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  1. I've planned a few days out to hit Honister Pass and the likes, hopefully the weather isn't too bad! I'm staying in Windermere, we have a nice little cottage that we managed to get at a steal!
  2. Heading up there on Monday next week for a 3 night stay, going to hit as many of the passes as I can while I'm there!
  3. ChazR

    New car 👍😊

    Lovely motor mate, they are surprisingly quick even in standard form ain't they! Bang a remap on and they pull all the way till the end of the rev range pretty much 😁
  4. Some of these main dealers are truly atrocious, do they not value their work or customers at all? Replacing just one tyre is bad enough when they constantly recommend to change both if YOU are the one paying for it, but putting a 'Rapid' tyre on a Golf R is bonkers! 😆 I would be going back now, asking for the front two tyres to be replaced LIKE FOR LIKE as they recommend and for ALL 4 wheels be matching. You want the car in the same condition it was when it went in, which was matching colour wheels and matching tread on each axel! Chances are they'll offer y
  5. Beautiful cars mate, very jealous although your R is almost identical to mine 😋
  6. Thanks mate, i believe it was an option from factory but not many ticked it. You can buy it from VW it's a genuine part but made by Oettinger, think they are about £500-600 painted/fitted all in from VW. I got mine of a German parts specialist and paid about £450 all in 🙂
  7. 3dr white and grey Prets, snap! Excellent choice motor looks sick mate. I came from a Mk5 GTI too, i had an 06 GTI and a 08 Ed30 both brilliant cars but nothing compared to the R really.
  8. Ahah, love it! It will sound amazing mate i'm sure of it! Boot space is overrated anyway like you say 😁 Let me know how it turns out!
  9. Hi mate yes it was, I'm going to try ring them and talk to them about it as it is starting to get quite annoying now.
  10. I asked about the creaking suspension from the front and back of my R and i got told its 'like that because its got stiffer suspension with it being an R' ..... yeaaaaah 🤥
  11. Hmmm it is tempting, but i like it too much 😋
  12. ChazR

    Hello everyone

    That is beautiful mate! Quick question - what do you use to clean the Akra?! Mine never looks like that!
  13. Lovely car mate. I have the Akra on mine, sounds brilliant! How much do they go for?
  14. I have just had mine mapped (custom), so i want to just go for the direct replacement like you said. If i had a bit more time i think i would push the boat out and get the 380x or something but im completely happy with how the car is at the moment tbh! I bet that goes well mate, mine made 402 BHP and 391 ft-lb on stage 2 remap - car is completely different now i love it!
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