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  1. Yeah it has done since day 1 with them for me !
  2. Mine went to 5A Wednesday too, so I was expecting it to be at 5b by now
  3. I’m not sure I know the dealership is inchcape in Cheltenham. I don’t hold to much hope seeing as it was built last week after ordering 11th January
  4. How long after the 12th April did it take to get on the ship??
  5. Had an update. Mine still hasn’t reached the port from the factory yet. Seems quite a while seeing as it left the factory Wednesday 🤷🏻‍♂️
  6. Seen a few people have had a clicking noise from the speaker on the dash. And the sos is quite common . What software number is yours?
  7. Thanks. Think mines fallen off on the way to emden 👀
  8. If you look at the bottom of the tracker it will tell you. 5a is left the factory. if someone could post a screen shot of the wording for 5b and 5c that would be helpful
  9. Crazy. Can’t believe it takes so long. Mine still isn’t at Emden yet.
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