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  1. Day 7 of 8R ownership. During a 2 hour car ride to the mountains, in -4 degree weather. The AC menu decided to complete freeze, blasting cold(ish) air at max power non stop. Heated seats weren’t working.. nothing climate related was working. Tried turning the car off and back on 3 times. Nothing. Lets just say my girlfriend wasn’t very impressed...
  2. hey everyone a bit of a random question... Does anyone know why the golf won’t let me play YouTube videos while connected to Bluetooth? I listen to a lot of podcasts and political commentary while driving but for some reason it just wont let the video play. If I try to play music however it works perfectly.Maybe it’s some weird sort of safety feature?
  3. I’ve been thinking about having the details (those which are black on the white/blue car) wrapped in satin black. I’m sure it would add some depth and bring out the shapes a bit more.
  4. Weirdly enough my car has every option ticked except HK.... it’s even weirder considering there was a package available here in CH that had it included with discover pro and heads-up (both of which i have). Again, my car was one already ordered by the dealership so I had no control over the spec. To be fair, the standard system works perfectly! I really dont see any need whatsoever to spend extra money for the HK.
  5. Absolutely nothing bad to say about brakes!! They are great and very intuitive!
  6. It’s nothing to be too concerned about at our height, you’ll lfind a good position! I just hoped it went a tadd bit lower for my optimal position
  7. Hey y'all, managed to put about 250km on the car between Friday and today, here are my initial thoughts: This is my first R, first Golf, first VW Scores: IRL Looks: 8.5/10 - Handling: 9/10 - Sound: 9/10 - Acceleration: 8.5/10 - Brakes - 9/10 - Quality/Feel: 8.5/10 - As a whole, daily hot hatch: 10/10 What I really like: The rear looks so so so good! Especially with the Spoiler and Akra, the car is a real head turner and all the younglings cant stop staring at it hahaha. It's incredibly user friendly, confidence inspiring and easy to drive. It immediately
  8. My wonderful (and very helpful) sister just dropped her off at home! -5 hours till we finally meet!🥰 Get your questions/pic requests ready and I’ll answer everything between tonight and tomorrow! T
  9. Dont they have the “black pack” in uk? Here in Switzerland that option removes the blue line in the front, adds black mirrors, and dictates black estroils.
  10. I’m not really a black on black kinda guy. 99.9% of the time i prefer silver wheels, on any color tbh. I was gutted when I first saw the pictures but the more I look at it the more I like it. Might keep em for a change. Gives me a good excuse to paint them fully silver once i get bored.
  11. Boys, Girls, Gentlemen and Gentlewomen !! She’s officially here! Turns out both seller and I got confused with the wheel color😂 I guess “nero, superfice lucida” (black, shiny surface) doesn’t mean diamond cut... Oh well 🤷🏻‍♂️ I’m in Italy for work all week so i’ll have my sister pick it up on friday. In the meantime we’ll have to drool over the pics my seller sent me! looking forward to sending you all some better pics🤙🏼
  12. I don't think we have a customer 'stage tracking' website here in Switzerland.. 😕 I went in to order my car early Jan when I heard the first 2 had arrived in my city. While chatting the seller noticed they had a fully loaded car already on order with build week 51 2020. It's a bit more equipped than I initially planned but after seeing one in person I felt very trigger happy. I bought the car, but will be trading-in my Tesla M3.
  13. HI all! I almost feel scared saying this.. like I might jinx myself or something, but I called the dealer and it looks like my car is finished. Currently in transit between factory -> distributor -> dealership. Should be taking delivery around Feb 8th. Am I gonna be the first customer taking delivery of a PP car? hahaha If that's the case I'll be glad to show you all anything you want to see! My Spec: Black Diamond cut Estroil Akra Performance Leather Panorama All the tech
  14. Could you give me some insight into the pedal-box?? I've read a bit on their website but I've never seen it before.. does it work? If so, how? Is it compatible with an ecu tune? Tbh when I test-drove the 8R the throttle response felt amazing but now I'm curious hahah.
  15. But congrats on the car man! I was super tempted by the Lapiz, so vibrant in real life 😍
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