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  1. An interesting project I think, maybe of interest to some others too (not the 8R clique though, 97.3% of them don't know a forum exists outside of the 8R chat 🤣) He waffles on to start with but stick with it, looks and sounds great on the road.
  2. It'll be interesting to see an 'active members' list and where that activity is, some sections of the forum appear way less active than they used to be 😢
  3. Quite like this, not sure if the 'pencil moustache' link was meant in good humour or not, but it suits your black car 👍
  4. What's happened to this thread? There used to be at least half a dozen posts here daily........ Anyway, to try to inject a little life here, this is what i done to my R today. Changed the foam filter for the 'fit and forget' cotton filter in the R600
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