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  1. 392 for a stage 1 seems exceptionally high. X to doubt. [emoji848] If it runs the same numbers on a different dyno, sign me up now because that's bonkers.
  2. Yep bought an OBDeleven before I'd even picked up the car. Even with an unexceptional exhaust note and engine noise, at least it's honest. Get a new intake on and it improves a bit.
  3. If it's on throttle and doing it all the time when fully warmed up it's probably less ideal and worth getting a VAG specialist just to have a look at.
  4. Switch when forced. Cost and convenience from taxation on ICE and less supporting infrastructure (mechanics, petrol stations etc) will probably be the nail in the coffin.
  5. Couldn't tell the difference between shell V power 99 and Tesco Momentum 99, i'm sure Esso will be the same! There's anecdotal evidence supporting one over the other but i've never seen any real data either way.
  6. They do make a lot of strange noises when switched off, especially after being ragged. Saying that, it's not a noise i've heard before, maybe someone else can weigh in? As for the the turbo, if it's intermittent, not repeatable and only happens when throttle off at low RPM i wouldn't worry about it, especially at stage 2 with an intake. Pretty normal to get some flutter on occasion. Looks like a bit of leaking, check and tighten up all the hoses, check the oil levels, give it a bit of a clean and just monitor it i reckon.
  7. Yea It means missing SD card. Mine was missing too, told dealer after test drive and they got one for me. Definitely a reasonable request it be supplied, no subscription with maps AFAIK.
  8. Was the issue related to the tune at all? Probably hard to determine I guess. Sent from my moto g(6) play using Tapatalk
  9. Yea the dead pedal travel is really annoying me, will get one too.
  10. Yea due to emission rules in the US it got canned in the UK too. Think August was the last time you could get stage 2. This was for GPF Golf as I was looking at both Revo and APR myself. I believe you can still go stage 3 with APR. I would have gone with APR if they still had a stage 2 most likely.
  11. All the blurb they advertise lead me to believe they are highly reliable due to the amount of testing under various conditions. Can also get the serial port switcher from them for RON mapping and anti theft mode which is just ace, effective immobilizer if someone manages to get it started.
  12. Probably a bit biased but I'd go with Revo, if only for the fact that you can still get stage 2 with them. Especially if GPF model. I'm running around 365 BHP with Revo stage 1 GPF and R600 CAI, inlet elbow, turbo hose and muffler delete.
  13. Yea, i'm having a nightmare trying to get them to understand CAI, upgrades hose and turbo inlet. They said they'll have to contact underwriters and would get back to me in 5 days. Gave up and just said "it's a filter - non standard" and going to call them again and add "dump valve" to the modifications to cover it. Also stage 1 remap is down as "engine chip 10-25%".
  14. Alright, what did admiral class as "air intake"? I've just had mine noted down as "Filters - non standard"
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