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  1. Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone has had any issues with their R puddle lights off the door mirror. Mine seem to look like they've smashed inside the led, but it's a sealed unit.
  2. Who did you order from if you don't mind me asking?
  3. Nope, I ordered on the 4th and still no closer to it being shipped. I did speak to them on Monday and they said there's been an unexpected delay in shipment and they'll keep me updated
  4. They said it's the bump stops on the shock which need greasing, it worked for a week or two but unfortunately it's slowly started again.
  5. Mine went in a couple of weeks ago for the creaking suspension issue with a supposed software update but judging by this, doesn't like this was the case. It's been very laggy since.
  6. I've just replaced mine earlier today from another one in the packet so I will see how that goes, like you said it might not be resetting properly but strange how you're having issues with the same make of battery
  7. Mine said the same when I ordered start of the month. I think there was a bit of an issue with getting them from the US so fingers crossed shouldn't be too long
  8. Are you in the UK? Bit of a delay on mine at the moment, hopefully be with me in the next couple of weeks
  9. Mine went in a few weeks ago with the same issue. They told me that it's the bump stops on the strut which needs greasing. They did this and haven't heard anything since so fingers crossed it's solved it 🤞 Just don't let them wash your car after as it looks like mine was done with a scouring pad!
  10. These did come from Screwfix so were quite good quality. I'll change it again tomorrow and if it persists I'll use the other key for a few weeks just incase there is any issues with the fob 👍
  11. I'm just wondering if anyone has had any issues with the key battery, mine is showing replace key battery only after changing it last week?
  12. It would be good to know this too as my car was peppered in stone chips the other day and unfortunately the gloss black doesn't hold up well.
  13. I've ordered mine, should be here end of the month. I've got a dragy so I'll do some comparisons on standard
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