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  1. Fit and quality as would be expected. Screw and grommet tightened into existing fitting already there and its done👍
  2. Agreed, it's fine. The rolled end length is the only "extra" the tips give so difference with/without is negligible.
  3. Well after month of ownership had enough of looking at the half finished job VW decided was fine and ordered this to finish off the front of engine bay👍 https://www.awesomegti.com/shop-by-brand/awesome/oem-inlet-manifold-cover-for-vag-2-0tfsi-ea888-gen3-engines/
  4. Yep, easy removal and refit with long spring metal strips securing to the actual exhaust.
  5. Fully intended polishing mine but having removed them and cleaned them, too much pitting that polishing was never going to fix. Soooo Satin black paint that was bought to repaint bbq put to use. Bake in oven for 30 mins and back on car and very much in keeping with "black" theme😀
  6. LOL. I tried looking on there but too long and didn't see white wheels after about a dozen pages!!
  7. Anyone got white alloys on lapiz blue car? Would like to see Spielbergs ideally as thats what I have (currently black) but anything in white would do, just to see the look👍😉 Cheers
  8. Below is copy word for word from email from local APR Tuner to myself.... "Recently APR have actually been bought out by another company and are not offering software beyond Stage 1. They are still supporting existing tunes, however they will not service additional tunes beyond existing software running on a vehicle. With this in mind it’s highly unlikely that they would allow us to modify the file beyond what’s already been flashed." On the strength of that then irrespective of whether I sort out the licence aspect, the tuner is of the understanding I cannot get any modification above the map already on the car. The whole confusion and contradictory information/advice just further convinces me to find a better supported tuning platform where continued customer support seems more of a priority. Cheers Grant
  9. They may support IF you buy the licence. That is what I am objecting to. As it stands, I cannot update because I do not "own" the licence - the guy who had the car and bought the map does....
  10. Well think I have made my decision... Spoke to Unicorn and think I will start afresh with a map that can evolve and be tweaked as my planned tuning journey plans out. Yes, I could pay APR for licence and then possibly (depending on who you believe) pay additional amount and get high torque map on. As per previous comments however, that goes against my views and opinions on the matter and I prefer definites rather than possibles. Hopefully this saga may help prevent anyone else being caught in the same position, or at very least be aware of the possibility of it. Your money, your choice! Cheers Grant
  11. Well the "financially sensible' option would be for me to purchase a licence from APR and progress from there.... Two things standing in my way however; 1. I totally disagree with APR corporate bull$hit that the licence applies to the person. Like I said, they make money every time a car changes hands with one of their maps on it, unless new owner has no interest in "owning" the map and able to get it up or downgraded. 2. Having spoken directly with local performance garage who are APR dealer and who advised they had spoken with APR, they are of the understanding that I would not be able to upgrade to high torque stage 2. So on basis of those two points, I am going to either go custom map (have emailed Unicorn), or go down similar route to APR (probably Revo), but where things are fully supported and AFAIK, they are not out to rip people off. Cutting off my nose to spite my face? Sour grapes? No. Just not going to line someone else's pockets for goods for which they have already been well paid. Won't be happening immediately though as think I'll do intercooler first and open up my scope😉👍 Cheers Grant
  12. Better have deep pockets for APR stage 3......
  13. Yep, pretty much hits the nail on the head gregozedobe. Question to ask - If the car I had bought had say a Revo map on it, would I be having the same issue? Comments and experiences welcome👍 Cheers Grant
  14. Hi Marshy Bloody rip off in my book. It has been bought and paid for and should be against the vehicle it was applied to. What use is the "licence" to the previous owner on an Audi A7 he now owns? And if and when I sell on, someone else has the same hassle and cost.... Oh and given that I will have a licence after support of stage 2 was stopped by APR, am I not classed as new, and therefore not supported? Can be the best software and map in the world, but it doesn't change the facts. APR get money, literally, for nothing. Cheers Grant
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