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  1. Nice. Looking forward to covering up the engine 👍 I wonder how long it will take until the VW dealers start to contact people about it. My guess is that I will have to contact them myself...
  2. It's pretty easy. Just press on one of the gear paddles and you're in manual mode. If you want to go back to automatic then you can just press and hold the "up" paddle (the one on the right). The car will automatically upshift even in manual mode when you reach the rev-limit unless you're in "special mode" a.k.a "Nurburgring mode".
  3. The updated infotainment hardware seems a lot better. I wish we could get ours upgraded ... the old hardware is so slow and sluggish compared to this 😒
  4. First propper manual wash after machine washing it this winter (only way to get rid of all the road salt underneath the car). The paint held up surprisingly well although it will need a quick polish to get rid of some minor swirls. Hoping to put on the summer tires in a couple of weeks.
  5. It's just a second set of OEM carpet mats. I just got a second set since I plan on having this car for along time. They use an insane amount of salt on the roads here so carpet mats would get destroyed after a single winter season. My rubber mats are already grey and ugly
  6. Got a pair of Bosch Aerotwin front wipers. I couldn't find any rear wipers for the car 🤔And I also recently got a second set of R floor mats (I like having a unused backup set) since it's almost time to throw out the rubber mats for the summer.
  7. I just came back from the dealer. They updated all the software and removed the engine cover... it looks really bad under the hood now I really hope that they'll actually make a replacement and not just leave us without covers.
  8. The first thing I do when I start my car is to turn it off (along with lane assist). I have forgotten about it a few times and I think it's less aggressive than it was on my mk7. I remember that braking before roundabouts was really annoying if you had to accelerate quickly with that car when start/stop was enabled.
  9. One can hope for a propper R engine cover replacement but that'll probably not gonna happen 😛
  10. I just got en email from the VW importer about a engine cover recall. It can apparently come loose and catch fire if it comes in contact with the turbo 🤷‍♂️ Apparently the fix is just to remove the cover as they don't have a replacement part...
  11. Thanks. I wish it was part of the ambient lighting but I guess it's better than no lights.
  12. I recently noticed that there is a small white led light in the back of my front cup holder and it's permanently switched on (only while the car is on). Is this normal? It feels out of place when all the other lights in the cabin are colored. I can't remember seeing it before but that might be due to me always having a bottle of hand sanitizer in the back of the holder 😛
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