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  1. I’m guessing each key has their own profile
  2. I used my phone as an hotspot and tried again and it worked
  3. VW Warrington don't register cars till the morning of the delivery date, my car was in the UK for 8 days before it was registered
  4. Yeah running 18s....... just had an short drive it feels better then before
  5. lol I just checked mine today and it was the same as yours, lower mine to 38psi now
  6. The “slower OPF 7.5” (13.1 secs) has an quicker time then the 310bhp mk7.5 (13.4 secs) on the carwow results It’s actually got the best time for a stock mk7.5
  7. Hopefully VW can do this with Waze in the future
  8. I didn’t notice you can get Estoril black alloys on the uk spec now
  9. My Bridgestones are way too harsh for my local roads, Maybe it’s an good thing as it stops me from speeding over 30mph 😫 I also notice that the demo golf r in my local VW are on Goodyear tyres, So I am going to see if I can that out on a test drive
  10. Could it be an issue with the phone? Has it ever connected before? If so have you deleted it from your BT list on from your iPhone and try again
  11. Lol I hear this sound, only hear it when the windows is down and the is radio is on mute
  12. I got Bridgestone 18” without dcc and I am finding the ride quite hard, Compared to my old S3 that 18”
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