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  1. Another question is about the power generation to charge all these cars overnight. All the coal power stations are closed, most of the nuclear power stations will be closed by then with only Hinkley Point C and possible Sizewell C being built to replace them. If it's a cold winter night with no wind, we could be struggling for power. Might have to import some from the French!!
  2. Looks great. I was torn between the Lapiz and Black. I great black one came up so I went for it.
  3. Hi Rebecca, OK. Great, thanks for the info. I don't have an OBD11 yet so I'll go straight for the nextgen pro version with touch app. I feel Christmas coming early!! 😀😀
  4. Hi Rebecca, I've only got iOS devices and thought the OBD11 s/w didn't run on apple hardware? Can you point me in the right direction of some apple compatible software? 😊 Thanks,
  5. Hi AceGolfR and everyone, I picked up my first Golf R about 1 month ago and I love it! It's a Black manual Mk7. It's so understated. It's great. If you know cars you know what it is.🤣 If you don't it's just a really nice golf!!😁 I'd like to code the flaps open permanently but need to get an android tablet first! Cheers,
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