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  1. Thanks @Booth11, it’s a nice place to be and y’all have been very helpful throughout my shopping/ownership/sale so I’ll definitely stay in touch 😬
  2. Update: I’m no longer in the club 😢 After nearly 2 weeks on Autotrader and maybe a dozen or so ‘best offer?’ Calls and emails, an email just saying ‘£18k?’ And a few trader enquiries, it’s gone. After all the deliberations and arse ache of AT, I ended up meeting somewhere between CAP clean and retail and taking an offer from a friend in the trade as he needed stock. Everyone’s a winner! I ended up leaving the few mods it had on, as honestly, altho only minor, they made it so much better (in my opinion anyway). So shall have to dig out the air box, intake, elbo
  3. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    I keep putting off trying the motorway way, and autotrader will be hassle, so up for grabs on here first before I offer it out to the world! This is my December 2017 mk7.5 Golf R. It’s the absolute sweet spot for the mk7.5 with 310bhp, 7 speed DSG and the digital dash. Earlier cars had fewer horses and gears, and later ones (2018/9 on) had the GPF fitted, sapping power and muffling all the good noises. Arguably the best colour, with all the usual trimmings like adaptive cruise, heated half alcantara seats, front and rear sensors and DAB touchscreen with Nav, Bluetooth plus loads more. Just one previous owner and full history. It’s just turned 51k and is still being used, as you do when there’s an R sat on the driveway 😝 Anything and everything this car has needed, or will have benefitted from, it’s had: Continental tyres all round, with fronts being around six months old. All new brake discs and pads last year. DSG and Haldex (inc mesh) serviced last Jan along with brake fluid change and major service. Serviced again at Exeter VW this January. Has had the common thermostat failure remedied under warranty along with the housing and drive belt. I’ve fitted 20mm bolt on rear spacers to bring the rear wheels out to almost flush. The fronts have been treated to 10mm bolt through spacers with longer bolts to give it a much nicer stance. Full 4 wheel alignment was then carried out on a Hunter machine to accommodate the increased track width. The rear exhaust resonator has been removed and a no-drone pipe fitted in its place. Much nicer tone when in Race mode, whilst retaining its classy discreet voice in normal modes. Oversized Ram Air air intake cone, intake pipe, turbo inlet elbow and muffler delete fitted to add a bit of intake and let off noise, again, keeping it classy but adding some character. And I’ve also fitted dynamic wing mirror indicators. All original parts can be included and all bolt-on/off items. I’ve owned this for around 18 months, and I’m only selling because I now have a 50 mile daily commute, and it’s just not what I need right now. This car is absolutely stunning and has been an utter dream to own and drive. On a 2000 mile trip across France it averaged 40mpg. Daily commute it averages 30. Always warmed up before spirited driving and always cooled down. Everything is as it should be and most of my ownership is documented on this forum somewhere! There are some stone chips, a couple of small scratches, and a small (<5p sized) dent on a rear quarter. There is some wear/flattening to the drivers bolster from the previous owner, but in overall great condition and these are the only points I can see that are worthy of a mention. The pics are just how it cleans up. Always snowfoamed, three buckets, noodles and as contactless as possible. I’ve run the DA over it just twice now (after chemical then mechanical decontamination) and then sealed with collinite 476s wax. Not a full correction, but Looks pretty damn spanky. Only ever run on Momentum as a minimum, and had mostly been v-power until the recent price hikes. It’s been back on its original plate over a week now and have updated v5 in hand. Due to what it is, all test drives will be done by me until funds are transferred and insured new owner can then drive to seal the deal/confirm you’re happy with it. Unless you seem sound 🙂 I think the rest of my 24mo RAC platinum warranty should be transferable which I’ll look into. No swaps or px sought, thanks. Think that’s it, but I have tonnes of pics and can take more if needed. Happy to give phone no via pm or email if you want to chat. Thanks Rich


    , Devon - GB

  4. That’s disappointing and sounds like a lot of blaggery on the Motorway bit. I’m sure it’s said where I’ve read that it’s a no obligation service and you either accept the highest bid or just decline the sale. So is yours actually going up for bidding on MW or did you back out after speaking with them? Still sounds like a minefield even if you take selling direct to the public out of the equation 😔
  5. Wow, that’s the car selling dream right there! That said, I’ve seen your cars and read your posts, and I’d buy anything you run in a heartbeat! You do take damn good care of your whips. Chances the same buyer will be in the market for an 8R in a few years time?!
