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  1. @GSUK thanks so much for taking the time to write this review/comparison. Really enjoyed reading it, moreso than journalist reviews!
  2. Thanks @gregozedobe, much appreciated. I will do some research to find where the negative terminal is located on the firewall. Just to be clear, positive terminal on the battery is ok, just the negative on the firewall ? on the recon mode, i was just confused as the charger appears to have a a specific AGM Recond mode. Found this somewhat helpful in case anyone else is interested: https://f30.bimmerpost.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1663141
  3. Update.... VW confirmed the cable had broken... being replaced. Quoted £110 until I clarified that the car was under extended warranty.
  4. Interesting! @gregozedobe, my CTEK has a Recon function which is specifically for AGM... assume that’s ok ? Also, why connect then negative to the firewall rather than the battery ?
  5. Yup. I have a couple of the MXS 5.0 chargers and they are brilliant. Out of interest, should i use the AGM setting or the regular Car setting ?
  6. Just realised I won’t be able to disconnect the ctek. 🤦‍♂️ will need to find a way to secure it for the short journey to the dealer.
  7. Will do. Ironically it just came back today from a service! Sod’s law !
  8. Thanks @Booth11 Much appreciated. Reading some of those threads, it sounds like this is a warranty item ?
  9. My dad was trying to open the bonnet on my Mk7 golf and pulled the lever in the footwell twice. He seems to have pulled it too hard and now the level won’t spring back into position.... ... and he shut the bonnet !! 🤦‍♂️ Has anyone had this before or have any smart ideas for how to open it ?
  10. When mine are due, i may look into the possibilities for ceramic pads, which I think create less brake dust. Think I read good reviews of the iSweep pads.
  11. Just curious, does the Mk7 (6spd) DSG gearbox include the coasting feature ? Or was this only applied in the later 7spd that was used in the Mk7.5 ?
  12. Thanks @11samuel98 ! I hate to admit it, but haven’t driven it more than 10 Miles since collection! Dropping off for a service on Weds though! 😬 I have washed it and protected it though!
  13. Well done on the install! Did you take any pics along the way ?
  14. Is it an easy diy to change the bottle ? Wasn’t sure how involved it is to drain the coolant, etc.
  15. Mine has a 5yr plan! Maybe I should query the brake fluid ?
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