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  1. Only one service in three years? Regardless of mileage, that says owner/s didn’t treat it well/give a crap to me. I’d have not even got in it. Getting that much noise out of a 2019 R sounds like it is indeed likely missing some mandatory exhaust components, and would have required mapping out as well (I’d have thought). As to mileage discrepancy, it happens. 567 and 765 etc can very easily be mis-keyed. Finally, a vehicle not being on the register only means it hasn’t had damage recorded. I’d never take that to mean a car (esp an R) hasn’t been wrapped round a lamppost and rebuilt in someone’s mate’s lockup… Plenty of decent, less abused sounding, Rs out there
  2. Another day, another dollar or two on pointless shiny things for Sooty 🤣 Had these on the R, and glad I did them again. from ewwww🤢 to ooooohhh 😍 Aside from angrily removing the rubbish disappointment that is Carsifi, that’s all for today!
  3. Have to admit I considered the Octavia Vrs wagon in AWD as that seemed like a fab platform, but just the standard 184 and single blower, admittedly. But realistically I was always going to end up back in a Golf 🙂
  4. They’re next!! Was waiting to do them while wheels are off for lowering, but may just reach thru and do em on the drive for now 🤣
  5. In my excitement to get its first clean and polish done, I’d forgotten to loop back to rectify the horror that was my locker caps 😱 Good ol’ matt black rattle cam to the rescue! and back on, so I can now sleep at night That was all 🙂
  6. My commute didn’t really give me much room to stretch the R’s legs, and it just didn’t make sense now life is back to normal-ish again. Sooty is very much better suited to the route, and actually feels a bit like I’m involved in the driving at some points! The computed mpg has been mostly sub-40 so far, but waiting to tank it and calculate properly next week. I’m hoping the calibration is out and it’s actually doing 50 🤣
  7. Cheers 🍻 It has been a bit of an adjustment being in something so similar to the R but also very different! Really am getting on quite well with it at the minute, just need to sort stance and some aesthetics out a bit 😬
  8. Having just seen the pic of my boot again, I’ve ordered some more EZMods inlays in body colour for the front and rear emblems. Loved this subtle mod on the R and think the black plastic in the badge on a white car just screams out as needing attention. Possibly only the rear, as the front badge ties in with the grilles, but will assess that when I’ve got em in hand 😬
  9. Obligatory first replacement part acquired 🙄 Wet boot seal and water inside the bootlid flagged the old classic as needing replacement. £7 and two days later I’m good to go! I just undid the four T25s in the bootlid recess and then yanked each corner to pop three clips each side. This left the trim hanging at the lower edge but still attached, leaving enough room to get arms in. Simple case of tracing the existing drain tube to the top where it sits over the drain pipe off the badge, pull it off, poke the new pipe through from the outside of the boots lower edge, then slide the open end over said pipe off the badge. Then check all trim clips are in the boot trim and not stuck in actual panel (pointy pliers were needed here), then line up the plastic prongs on the two bottom corners of the trim, line up clips, then bangy bangy done! nine minutes from popping the boot to done 👌🏽
  10. Depends on model year, as think gpf cars will still struggle for noise. I put a no drone res delete on my 7.5 310 (no gpf) and sounded just as I felt it should as standard. Normal and Drive use almost zero change, but Race and Sport resulted in nice crackle downshifts and very pronounced cracks on upshift under load. Nothing like pops n bangs tat, just the right amount of angriness. My fake cabin noise was always turned off, and never felt the need for more inside. Only time it droned a tad was leaning on second coming down the hill into my estate, but did 18k in that with the pipe fitted and loved it. Also found the Ramair intake helped with some good noise, as well as the controversial turbo muffler delete…..
  11. Might be obvious, but have you tried waxing that spot again? 🤔
  12. That’s the badger! Was getting it mixed up with black hole glaze, maybe 🙄
  13. That’d last me about two years 🤣 I only find I need to reapply 476 max three times a year, and usually only for winter detail and spring clean. All depends on your cleaning technique and regime though. Ref ‘blemishes’ I’m not sure what you mean, but I’d suspect the shine (or lack of) will be the paint not the wax. Maybe panel wipe over the area to strip any product back and see what the paint is doing, then if it’s flat I’d find the right polish to make it shiny and then reseal/wax. I’m surprised “T-Cut” didn’t trip a swear filter 🤣
  14. For value and longevity, I’ve not yet been able to beat colly 476s. also have 915 but 476 has been my go to for over a decade, and that’s not without trying others that have been recommended. Poor boys purple haze (I think) was great on my old blue anthracite mk4, and this week I’ve been very impressed by fusso wax white on my white mk7. I’m at the point where detailing supplies are like ordering Chinese takeaway; each time I feel like I should try new things, but whenever I do I wish I’d stuck to my usuals as nothing is as good!
  15. Cheers Shug 👍🏼 It's actually been less of a soul destroying step down from the R than I'd feared. Still not loving the hectic Mk7 clocks, but the rest of it is great. Just need to resist the modding itch for a while til I get my wedding out of the way 😂
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