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  1. I get this often too, disappears after a rear start
  2. My matrix headlights are being weird. I thought they only activated main beam over 37mph, Last night they were on at 20mph
  3. Has anyone else had this email about speed and area warnings being removed from the weconnect app? i quite like the area warning
  4. Thanks , I’ve got pp and DCC, I’ll try the, I’m 42
  5. Had a new tyre fitted last week after the nail incident and they also checked all the tyre pressures. Anyway they set them all to 48psi! As this is what it says on the inside of the drivers door what a psi are people running on their 19” wheels?
  6. I’m the same. Had compensation and they said I could terminate the contract if there’s still no fix. Had the heated seat on this morning early because it was a bit chilly, then I couldn’t switch it off. Had to pull over switch off , get out the car and lock it, got back in and it was ok 🙈. Thought I was going to melt 😂
  7. Mine went in for various things and they did SOS update (it didn’t have an issue before) now I get sos error messages 🤦🏻‍♂️
  8. My dealer has never done that, I’d probably get about 10 emails a day 😆
  9. I’ve ordered a Goodyear for Monday . £132 fitted‍ 😑
  10. I’m used to the non illuminated sliders now 🙈. VW put lights absolutely everywhere apart from the sliders! Love the matrix headlights now it’s dark at 16:30 and especially the weather has gone poor, can’t believe how much more visibility they give, also set dynamic headlights to race as the swivel faster going around bends lol. Is there a threshold speed for when they switch on? from my own observation it’s about 40mph, would like them to come on slower speeds really as there’s a few road around me where you have to get down to 30 and there’s no street lighting
  11. Reckon this can be repaired or is it a new tyre 😭😭
  12. I definitely think it’s sat nav related, happens on a dual carriageway near me all the time randomly, doesn’t matter if there traffic or I’m driving at night on there with no other cars. Also there’s no signs anywhere that I pass that it could pick up as something else
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