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  1. Hi All, Just looking for recommendations on how best to setup the geometry for track time. In addition to what's in my sig, come track day, car will have... Stock suspension, upgraded front and rear H&R anti roll bars, upgraded 034 droplinks and Nankang AR1 semi slicks. What sort of camber is best that you have found? Any advice on what ARB setting is best?
  2. I'm very late to this thread but I will second Bolts recommendation for MRC It's definitely a custom stage 1 remap as they perform multiple tweaks and dyno runs to get the best results. I got the same TT hose and R600 intake fitted, along with muffler delete etc. Result: 395hp 547nm torque. The TCU remap makes it much better than stock because it will do things like hold on to gears and not upshift and the wrong moment, in addition to being able to better handle the increased torque without the limiter kicking in.
  3. 55mpg! Can I be so bold and ask if this was average mpg or live reading? Was your 11.5 mile journey all downhill and/or coasting?
  4. Woah, looks a neat job that. Did you do this for the function or for looks? Looks pretty good If removing the rubber seal, wouldn't the hot air flow past the plastic and over the windscreen and not into the cabin?
  5. Granted, using 5w40 would be the more cost effective way of managing the oil temps along with providing a little extra protection for the engine at high temps. Not sure what extra load the thicker oil puts on the pump when cold though.
  6. It is interesting on the oil temps and make sense in order to solve the thinner oil at those temps. But does this general rule still apply if you have an oil cooler ? Assuming the oil cooler helps keep temps around 100deg is there still a benefit to using 5w40, or would 5w30 then be the better option again as you would be bringing the temps back inline with factory specifications.
  7. How strange it is that the advice from R-Tech pretty much mirrors that which I've received from MRC, in that turbo blankets aren't recommended at all. I too would want to see some real data on the use of these.
  8. I agree with the reasoning and logic behind why having a blanket is better than without. What we need though is actual data from other R owners who've used/had blankets and whether they have helped or not. There are a number of YT vids that show the effective drop in UBT's with blankets and that's not what's in dispute. What I'm curious about is whether the IS38 runs better with one and if having one is in any way detrimental to the turbos life expectancy. I can't understand how this impacts lifespan because as you say, higher temps means it flows better meaning heat is pushed out
  9. Is it universally accepted to use 5w40 oil if tuned? Other than viscosity at a given temperature, is their any specific reason why its a good idea to switch over to 5w40? I think 150 is high also, but it does go to show that other vehicle brand engines can get hotter than the R. My mate said that when on the cool down lap, the temps dropped pretty quickly so that near 150 deg temps he reported was a peak temp. If it were me however, I'd be looking to ease off as soon as mine hit 130! Sounds like the Focus RS would benefit from additional oil cooler in much the same way as the R doe
  10. My recent track day saw ambient temps of up to 22 degs but by then I had stopped going out as my tyres had more or less had it. I saw top oil temps of 111deg, but to be fair I wasn't giving it 100% all of the time, and was taking it fairly easy. I would always come in and let everything cool down. I'd love to be able to not worry about all of this while out on track, I do have an aftermarket intake plus the muffler delete so a removal of the bonnet insulation would probably provide more noise, but as said on my reply to Batch, I'll wait until I've solved the UBT's first.
  11. The bonnet insulation I feel I could get rid of but not until I've resolved the general UBT's as I don't want to risk the paintwork suffering. The Intercooler probably depends on intended use. If you aren't ever going to venture out on to the track there may be less of an argument for one. The factory intercooler is probably good enough if staying at stock power levels, but even then it may still struggle to keep intake temps down if you regularly do spirited driving for 5 hours during peak summertime day temps. Oil cooler I keep changing my mind on this, but what you said about not
  12. Just an update. I booked the car in at the dealer for inspection earlier this month to have them look in to this, the end result, they said it was normal, and quite common with aftermarket brakes fitted. I will reserve judgement and just keep an eye on it. Should it get any worse I will insist they revisit it.
  13. I had my remap done in April by MRC also, and chose at that time to replace the coil packs with the APR ones as the car was 3 years old. My reasoning is that I shouldn't need to replace them anytime soon.
  14. So its July, and temps are on the rise. I gave the car a quick wash this morning and then went for a brief drive, mainly because I haven't driven it for two weeks. Temps hit about 29/30 degrees again today, and when I got back from my drive, I noticed a lot of heat radiating from the car. The bonnet temps directly above the turbo were where it was warmest (too hot to touch actually). So I wanted to ask everyone's opinion on heat management and what else anyone has done to mitigate this (if it's even necessary). questions surrounding the following... 1) Turbo blankets an
  15. That's very interesting. Welcome to the 40+mpg club! As it seems relatively easy to get more than 40mpg, perhaps I should create an elite club for anyone who gets 45mpg or more? How many miles are you at now on the odometer? Could it be that your engine is properly run in and now returning better and better mpg as time goes on? Serviced recently? As a technical comparison, other than cleaning ingredients, I don't expect there to be much difference between Momentum and V-Power as they both have 99 RON ratings using up to 5% ethanol. I do know that fuel pricing is going up and is now b
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