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  1. Cheers all, I've gone for Gunmetal. Interesting about weight I just presumed they be loads heavier. I'm going form 18" cadiz to 18" prets so should be about the same weight. I was a bit worried about ride quality on 19" as I don't have adjustable suspension option and in the end its the family car. Going to order some PS4 for them when they turn up.
  2. I cant decide on the finish of Pretoria wheels. I was going to order a set from CMwheels but cant decide on the Hyper Black or the Gun Metal. Its for a Lapiz car. Anyone got any photos of them on a car? I'm going towards the gun metal more...... Hyper Black Gun Metal
  3. @Booth11just checked bonnet release and it looks ok at the moment. If they are prone to failure I could stick a couple of tie wraps round it. @Penguin I'm not that bothered about the reverse camera just found it odd as most I've looked at around that ages had them. Must be a build month when they stared fitting them. I've already had a look at the CM wheels, so might order a set up. I don't think this is the certified VW fix for the insulation! I guess it should be covered under warranty as car still has some left, but not sure its worth the hassle as its not really causing any problems. I will monitor the soundaktor and might ask the local VW dealer to have a look at the same time.
  4. Well I found a car and picked it up a couple of days ago, its a 18 plate estate and fairly tidy. Seems to be standard spec but doesn't have reverse camera (which I thought they all had on that year) but has black tail pipe trims fitted (could they be ordered with these from new?). It needs a couple of bits doing, the under bonnet insulation falling off and has been held up with cable ties. The soundaktor thing seems to rattle the dash on the odd occasion while in race (I believe this is fairly common, my old 7R did the same from new!). It seems to go better than my old 7R and has more pops and bangs from the exhaust. I really wanted one on Prets but this one came up for a good price and luckily the Cads have winter tyres on so I guess I can by some Prets with summer tyres. It's fairly impressive with winter tyres on as it still puts the power down even in these cold/snow condition. Better photos when its not so bloody cold!
  5. Could he say 'TCR' any more times...... Love that car though.
  6. BCA quote is a bit expensive, I had the same when I asked to buy my old lease. I could buy one off the VW forecourt for the same money or less and it would come with a longer warranty, etc etc. I'm guessing they think you will pay more for it as you know how its been looked after but I know how I used to 'look after' my lease hence why I would probably avoid buying an ex-lease. Suppose shouldn't judge everyone by my standards 😀😀
  7. I'm also looking for a R and echo what people are saying here having owned one before. I'm guessing you are UK based and since the weather seems to be 50 weeks of rain a year the R makes all the difference. Not just on country roads but also getting out of busy junctions and roundabouts. If you are looking at new you can still get a new unregistered 7.5 R but only in estate and only white or black. I thought they might be offering some good discounts on them to get rid but the offer was £36k so not good. I thought cars weren't selling well at the moment but any 'nice' ones (not just std spec ones in white/red) I see for sale seemed to be sold by the time I pull my finger out decide to call about them. Anyway good luck in your search.
  8. That is a good point about wheels, looking at the CM wheels for sale they are not very expensive and will be just as prone to damage as the genuine VW ones, so no need to exclude cars due to having 18" cads I guess. Something like this is what am after, doesn't have to be a main dealer car if anyone knows of anything. https://usedcars.volkswagen.co.uk/en/used-cars/volkswagen/golf/mk7-facelift-20-tsi-r-4m-310ps-dsg-est-gjchtcy
  9. Cheers, so I wasn't going colour blind with the greys. Shame as really like the Limestone grey over the Indium grey but I want to stick with a 7.5. I think if I find one with 19" wheels than I guess the DCC is a great option, I never really found the non DCC car I had and 18" to be too firm. Everything I've read is the pano roof especially in the estate are prone to leaking, I've seen this 1st hand with other VAG cars with the pano roof, so will probably stay away from that option even though they do look great.
  10. I'm looking at buying a 7.5 R estate after leasing one a few years back, its difficult to find anything else which can match the estate practicality and fun. I'm down to trying to decide what spec and colour I'm after. My old one was a non facelift in 'lease' white, so would like something different this time round. Its difficult at the moment to get out to view cars and I've seen a few just advertised as grey, now would I be right in saying they made them in two different shades of grey? If so are both shades available on a facelift or is one pre and one post facelift? What would be really handy if anyone one had a list of colours they came in (I think its rather limited). Any other toys you guys couldn't live without? I think my last one as it was a 66plate came std with the winter pack so had heated seats etc. Thanks for any help/advise.
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