  6. Ooh, I’d definitely be interested to hear how you get on with Motorway. just realised with upcoming bank holidays and probable delays in post I ought to do my plate transfer and get a new v5 before pulling the trigger on Motorway or a private ad, as if I don’t get docs for over a week that’ll just be an annoyance if someone wants it. There’s very little to declare on this, as was one owner before me and had all new brakes, thermostat issue sorted, haldex and dsg services along with brake fluid and full service when I bought it 12k ago and has wanted for nothing. Only bit of
  7. Thanks again for reassuring stories of motorway. It’s starting to feel like a no lose situation, I just need to give it a rinse off (already did it’s spring detail a few weeks back 😬) and then get the details and pics sorted and see what comes back I suppose. Will probably get my plate on retention as well so it’s good to go. I have some time off next week so will give it a try and keep you all posted. I suppose I should also get the induction/elbow/tmd and spacers off. Now that’s a faff now I’m over 40 😂 Thanks again.
  8. Wow, thanks for all the info, peeps. I see loads of awful ads, and have always advertised as I’d want to read, and very personable and detailed. I see the ones that have just auto filled with build spec info and I hit the X and move on! Very good to hear of positive wbac and motorway experiences, and now thinking they are definite back up options. As said, I need to work out what price I put on my time and mental well-being and add it all up! I’d hoped that as it’s a sweet spot mk7.5 and in decent condition history with pretty much everything having been replaced / fixed t
  9. I’ve never known whether cars on here sell on here or are also listed elsewhere and sell via mainstream channels, but definitely on my to-do list!
  10. Although tempting, I dislike the idea of wbac and motorway, but of the two it would be my favourite. I can’t afford to give money away right now and I’d rather try and get what it’s worth before I sort of offer it to trade. Cheers for the advice tho 👍🏼
  11. Sadly life has caught up with me, and having to do a 50 mile daily commute and other rubbish grown up stuff just makes the R non-viable. I’d love to keep it as a toy for the weekends, but can’t justify having three cars and imminent wedding is also quite a drain on resources so could do with freeing up the cash. Anyway, sob story aside….. The last few cars I’ve had and sold of the performed variety have been muppet magnets when advertised. If one more person sends a “best price” (intentionally left out even a ? As they often are too lazy even for that) without even coming to s
  12. Also, worth a read up on your modes, as the gearbox selection doesn’t affect your exhaust config, I.E. flaps open are Race and if set up, Individual engine modes only. Different to gearbox Sport/Drive.
  13. Although not sure what you mean by ‘constant’ mine with a de res in Race (Engine) and Sport (gearbox) has a very nice burble/crackle ba-ba-ba on downshifts and a snappy cracky thunderclap on upshift under load. As you seem to just have the six speed box, you have no gpf to worry about muffling your noise, which is a winner. Other fun noises to be had from induction, elbow and turbo muffler delete as well 😬 If you’re after pops and bangs though; a) have a word 😂 b) remap to constantly overfuel and ruin your car 👍🏼😂
  14. You can get some very well sorted 2017/18 sweet spot mk7.5s for around 25k or less, let alone 28k, and after two years you’re unlikely to have lost the 8.8k equivalent you’ll fork out on a lease. But if the money isn’t a factor, and you can wait 6-9 months then go with what you want 👍🏼 Or you could be in a mk7.5 now then look at mk8s once all the software is out of Beta and manufacturing is back on track 😞
  15. These are 20mm rear and 10mm front. If I was super picky I’d have added a couple of mil to both, but it sits fine. Only problem for the 10mm fronts is that they’re bolt through not bolt on, like the rears. I just dislike bolt through spacers, but in fairness they’ve been spot on for 12k now 👍🏼
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