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  1. Thanks for the welcomes and yeah definitely have a thing for the stormtrooper set up as it’s just got a new key ring 😂
  2. This is my old mk5 all done by the guys at Vw racing 👍🏻 So solid engine mounts,LSD,kw v3,pro race 1.3,full 3inch system +race cat,all Poly bushed and Vw racing big brakes and loads of other bits. Loved the car but after 12 years was time to move on.
  3. Hi thought I best join and say hello 👋. Recently picked up my R after trading in my Tiguan R line as the boot was too small and it just wasn’t fast enough after I came from a mk5 edition 30 that I owned from new for 12 years that I modded a lot 😂. I managed a year in the Tiguan but it just wasn’t me so searched for low mile R estate as have always had a soft spot for them from the mk1 R estate. Never really liked dsg after owning them in the past but for some reason I seem to be enjoying this 7 speed version and all the new virtual cockpit. Looking forward to modding this one as it’s had tints done and just upgraded the stock dsg paddles for bigger ones. Anyway hello everyone off to read more and look at what everyone is doing with the cars.
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