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  1. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Selling my Golf R details below Spec: 2018 plate (pre GPF) 3 Doors Pure White 46k miles (daily so will rise slightly) Genuine 19" Pretoria alloy wheels DSG DCC Servicing: Full VW service history (has 1 service left on a service plan which is included with sale) Servicing in between VW services as oil has been changed every 5000 miles with 5w40 oil by myself/independent garage DSG service done in January at 25k miles Haldex service done in January at 25k miles Has nearly a year left on VW warranty (ends June 2022) Spark plugs have been replaced 3 times in the past year Fitted with brand new RS3 coils earlier this year Performance/mods: Airtech front mount intercooler 'Pikey R600' airbox mod with ProRam drop in panel filter Scorpion 3" Sports cat downpipe Stage 2 remap by R-Tech Performance in May 2021 making 402bhp 391ft lbs (printout included) Genuine Oettinger spoiler fitted Maxton Design rear valance fitted Mtec hooked front discs (brand new less than 3000 miles ago) Tarox Strada front pads (brand new less than 1000 miles ago) Mintex rear pads fitted earlier this year Mintex RBF600 brake fluid Bad points: Minor paintwork stone chips etc on front end of the car, nothing can really be done to avoid this on a daily driven car imo. Nothing overly too bad. Wheels will need refurbing ideally, was something I was going to get round to if I kept the car. The car has genuinely never wanted for anything, I have a full recorded spreadsheet along with all paperwork with mileage/dates of all servicing, repairs, upgrades and work carried out on the car which can be shown on request. I think it will be hard to find a better maintained example than this. Looking for £26500 however open to very sensible offers. Located in Hull, East Yorkshire


    Hull - GB

  2. Exactly, I just take the risk. I have tuned all my cars and they all had at least 3 times as many miles on them as my R so I just took the chance personally haha. In the year and a bit I have had my R I haven't used the warranty once... touch wood! 😆
  3. Most, if not all, people I have seen with it on have been fine as far as warranty is concerned. I don't personally think you would have a problem myself, they would have to delve VERY deep to find it. If you unplug your battery for 15 mins or so after uninstalling JB4 it usually resets the ECU's stored values anyway.
  4. You can check it with Carista.
  5. Chop it in for a Golf GTI ED40 Clubsport that will fulfil everything you feel you're missing 😉
  6. I had a JB4 on mine for a good 5/6 months before I got my 'full fat' ECU tune. Although the JB4 is good, I personally don't think it is much in comparison to a proper remap. I find that my car just feels/runs 10x better since taking it off and getting a remap done. Beauty of the JB4 though is obviously it helps on the warranty front!
  7. 7.5 so 7sp mate, I think it will still make very much the same difference.
  8. Nope it's not, may have to make the trip!
  9. May have to invest, the S mode is the most annoying as it is literally undriveable!
  10. Heard nothing but good things about that TVS TCU tunes how do you find it?
  11. That looks amazing, really want to do this to mine but have to spend the money on other things at the moment 🤣
  12. Hi mate I went for a full Hertz setup in mine and it sounds awesome. I have a 5 channel Mpower amp powering the 4 front speakers and a 12" Sub in the boot. Much better than Dynaudio now! Cost about £1200 all in obviously you don't have to go that far! A lot of people do the Helix sub install which goes in place of the spare wheel and that is sufficient for most people and costs about £400-600 depending on where you get it from and install it.
  13. Changed my brake pads from Ferodo DS2500s to Tarox Strada to try and get rid of the pads rattling away. Wow! I forgot what a silent cabin sounded like, it's like heaven now! 🤣
  14. Sounds awesome mate. I made 402bhp and 391ft lbs, I'm happy with the power more just for the reliability. R-Tech told me that with the 380 I can leave it as is or get the map tweaked in order to unlock a bit more torque as they capped it when it originally got mapped for 'turbo play'. They also said that the 380X will require a 'Stage 3' booking slot and the wait list is huge for that so I would probably consider Unicorn like you. Given the extra cost involved and the fact that I am stage 2 already I think I may just leave it and go with the 380 when the time comes to save the faffing about! Do you run Unicorn's DSG tune or a third party one?
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