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  1. Alps

    Bad Driving

    Absolutely fecking ridiculous. Alas, in London, and no doubt all over the country, this happens all the time. Something similar happened to me a few years back whilst I had my family in the car. The idiot almost clipped the front of my car and when I horned him he stuck his finger up (I HATE that). Unfortunately for him, just a few seconds after he did what he did, he smashed into a car (thankfully nothing too serious). I gave my details to the other vehicle. And at the same time had a firm word with the idiot. It's always the same people who do this. They have races between groups. In 2009, at around 1am, I heard the most horrible noise. Couldn't figure out what it was. A lot of the houses came out to see what had happened. I walked about hundred metres down the road to the north circular to see what had happened and a saw what looked like a crushed / cubed piece of metal. At first I couldn't figure out what it was (it was dark) then sussed out it was a car. It had hit a traffic island and veered into a lamppost. There was another car parked up with the lads in total shock. They then sped off. As I watched them speed off, I noticed a little way ahead a body. A couple had been crossing at the time the car hit the island. I can't even begin to describe how horrific that moment was. I'm quite strong minded and very little phases me, but at first I just couldn't bring myself to go any further. A couple had been crossing the lights at the time the car hit. The girl died but the man somehow survived. Then about 2 years ago, something similar happened, only this time, it was just the idiots in the car that died when they hit another lamppost, which just happened to be a few feet away from the one I mentioned above but on the other side. And this behaviour continues to this day on the north circular.
  2. Mate sorry to read this. What a pain (thankfully not literally) of a start to the new year. Main thing is you and the guys in the other car are OK. But look son the bright side - when my wife bumped my absolute pride and joy, I took the opportunity to fix up the bump and then also some other minor bits that needed doing. I also cheekily had a few mods done at the same time
  3. What I Want to know more than anything is how quick it is! Will it keep up with the R?
  4. Go all the way. And I thought the mirrors were black. But now I can see they're not. Photoshop black mirrors too. Trust me, it'll look great. Oh and black vw badges too.
  5. Alps

    Potential R Buyer

    Absolutely. However, I used to have a repeating nightmare of selling my RS and then not being able to get another one just like mine. I'd wake up distraught until I realised it was just a nightmare. Then one day, that nightmare came true! I regret the decision everyday. If I don't but the 996, will I regret it? If I buy the 996, will I regret it? Only time will tell..... 😅 Still, in a way, a good position to be in so I can't whinge 😄
  6. A lovely grey 7.5 R Estate in Oakwood North London.
  7. Alps

    Potential R Buyer

    My heart is saying Turbo. My head is saying R. And it's what golf7.5r says about the turbos that really concerned me as well. It was the turbo popping on my RS that was one of the reasons why I sold it. And on that car, when 1 goes pop, it's best to change both. And then it's also an engine out job. And when the engine comes out, it's best to change everything under there that can go wrong as it's save on having to take engine out again, just in case. And then, when engine is out, there might be some other things that are wrong, which will also need changing such as cams etc. Have I just talked myself out of the Turbo??? Nah! Not yet. I've got time to consider it so going to sit tight for now. But if the right R comes up, I might just go for it.
  8. Alps

    Hi :)

    Welcome mate
  9. Looks absolutely the biz. Black wheels, maybe?
  10. Welcome on board mate. Looking forward to seeing this thin develop.
  11. Alps

    Potential R Buyer

    Haha! Nige I've been meaning to ask if you were on here. I knew you would be though. Yup, I've picked the R over the S4. The S4 just didn't appeal to me after having had an RS B5. But now, there's been a slight curve ball. I might have the opportunity to buy a 996 Turbo 😮 I've always wanted a Porsche Turbo. And over all other super cars. Don't know why, but they've always appealed to me. BUT, now, with old age,I've started thinking sensibly: a) Do I NEED a second car? b) Do I NEED the additional costs? c) Do I want a car with zero storage space? d) Do I want to be driving down to my surfing sessions in a VW Touran over a much faster car such as the R? d) Do I want the hassles that come with older cars? e) Do I want to spend so much on a car rather than put that money away for something more sensible? f) Do I want to look like I'm having a midlife crisis? g) WHAT THE FECK HAS HAPPENED TO ME! Opinions please lads? What would you do?
  12. You're correct. Some pics in certain light make it look like they have silver surrounds.
  13. Welcome Robert. I too am looking for a similar spec to what you're after - albeit in estate form. Good luck on the search.
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