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  1. So I've just come back from MRC Banbury, after having the full intake hardware fit treatment, including muffler delete, along with their Custom Stage 1 ECU and TCU remap. I can safely say I'm so impressed with the results. After intake stuff fitted Car sitting waiting to go on the Dyno, it was a fantastic day weather wise. Clear blue skies and sunny, but cold. Good for intake temps. Dyno Results Power wise, from stock run with intake hardware fitted, it made 323ps. After the 2nd dyno run following the remap, it made 395ps. Torque, from stock, it made 413.89Nm (305.27lb ft) After the 2nd dyno run following the remap it made 547.63Nm (403.91lb ft) One the brakes side of things, I decided to assess the direct OEM replacement hooked discs all round, along with braided lines from HEL. Pads, I've gone with Ferodo DS3.12 for the front, and Ferodo DS2500 for the rears. Front Rear I purchased this totally stock car back in Dec 2020, and although it was quick, I always felt it was holding back a lot. An example of this is that I could be on a dual carriageway doing 50mph for instance and floor it, and it would pick up speed ok (relatively speaking) but there didn't seem to be any urgency to it. I always got the impression it was constantly restricting the boost and fuel, deliberately limiting power, just to maintain its factory output figures. In stock form, most of its speed seems to be concentrated in bursts from standstill up to about 60mph. I had some time to test the results on my 100 mile drive back home! Now, its completely different. Everything about it is urgent. From standstill, not using launch control, it really punches in the power, and the DSG shifts are now more aggressive and quicker. I now get the sense of being pushed back in the seat while accelerating in every gear. The power delivery doesn't stop either, it just keeps going until it hits the rev limiter and then upshifts. If I put it in manual mode, it is just that, and it wont upshift until I change and will bounce off the rev limiter. And then there is the noise. I can hear much more of the intake noises. Makes a massive difference. Oh and it pops and bangs a lot more in race mode! I don't have a draggy, so I can't test its 0-60 times, but I imagine its going to be less than 4 seconds. Looking forward to Mallory Park on Thursday. What does everyone think? Any questions, let me know. As always, let me know of any further recommendations.
  2. So that's more or less 42 miles (67/1.6) down to when it said you have 15 miles left. I assume you get 720km to a tank, also down to when the warning for 25km is displayed? Given you only got 42 miles from full, down to the red marker on the fuel gauge, its highly doubtful it would have given you another 15 miles when warned especially at the same rate of usage. Golf R has a 55 litre tank, which is 12.11 Gallons (55/4.54), if I assume it would only give you a further maximum of 8 miles while ragging it around a track after the warning, that means a total of 50 miles to a full tank down to empty. This works out approx 4.12 miles/gallon which seems very very low. Unless I've made a calculation error? Brakes are they stock?
  3. Interesting on the costs for you vs your diesel. So you do around 36k per year on average in your diesel? How many mile would you expect to do in your R for a normal year? Have you worked out what your cost per mile is for both? Totally agree with the last comment on not worrying about economy for the R, I, like you, find it interesting when comparing to our other cars that are intended for commuting, or even cars we've had in the past, seeing how things have vastly improved.
  4. Yep, these diesels are definitely a case of "only worthwhile if you do the mileage" otherwise you might as well stick with high powered petrol engine version. If you absolutely must get 60mpg, then i guess you are limited to a 1lr 3 cyl blue motion vehicle. Spending £25 per week would suggest you are doing around 100 miles for that? Is that the case or is it that bad due to 1-2 mile short trips to the shops? Under normal circumstances how many miles would you expect to do in a single year approximately (assume the pandemic wasn't here)? I have the advantage of not having to use my R as a daily, but I could very well make it a daily should anything happen to my diesel, or my circumstances change, so its nice to know what I can expect if I did. Years ago, I used to have an Astra SRi and I reckon that only got close to about 35mpg at best, so the R beats it hands down in every department.
