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  1. Yes thats right 235/35. Currently on stock springs. Front fitment is actually pretty good, thats why I'm worried about dropping it too much.
  2. Thanks very much - It looks really good! I was worried because I don't want mine to look too low, but I think I'm convinced now, wheel fitment is perfect. Much appreciated! I have RF019's on mine (I think that’s 10mm larger diameter) so 5mm closer to the arches, but I think that would be fine. Thanks again.
  3. Any feedback on the Eibach springs for the Estate? I'm planning to order but looking for a spring with minimal drop. Any pictures or comments?
  4. Picking up an old thread. Does anyone know if the Oettinger rear spoiler fits the estate also does anyone have a picture? I can't find anything anywhere.
  5. Looking for some advice on your wheels. Did/are you having any issues with the 8.5 wheel width? WillTheyFit.com is telling me thats an extra 17mm of poke, seems quitie high for the fronts to me? Also was the decision to go 235 wide tires visual/financial or do you expect 245 width to catch on the arches?
  6. Reasonable, thanks for the response.
  7. I imagine you get asked this a lot, but any advice on getting hold of the VW Motorsport wheels? Is this an Ebay and hope for the best... or can you get them through VW dealerships?
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