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  1. Brilliant ๐Ÿ˜‚ Cars just floating off because idiots drove into a river. Good luck with insurance ๐Ÿ‘Œ
  2. Yea i saw these on YouTube, bonkers driving through there without a 4x4 and a snorkel. Have to laugh at the people that get angry at being filmed.
  3. Yea 4 inch tips fit, in fact anything else looks too small!
  4. My oh my, tell me about it. Nice window sticker though! Hoping they'll be back in stock soon.
  5. 12 point socket, a hammer and a breaker bar. Shouldn't damage the alloy but I wouldn't make a habit of doing it that way. Socket and wheel locking nut won't be salvageable mind you. ๐Ÿ˜‚ Lot's of places to get replacements, Halfords as mentioned will do them but online places like euro car parts will probably be cheaper.
  6. That's mad, they do offer remaps. Never seen a dealer do that. https://www.breeze.co.uk/volkswagen/contents/power-upgrades
  7. A main dealer offering engine remaps? ๐Ÿคจ Can I ask which dealer this is as it's not something I've ever heard of. Is it a custom dyno map or an off the shelf one?
  8. So was the gearbox already damaged and the update just flagged it as the pump error issue? What model year was your car? I'm still debating whether to have it done or not as mine gearbox is tuned and I disabled start/stop the moment I got the car at 5k miles.
  9. Yep, had the same problem on the driver side. I had mine replaced under warranty when it went in for a service. Basically the spring pops out from the channel and it'll just hang there without returning. At least that was the issue i had.
  10. Ain't mine I'm afraid, I'm just reading the bottom of the image. Ah yea, course, sorry, but yea think you might be right.
  11. Yea suspected so, still you must be pleased. Rick really knows how to make these cars fly.
  12. Very strong numbers for stage 1. Is that with no other bolt on? Might have to have mine retuned!
  13. Interesting, thanks mate. Yea I guess the is38 on stage 2 probably increases failure chance, saying that, they can go on stock boost levels so just sounds like a bit of bad luck. Sounds like you won't be recommending TTE any time soon.
  14. Hang on, 2 turbos? Were they stock ones at stage 2 or had you had then uprated in any way? How did they blow? Sounds a bit worrying!
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