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  1. Incredible you were stage 3 on stock brakes in the first place 😂 That must have been terrifying.
  2. Do you have to use the car allowance on a car? I get the same amount at my place and it's basically a way of them bumping your pay without having to do pension contributions. Very few people actually use the allowance on the company car scheme and just pocket it.
  3. I love black cars but having owned one I can't say I miss noticing imperfections, swirls and refractions.
  4. I wouldn't risk it. Just get a CM replica. Butter alloys are butter. Repaired butter alloys are dangerous.
  5. Welcome aboard, let's have a look at the car!
  6. Well come on mate, tell us what it sold for!
  7. This looks like a pretty practical mod, i can't see why the stock grill is blanked off on the top in the first place, i've seen on some GTIs that the left side is an open grill at least. Seems like an easy enough install with a hacksaw and a drill.
  8. Climair don't catch on the mirror, they have an indented groove that gives about 2mm clearance when folded in. Heko ones do catch on fold in though.
  9. It sounds ace but we're on holiday that week, assuming airport and airline don't play silly buggers.
  10. Yea could have done, the low pressure fuel pump needs fuel to operate so might have been damaged.
  11. Bit of a wash and some new badges.
  12. Possibly the wrong thread as this might give some performance 😂
  13. Fella at work used Cazoo and got a good price and service, only take stock cars if that makes a difference.
  14. Sorry mate, you're in for tyre kickers and time wasters. I'd try to speak to people over the phone first to try to vet them where possible. Alternatively get down to WBAC or try Motorway and see what sort of price they're offering and see if the trade off of a bit less money is worth the potential ball ache of selling private.
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