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  1. Mine lives in the wireless charging hole. It does get my phone very hot though (iPhone 11 pro) I didn’t think it actually charged it initially, but rather just held the current charge. However today it charged it from 6% to 30% over a 25 min drive!
  2. I have had a one off payment from vwfs too. They will review it again in 6 months. But they have also said if we get to 6 months and there’s still no resolution they will allow me to reject the car at that point too if I wish.
  3. Pretty much the same as what @ma98ard has said. Just they are working on an SW update as a priority. She will ring me when there’s an update. I get the impression they aren’t really bothered 😕
  4. What did VWFS say? You could try complaining to VW U.K. Executive Office. Ive got a complaint raised with them
  5. Mine was off Tuesday afternoon. Then was back the next day
  6. VWUK exc office are trying find out when an update might be available. Just waiting to hear back from them next week.
  7. What software version are you on ?
  8. I’ve already been told by vwfs they will let me reject my car as there’s no as update available to fix the errors
  9. Yeah same with, with the window down driving past a wall or something that reflects the sound.
  10. Mines like this on both sides
  11. I have. They couldn’t hear it apparently. ..
  12. Got the headlight setting. They had it in for a few days and concluded they have to wait for a software update from VW and there’s nothing else they can do about it.
  13. Usually works when I’m at that dogging site too 🤭
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