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  1. Mines gone completely today. Had to use the key to get in the car and then put the fob in the drinks holder section in the middle to start the car
  2. Well since the 1896 update a few weeks ago car has been behaving… until today. Infotainment rebooted itself while driving, errors about rear assit and side assit. Speed signs jumping around from 19mph to 36mph non stop for the ACC. Rear camera a parking sensor errors 😤😫
  3. Replaced mine 3 weeks ago and now it’s saying it needs replacing again 🙈
  4. I’m in the minority, I like SS 😳
  5. I had a fiddle with mine yesterday, seems really firmly attached
  6. Just noticed a crack on the front VW badge. Anyone else? Is it replaceable without calibration of the front assit etc? 😬
  7. Can’t comment on the R line but the drive modes definitely work in the R, especially special mode 🫣😶‍🌫️
  8. Well had 1896 a week. Infotainment seems to be faster ( weirdly it wasn’t for the first few days after the update, might just be me), reverse camera is instant now when getting in the car and putting it in R. No error messages about parking sensors, R camera, side assist, rear traffic alert. Not noticed KPH instead of MPH either. Fingers crossed 🤞
  9. I’ve got the HK, if it’s removed you won’t be missing much.
  10. I read it as options rather than removing standard equipment. I’ve noticed that the configurator usually updates on a Thursday from past experience when I was waiting for my R.
  11. I had several issues - errors with parking sensors, rear traffic alerts, reverse camera, ACC , the usual . It went it last summer but there was no software updates available at the time (it was on version 1803) so as soon as I’d seen 1890 was out I booked it in, but had to wait about a month so a courtesy car was available, in that time 1896 was released. Was told today to keep an eye on it over the next few weeks and if there’s more issues to contact them.
  12. Mines in with my lease. Luckily vw finance don’t up the payments when the VED changes!
  13. I’ve been updated! Can’t say it’s any faster though.
  14. Same on my previous Golfs
  15. Dropped mine off this morning for a sw update (I presume 1890), got a call at 3pm saying it won’t be ready until tomorrow because “it still had a few hours to go”, and my oil level was only 25% and needed topping up immediately, was full a few weeks ago when I checked 🤷‍♂️
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