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  1. Just make sure you get a good warranty with it!
  2. Thanks @Leespo, I bought a cheap windows tablet and their program won't run, with that and the communication I'm now looking at my localish specialist, sponsor here too. I'm also in two minds about a remap, do I want it? yes! Do I need it? not really 🤔
  3. Our old cat liked to claw at doors, if open he'd be on his back trying to chew the corner too!
  4. A trip to B&Q on the cards then 😂😂
  5. Spinners.....LA style!!!!
  6. Just showed these pics of Steve to the missus, she reminded me of when her sister took in a rescue cat, the poor thing was so timid playing like that didn't happen for months, looks like Steve has settled in nicely already 👍
  7. Handsome little fella, even with just one eye 😁
  8. Oh my............. Now the mk8 is taking over the mk7 section!
  9. I appreciate that but it's so frustrating when you want to spend a large amount of money on a product or service and you just need a simple question responding to. I've heard good things too and the price is quite a lot cheaper, but good customer service counts highly with me as well.
  10. Yes, much quicker pickup, seems more eager to rev if that makes sense
  11. I'm not too impressed with their communication, they did say a Windows PC/laptop is required. I then asked a question about a windows tablet with a usb port, if that would be suitable, twice now and no answer. Thinking they don't want my money......🤔 May end up going to Regal Autosport, APR agents and reasonably close to me.
  12. Today I went 'full pikey'! Removed snow grate and fitted panel filter last year, today fitted elbow, hose and blanking plate then cut holes in grill.
  13. I know some people here have done this, @Djs2394 only did this last week. Can I ask, at which point do you need a Windows machine? I use Chromebooks at home and work, would a cheapo Windows tablet from the bay be suitable? What's the timeline like, you receive the box of tricks then upload your stock map then email unicorn, do you get quick response, all can be done in a couple of hours? Thanks.
  14. All Purpose Cleaner
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