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  1. How did you manage to get the dark background?
  2. Tried deleting the phone and re-adding but no luck. On the Android Auto app it's showing as wireless car play available but on the mobile devices section within the infotainment system android auto isn't highlighted for my device but calls are. I'll do some more digging tonight.
  3. Hmm, very strange my side. Mines a Huawei P30 which has all the functionalities. I'll try deleting all reference to the phone from Bluetooth etc then start back up again.
  4. Just wondering if anyone has queried the Wireless android auto on this forum? I can't seem to connect to Android Auto through wireless, only through the USB even though the app on the phone is saying its connected wirelessly. I've connected an IPhone to CarPlay with no issues.
  5. They received my car on the Thursday evening and documents were sent out the following Tuesday by post. They did mention issues with VWFS documents but he did chase and they came back to him pretty quick. Hopefully you get some good news this week! I finally picked up mine yesterday. I will get some pictures on when I've detailed it this weekend as it looks like whoever cleaned it used a brush as it's covered in swirls 😒
  6. Finally have a collection date! Monday afternoon 👏 let's hope this wait was worth it
  7. Mine took about 5 days after they received the car at the dealer to get the documents out, they were posted to me. Everything has run slow for me though 😆
  8. I just can't take these videos seriously, quite embarrassing really 🤦‍♂️
  9. Had an email this morning telling me it's on its way to Wolverhampton! Let's hope I can pick it up tomorrow or Friday 🤞
  10. It went to Scotland first, then they were moving it down to Wolverhampton which I'm hoping will be done this week. They did say the earliest they could get it delivered to me was next Tuesday but hopefully I don't miss a cut off for that as I haven't heard from them since last week🤞
  11. I'm almost at 10 weeks since my build week and still haven't received the vehicle 😂
  12. Yeah, it's still there. The video they sent was it in the actual dealer showroom so it may still be in there until its put on the transporter.
  13. Had a short video yesterday from my dealer of my car before being sent down to me. I still don't have a set date but hopefully next week collection or a week Tuesday delivery 🤞
  14. They received my paperwork yesterday morning and it can take up to 24 hours to be approved. I was going to collect mine because the earliest they could deliver was 1st June but as that's getting closer now and Wolverhampton is just under 200 miles each way I'll probably just wait, especially as it'll be on a transporter and not driven down.
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