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  1. I would of believe it more if VW took spoiler away from the £2k Performance Pack option
  2. Looks like the performance spoiler does come free on the stock car… according to this YouTuber
  3. I get that with Waze in any car I am in Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Mine does the same... I have click on radio and click back to carplay for the sound to comeback... I have also notice my apple music doesnt work if the cable is connected to the phone
  5. My iPhone 12 never charged on the wireless … Since I had the 13 it’s been charging fine
  6. Since I had my OCU update… it’s fixed the double pops and screen loading… but i keep getting random dash errors “bonging” for 10mins Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I’m having bad luck with puncher’s on my Bridgestone S005 my car I'm on my 3rd replacement paying £130 each time 😩…. but Halfords has them £96.99 if any one needs them
  8. Doubt it mate…. it must be website mistake…VW don’t give nothing away for free lol …. Plus what if you don't want spoiler
  9. I only had this when my used to get SOS error
  10. @yorky_north what is actual issue your having with the ACC?
  11. Tbh…I think VW would more then happy to take your car back…they will just resell your car for a higher price without looking at the issue. Someone on Facebook had their R rejected and it was collected on an Friday and it was up for sale on the forecourt the following Monday lol
  12. It’s been up for sale for a little while now… looks like that lowered the price by 2k
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