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  1. It seems the MK8 GTI has had a tune, anyone know if this is good news in regards to the R?
  2. Did you manage to do some Dragy times against standard with the Racechip?
  3. https://velonity.com/volkswagen-vw-golf-8-rim/2-0l-r-4motion-235kw-320-hp/ Found a good wheel configuator for anyone looking at aftermarket.
  4. Just wondering if anyone has had a problem with their R and the car alarm going and not being able to turn off? For about 10 minutes the alarm was going off, locked and unlocked, started the car, drove the car but was still going off
  5. This has been out a number of months too so I'd be a bit wary. None of the big tuners have posted anything so that's saying something.
  6. What sort of issues are you having with yours? Mines only been a couple of days but so far it's been okay
  7. They mentioned to me yesterday that if the issues continue, they will use a donor vehicle and swap the infotainment systems over (I hope it doesn't resort to that). The main issues were around the climate control. I was unable to do anything with it as most of the icons had vanished or unable to be clicked. I've had the vehicle now just under a month and this happened around 10 times. Let's hope this software update has helped!
  8. Just thought I'd let people know my car went in for a software update on the infotainment system after a number of freezes and errors around the climate control and audio. It was previously running the software version 1788 which has been updated to the 1803. It runs through menus a lot smoother now and fingers crossed no freezing! Worthy of doing if anyone is having issues.
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