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  1. looks great first one i have seen without the upgraded spoiler. i reckon the 19's will make a difference again glad i got those! hopefully sometime in 2021 😆
  2. got my tracking number, went into vw order tracker and its stage 2, however dealer has confirmed week 10 build and that the system is not that accurate.
  3. the build slots are all over the place arent they 😄 i ordered dec 19 and was told end march, then told july, then told build week 10!!
  4. im sooo jealous!!!!!!!!! ordered mine in December hope it gets bumped up too!!!
  5. i priced both up before i singed up to the 8R, as i do like the S3 but the 8R was much more of a preference. managed to get both to pretty much the same deal, only difference was the S3 has leather, but i prefer the cloth anyway so that wasnt an issue. Didnt know about the brakes / old 4wd so even more please now! now im itching to get mine time is dragging so much 😭
  6. yes its also based on co2., so the first year is around £900GBP, and the second year is based on CO2 PLUS an extra £325 of whatever that figure is if the car is over £40k. This extra is for the first 5 years.
  7. you have to pay an extra £325 per year road tax. as a minimum the extras i wanted pushed it over 40 so added more on that i wanted after that 😄
  8. just had a call from the dealer, with the good news that the apr has gone down so a little saving on my monthlies - always nice! he also said that they have been told by VW that they are not accepting any more orders for the R at present - he tried to put one through this morning and had problems and this is what he was told?!
  9. me too now ive done more research, will be telling them not to touch it, and talking to a couple of detailers about ceramic coating - sounds a good investment (g-technic and mayvinci)
  10. thanks, yes i presumed that and they have used discount from that to offset to car cost to get where i wanted to be. i appreciate your comments obviously know what you are doing so will deffo get them to NOT use it and i will try to swap it with them or sell it then use a local detailing company. if they offer any swaps i will let you know 🙂
  11. ah ok, got it! the dealer i bought off part of the deal was the lifeshine, i tried to get it taken off and use the 350 as discount bu they said if they removed it it wouldnt make a difference to the monthly cost (i guess they discounted that to get to the number i wanted) from what you say, and now i just googled this, i dont want them touching mine either 🙂 i will ask them to not touch it and just give me the product and get a local detailer to do it
  12. hi - why would you ask them not to touch it apart from PDI?
  13. thanks, april would be awesome, but i wont get my hopes up yet 🙂
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