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  1. Hey bud, of course you can get insurance. The problem is, it might be a expensive. Things you can do at 19: Ask someone to insure it on your behalf and be a named driver so you can build a no claims policy for yourself. Discuss with an insurer and use a black box to monitor your driving. Pay a lot. Get a multi policy to cover a different car and house. Shop around - some companies have a higher risk appetite than others. Get a starter tuner friendly car and build it up yourself, forget the Golf. Golf Rs are silly when it comes to insurance, cost me more than a 2 year old V8 Mustang.
  2. As long as you use a reputable independent tuner like Unicorn or one of the well tested off the shelf maps like Revo or APR etc you can't go wrong. Don't use John's mate Bob who does tunes. Sent from my Pixel 4a (5G) using Tapatalk
  3. Edit, just seen this is about MK8 quotes.
  4. Yea, they do start to sound better as you get a few miles on them.
  5. Looked at an i30n while shopping for the golf, decided it was a bit small (got an estate in the end), needed a touch more pace and I wanted the AWD. Cracking car otherwise.
  6. Can't go wrong with TVS stage 2+ really sorted out my 7 speed DSG box, well worth the £700.
  7. It's a risk reward thing, I had mine taken to stage 1 whilst still being under warranty. The big name off the shelf tunes as well as reputable customer tuners are well tested and very safe these days. Stage 1 is well within the hardware tolerances and these cars take to tuning like ducks to water. It's always a gamble though, you pay to play. Keep some money knocking around in case you blow the turbo or engine and hopefully you'll have many years of getting to places more quickly.
  8. I'd probably just give him a refund after the item was returned. (After verifying it was actually the item you sent to him in the first place of course!). No way of knowing if he's trying it or not, all seems a bit odd though.
  9. I know you all love volkswizard [emoji23] so here's something from my feed that caught my eye. https://www.motor1.com/news/485237/vw-golf-r-more-power-possible/
  10. Yes, you will have to pay up. The dealer telling you it was all fine when the balance wasn't paid in full was just an oversight on their behalf, contractually you're still obliged to honour what was agreed upon.
  11. Aerotwins from bosch certainly aren't a fix for all judder or clean sweep. I have a small patch that smears, despite cleaning blades and windscreen fastidiously. It's super annoying.
  12. Yea it will be, I was slightly disappointed by quoted figures for the APR stage 1 tune on a GPF MK 7.5 R.
  13. Yea not surprised at the garage estimate, it's why so many of these cars get written off.
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