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  1. I was only doing a general search to see what they look like in Atlantic. Now to search for one for sale.
  2. I'm.off to do a Google search for these in Atlantic.
  3. Really? I've not come across 1 single Atlantic in my search. Mostly black and Lapiz. A few white and grey. And that's it.
  4. If I do.go for the R it will be in Lapiz. PS is that your garage? 😲
  5. @Charles Mi did actually forget to add in my last post that I really did like the colour on yours. But I believe that colour isn't available in the 7.5.
  6. Thanks guys. @Clean understated and practical is exactly what I'm after. And "ugly"? I quite like the look of it.
  7. Close, it’s a 2.7 😄 I’ve been weighing up the pro’s and con’s and pretty much agree with what you’ve said. - the B5 definitely has nostalgia for me.and also sentimental value as I delivered my youngest on the passenger seat of the car! I also like old school cars. The RS sure go some attention but only from people in the know. - I had the B5 mapped to 480bhp so was getting a helluva lot of power. So not sure how a stock R would compare. - I love the modern tech of the R. The cabin looks great with a proper head unit AND paddle shift. - I love knowing that I hopefully won’t need to carry out too much maintenance on the R... and when I do, it’ll no doubt be cheaper than on the RS. decisions decisions......
  8. Hi mate, that’s one lovely car and some amazing work that you and others have put into it. im currently contemplating an R estate too BUT in 2 minds as I’ve been offered back my old pride and joy RS4 B5. my big questions to you are - is the Audi RS in your pic above yours? If so, how do you find the Golf to the Audi? I had 480bhp on my Audi and feel I’ll be rather underwhelmed with the Golf R.
  9. Guys, further to my thread below, to help me decide, can all those who have an R estate, please post some pictures of your rides. Thank you
  10. Since having been away from here, I’ve been offered back my old Audi RS4 B5. But now I’m in 2 minds whether I should take it back or go for a Golf R. A very difficult decision. What would you do?
  11. Are you local to Enfield sides?
  12. on 27/02 2 black R's and 2 Lapiz R's. If you were the one in the black R with the black wheels and booming exhaust, you drive like an absolute idiot and need to slow down and think of other drivers and consequences if someone stepped out in front of you when you drive the way you do!
  13. That looks the absolute *%@&%* 👍
  14. Alps

    MK7 Wagon

    Don't forget to tint the windows too. It'll look brilliant with the other black bits.
  15. Spotted on 20th February around 4pm. Was it you?
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