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  1. 😭 I ordered on the 8th Jan and my update today was: “ currently your vehicle is waiting a build week at the factory, it may be at this status for a little while.”
  2. When did you order? Mines still waiting for a build week lol
  3. I’ll probably add the black mirror caps when I get mine. Possibly see if I can get the blue strip wrapped too
  4. I can see on the Ireland VW configurator that the R comes with * 18” discs at the front *R projection from door handles ate these standard on the U.K. spec? Also from the we connect app can you lock and unlock the car?
  5. Thanks 👍🏻 wasn’t sure if I had the right website / link at first. I presume the one I’ve posted is the best place to check. when I log in to my VW and add car it’s just asking for a VIN
  6. My order number doesn’t work either. Just says; “We couldn't find your Volkswagen order number. Please check your 8 digit number and try again. If you continue to experience problems please contact us.”
  7. Mine is £3k + 35x £385 10k pa lapiz blue winter pack Reverse camera 19” alloys
  8. Most I’ve seen are the same price or a few quid a month cheaper. Just saving the admin fee going direct I guess
  9. Select leasing is back to “call us”
  10. I was told 12 weeks when I ordered on pch on Monday. Fingers crossed I know someone that has done a pcp deal today and has been told 4-6 months.
  11. I know on the 7.5 you can have the map in either display, but not both at the same time. Not overly fussed about having it as I’m sure someone will be able to code it in future. Have no need for gesture control so that’s pointless for me
  12. Think ill stick with the standard system. I use Apple CarPlay now with google maps, I don’t think it’s worth the £1600 extra
  13. Thanks 👍🏻 wondering if it was worth adding it
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