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  1. Ive had confirmation through the rep that i defo do not yet have a build date. They showing ID3's in stock, hmmm.
  2. Im actually considering cancelling in the 14 day cooling off period of my lease and either picking an all electric or petrol plugin. Either that or moving forward with a large turbo for my A4 3.0 and it will have more BHP than the R lol Choices. I have asked my rep to ask the dealer if i have a build week as i dont currently on the tracker but reading on here i dont have much faith in it. TheWood
  3. Really!! Wow thats pretty bad..... This is my first VW order so i was thinking the VW site would be defacto standard to rely on.
  4. Id give it a while yet mate until you actually get some bad news, you never know you may be pleasantly surprised
  5. [emoji3][emoji3][emoji3] Sent from my SM-G988B using Tapatalk
  6. Im with you @Booth11 - Looking forward to my build week but also need to sell my current car which I'm using that value for my first £2.3k payment.
  7. Dunno mate. Makes sense to me tho that they wouldn't move during that period. If mine moves after this Thursday may tell a story bit could just be coincidence. All I know is I'm looking forward to getting my build week. Sent from my SM-G988B using Tapatalk
  8. Rep said 14 - 16 weeks. I placed my order and when my acct was set up on their system and I could log on the estimate delivery is 25th June. As above I have today sorted out my order num for VWG site so I'll use that from now on as I see it as more reliable info. Sent from my SM-G988B using Tapatalk
  9. Order was placed on 11th Jan. I think they may wait for the 14 day cooling off period to pass before the proceed to stage 3. My rep says otherwise but....... Sent from my SM-G988B using Tapatalk
  10. I requested my VWG Order Number from my lease company today, got it added to the Volkswagen site and mine is also in week 2. Ill check daily for a build week schedule... TheWood
  11. Hey Ive done better now, got some quotes from mustard.co.uk, in the region of £750. Obv ill need to quote nearer the time but at least i have a idea on costs. Did change address to my parents address and it was £2300!! Closer to Bradford Centre than i am... TheWood
  12. Yeah my rep at select told me that VWG will continue with already agreed deals but no new ones. Lets see if anyone still to get a lease on one find this out first hand...
  13. All Ive just spoken to my Lease Rep about the price change on the R8. He tells me there was a big caffuffle yesterday and VWG 'realised the price was not correct' and have pulled the deal and amended it. He reckons all lease prices on all sites will be updated shortly and VWG will not accept any more Lease requests at the original prices but will honour any already signed finance lease deals..... TheWood
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