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    2019 GPF white estate
    360 BHP

    Revo stage 1 ECU
    TVS stage 2+ TCU
    VWR R600 cold air intake
    VWR R600 turbo hose
    VWR R600 turbo inlet
    VWR R600 coolant hose
    VWR turbo muffler delete
    Racechip XLR pedal box
    Revo RF018 Matt Bronze alloys
    Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5 tyres
    Leyo gen 1 gloss black paddle shifter extensions
    Lockwood door sill plates
    Pressed aluminium registration plates

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  1. I used Millers nanodrive 5w40 last time as it was on sale. General opinion seems to be that 5w40 helps keep temperatures a bit cooler in tuned cars. Spark plugs, Bosch or NGK 94833 I'd say, can't see a reason to pay a premium.
  2. Anyone else going? Not been to CM before so seems like a good opportunity as it's on a weekend. Edit: Found a video of another Golf R CM meet, looks alright.
  3. In a GPF stage 1 I'll get 42 on motorway driving. Day to day? 20 odd. Tank is good for at least 350 miles combined use. Can't whinge too much, last car I had was around 12 day to day.
  4. Reputable custom tuners that have a lot of experience knock out excellent tunes (Unicorn & MRC in particular) and I wouldn't hesitate to use them if I was located closer. Jack's "super speed" auto tune shop doing a custom tune with 30 minutes on a dyno, not so much. Off the shelf stuff like APR and Revo put out are well tested (1000s of hours), researched and engineered. They're widely used so tend to be rock solid and well within the car tolerances. If you're getting other hardware done at the same time as part of a stage 1 "plus" or stage 2 they can tune to accoun
  5. Popped on some metallic copper/bronze decals on the badges to go with the alloys.
  6. Interesting, sensor replacement would be a nice quick (and cheap) win if it's that. If it does turn out to be the mechatronic unit, then I'd be looking to start an only fans page to help with the cost... 😅 You're right in being hesitant to drive it, sudden loss of power at critical moments isn't something I'd fancy. Good luck, hopefully it gets sorted soon and you can let us know what the damage was.
  7. 18's originally and yea same wheel bolts. Got it booked in for some Eibach pro springs next month, think a subtle 10-15mm drop will fill out the arches a bit more. Probably won't need spacers.
  8. Definitely noticed the difference, seems less firm and crashy.
  9. Revo RF018s in Matt Bronze arrived. Wrapped in Goodyear Eagle asymmetric 5s.
  10. Sounds like it might be a mechatronic unit issue to me (at least from I've seen on other forums).
  11. Immobiliser is really the only sure fire way. That and a disklok have kept mine secure. Though I've been lazy lately and haven't been using it so might pop it on classifieds.
  12. Yea will do, im waiting on some new Revo RF0 18s which I'm putting Goodyear eagle f1s in a 235 width on. Currently on stock 225 Bridgestone potenzas which I've read can be quite firm.
  13. That looks a pretty solid one, being a former magazine car is pretty interesting and special. I'd ask the guy about the following: Four 7.5J x 18in Cadiz with 225/40 R18 Tyres and Anti - Theft Wheel Bolts Does that mean he's taking off the wheels and sticking Cadiz back on for the sale or is he including them as a spare set?
  14. Wow, not seen an estate in that colour looks awesome.
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