey 2. Road trips/ scenic photographs 3. Any other Lapiz blue R related stuff! I want to share my cars modification journey (it’s currently completely stock) and have many ideas for build. I also plan to take my car around Europe and vlog it for YouTube- I’ll be sharing the journey of that too! ALL LAPIZ BLUE MK7/7.5 OWNERS WELCOME! (Sorry to other colors haha, All Golf R’s are lovely regardless what colour but this one is for my Lapiz people!) My car Instagram: @AceGolfR 😎😁 Follow me & share your Lapiz! #shareyourlapiz
  7. Hey lovey people! I am a couple days into my R ownership (loving every minute of it), the car is a 2020 OPF model and the sound (lack of) is really the only thing I’m not feeling 😩 Can someone please recommend as I’ve considered a few options: 1. Remus exhaust with cold air intake 2. Back box modified 3. Back box delete I just really want to make the sound more aggressive! Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! My pic for attention 😎 Instagram: @AceGolfR
  8. I was having a bit too much fun... I’ve noticed that at the lights EVERY car wants to try take you on 😂
  9. So after ripping through some country roads yesterday... 15mpg 😅
  10. This is a beautiful car mate! Glad you’re on board Mk7.5! Enjoy it 😎
  11. Haha oh mate, I’m hoping it’s equivalent to my E300 as I was averaging 18-23MPG on that big boat!
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