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  1. Hi tornado. Thanks for the response but my car is not fitted with a soundaktor. It’s the 2009 2.0 tsi not R. I looked under the scuttle board and no sign of any soundaktor.
  2. Hi I have a 2009 scirocco 2.0 TSI DSG gearbox. I have this Stange humming noise coming from the dashboard. It sounds like an old washing machine pump. Like a woob woob woob sound. It’s doesn’t change with rpm and can be Heard until after about 15-20 mins of driving but then Fades away. Through investigation I can only hear it when I’m at idle in drive, reverse or sport. As soon as I drive of it fades away and I guess the engine and tires drown the sound away. It’s not affected by AC, fan blower, or radio. The only way I can make the noise go away is by selecting park or neutral. I have no issue with the gearbox, it runs very smoothly and it’s just had an oil change. I assume it’s probably a normal noise but it does get very annoying. Any help or advice on what it could be would be great. Since my local VW Mechanic can’t figure it out I’m hoping you guys can shed some light.
  3. Did you solve the noise? I have a similar noise in my car. Assuming you have the DSG box did you notice if it goes away in park or neutral?
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