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  1. I will be replacing my EFB battery for an AGM and was just wondering if anyone is based in the Surrey/South London area and would be willing to help code the new battery ? Understand it may cost, so would also be good to know what the going rate is!
  2. I used Driftbridge in Epsom. Very good service I found.
  3. Totally agree. Being honest, it took me a minute or two to figure out they were speaking English. 😳
  4. Thanks @lapman! Looks great
  5. thanks. Will look into this!
  6. Thanks! Did it make any noticeable difference to power or noise ?
  7. Is anyone running an Eventuri on here ? I’ve had them on a couple of cars before and found them to be great.
  8. Out of interest, is the T-ROC version the same as the Golf ?
  9. Ok thanks. Don’t really want to remap the car so maybe just the cat-back system will be fine.
  10. I am thinking about buying the full system, including the Downpipe. Do you know if they would fit the 7 and 7.5 equally ? Mine is a 7 so just nervous about buying one and finding out it was only compatible with the 7.5 n
  11. Just about to attach... and to be clear.... I can use the CTEK charging lead if I connect the positive cable direct to the battery and the the negative cable to the terminal on the bulkhead (ie. negative not direct to the battery). and last q... should the CTEK be in AGM mode or normal car mode ?
  12. when you say “OFF the car”, do you mean if the charger is outside the vehicle ? Like the CTEK ?
  13. Sorry to resurrect this old thread, but I’m interested in fitting the akra to my golf. I’ve had akra titanium systems on a couple of previous cars and find their quality and sound to be superb. has anyone bought one ? Just wondering how much to expect to pay if I was wanting to buy one new... also, I’m assuming they are a straight swap, but interested in case anyone has the fitting instructions.
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