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  1. good read of all these, after the first 1000 miles i have the following: 1. clicking noise when window down / no radio as others have said 2. passenger seat heating going on and off when daughter has it on - need to sit in that myself and see if its a weight issue 3. climate control seems to randomly go to classic where i cant change anything - will try the reset next time 4. road speed sign randomly goes to kph and not mph - would love to see that stand up in court 🀣 Apart from that, what a car this is to drive!!!!!
  2. i love the fabric seats mate, look great and very comfy. after years of leather its nice to sit on something else!
  3. thanks, sorry didnt know that topic existed will have a good read of it now and keep my eye on it πŸ™‚
  4. very pleased with it, getting used to the controls and restraining my right foot is difficult during the running in 😁
  5. picked mine up yesterday from a bw 13, straight to detailers and posted pics in member rides - what a beast of a car!!!!!! Couple questions. 1. Boot handles inside - should they have a cover in there, mine are open and quite sharp plastic edges. 2. HK sound system is fantastic, but only the 2 front pillers have HK on the speaker covers, the rest are just standard covers. Anyone else like this?
  6. Picked the beast up 1st, straight to detailer for full decontamination, polish and protection, looks awesome, drives awesome, drinks fuel awesomely 🀣
  7. i had this too mate, had to chase and chase so got really shitty and had a call back within 10 minutes. awful service, will name and shame after i get the car in case they have a mole looking through these forums 😁
  8. which docks did your come into? im yet to hear from my dealer guy, left 3 messages ans 3 emails and nothing!!! they have been shit all the way through this ive had to chase and chase.....
  9. yeah bw13 mate, typical nonsense from VW!!! i still half expect them to come back and tell me its all a mistake and its bw37 unconfirmed 🀣
  10. the tracker still says final stage of its journey to the UK, but i went on live chat this morning and they told me its at Grimsby. Dealer wasnt aware 😐
  11. mine arrived in grimsby last night 😁 just waiting on dealer to confirm pick up date, hoping for 1st may!
  12. just checked, mine now says In transit: shipping is that on the boat, or on the dock waiting for a boat 😢
  13. looks superb that, did you get ceramic or is that wax?
  14. what does this stage mean ? is it on the boat? Your car is on the next stage of its journey to the UK.
  15. didnt even have to delete and re-add car this morning and it changed to in transit 😁 typically how long from here?
  16. yes thanks i mean stage 4, and ive deleted and re-added but no change. didnt realise it could be 1-2 weeks at that stage i thought it would only be a week. will try again in a couple of days πŸ™‚
  17. how long does it stay at build week? mine changed a week ago as it is bw13, but its still at bw 13 how long does it typically stay at that stage?
  18. at long last its starting to feel real moved to stage 4!!!!!
  19. Thats terrible news, like you say it has a knock on impact to other things. Funnily enough, when i ordered they said they ran a credit check but nothing is on my credit report so its obviously a soft search they do which doesnt show and gives an estimated chance. Have you checked your credit score as there may be something on there which is wrong or unknown. i use clearscore as its free, experian also offer a free one but maybe you need a paid for to dig into the detail. hope you get it sorted.
  20. Awesome, great feedback and first thoughts, make me more impatient than ever now! Looks clean for a non cleaned car πŸ˜†
  21. nice to finally get the confirmed week! mines due to be built next week, fingers crossed, so hopefully early/mid may depending on a million different things by the sound of everyone else πŸ˜†
  22. same as me with the PP, the rear spoiler looks great but hoping for aftermarket option
  23. better not be mine that gets pushed out if this gets pushed in 🀣
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