  5. I believe the manufacturer stated figure for combined (urban and extra urban) is 40mpg, but I'll need to confirm that when I next look at the manual. The 7.5 achieves a slightly better economy over the mk7, due to the addition of a 7th gear in the DSG version but its only about 1-2mpg I think. If you have a manual mk7.5 you will likely get similar economy to mk7 owners. I am somewhat confused by this car though because, wasn't this one one of the reasons why WLTP was brought in? As people were fed up of not getting anywhere near the claimed economy figures from the manufacturers (among other things). Did manufacturers used to only conduct testing with the engine in lab, not even in the vehicle and under ideal conditions? If that's the case, how come VW got their estimates correct with these cars?
  6. I'm not surprised really as I've personally seen 36mpg in mine over a 20 mile journey and I wasn't trying that hard then either. I do believe the "Think Blue Trainer" is helpful in these scenarios though as its a visual aid to assist you getting better mpg. I think its akin to someone sitting in the passenger seat constantly nagging you to take it easy 😉 I'm going to be doing a semi decent journey in a couple of weeks time and shall record my figures. I will attempt to be as economical as possible out of pure curiosity just to confirm that its possible to get close to the manufacturers claimed figures. Once I have achieved that, I will record that here & in the back of my mind and never try it again.
  7. Due to on and off lockdown for the past year, my diesel doesn't see anywhere near the mileage it used to, so its economy has suffered massively, as its just used once a week as a shopping trolley currently. Coincidentally, as a result, its average mpg is about 35. Diesels don't cope well with short journeys. I record my fuel receipts and spent £1,105 on diesel in 2019. I spent just £445 in 2020. Ive only spent £122 on fuel for the R this year. That's probably going to change a lot!
  8. So I did a bit more research on the new E10 fuel standard being introduced later this year. Despite E10 fuels having up to 10% bioethanol, apparently they are still going to be rated at 95RON, which means the fuel companies haven't had time to develop higher octane variants of E10 fuel yet. I hope they are already developing replacements for 98+RON E5, but why more ethanol wouldn't lend itself to a higher octane level product anyway, i don't know yet. Once available, it should be possible to get more power from high octane E10 fuels, but we will just need to burn more of it to get them, as the calorific value of ethanol is less than that of petroleum. We will just need to stick to E5 Super Unleaded for now.
  9. Thats good to know. And if still at stock performance, do you think that will be a little better? say 15-16mpg?
  10. Interesting. I've been more or less testing it the same way, but usually filling up from about half a tank with each one and no where near the number of miles as you. I've probably only done about 300-350 miles since mid Dec. As for fuel cost, there is a huge difference. Last time I put fuel in at both stations a week apart, they were 145.9ppl for v-power and 129.9ppl for momentum. As you say, I didn't detect any perceivable difference in performance on these occasions. So like you, I will probably just stick with Momentum as the day to day fuel as there is no need to pay an additional 15-16p per litre unless its the only fuel available for miles.
  11. Interesting. I'd imagine with that much power for stage 1, there has been no need to consider stage 2 yet, because there will only be minor gains in hp, and probably only another 20-30lb torque and cost a lot more do achieve that. If you can already get circa 3.5s to 60, not sure a stage 2 would reduce that by much. I also wonder if when it ever comes to selling the car if people say its better to put it back to stock or just sell with the remap and additional hardware? I drive mine maybe once a week, but most times it's every two weeks. Do you know if the TCU tune allows full manual mode? Has the soft limiter been removed by MRC? I have some plans for mine in the not too distant future. I'll keep you posted.
  12. Hi Simon Have you done anything else to it since taking ownership? Was gonna ask some further questions re TCU tune, If you don't mind me asking, how many miles has the vehicle done?
  13. Sorry for the 2nd attempt at a revival, but have you had any tweaks or updates applied by MRC in the two years since remapping?
  14. Yeah i agree. Its just simply curiosity that's getting me atm. At the moment, my car is standard, but when I have it tuned (yes that's a given), then i simply wont bother worrying about its economy.
  15. That's actually a pretty good comparison with my other car, which is the 2.0Tdi. I got this result a couple of years ago and was impressed to say the least and was a mostly clear motorway journey with some A roads thrown in. This is the standard 150ps/236lb engine, so i guess shows the real difference between Standard Tdi and GTD. I tend to achieve better economy when the temps are warmer. Wonder if the 1.6Tdi would do much better for anyone using another car as a daily? (although I don't wish to detract too much from the topic)
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