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  1. @RazRHow much are you wanting for them?
  2. @Wrexthat is amazing news for you getting the build week confirmed, glad it's finally happened and you can start enjoying the wait for the car now. We will probably end up getting them the same sort of time whilst mine waits for me for 2 months at the dealership.
  3. Brilliant, love it 👏
  4. My leasing company gave me the VW order number straight away when I asked for it.
  5. At this rate we should get a bulk buy for discount 😀
  6. Yeah I'd like to know this too. I've never had a dashcam before but have started looking and just had a quote through for £120 to fit. But he said that there would be some wiring left on show from the rear camera from the headlining. This doesn't seem right as yours Bec's looks so neat and tidy, I hate for wiring to be left out. It looks great by the way Bec's. I'm in Bournemouth looking for a good fitter.
  7. People that have already got their car have confirmed you can put the nav on the dash but not both screens at the same time with the standard media system.
  8. I have garage envy! 🤑 And me. I looked at it yesterday and thought it must be part of the dealerships. If that's your garage @Gazmondo35I'm very jealous.
  9. @Gazmondo35looking great. Seeing this is making me struggle knowing mine is sat at the dealership just waiting until 27th May 🤨
  10. @Booth11how do you get the setting changed to fixed service?
  11. I'm sorry @Wrex with the wait you are having, I didn't expect my car build to be so quick. I always told the lease company when I needed the car for but the dealership they are getting it through were super quick. My current lease car doesn't go back until May. We could swap for the same price if you like as yours has a massive spec 😂 @Booth11 Yeah I'm already concerned I may end up with 2 cars on the driveway. Got to stay strong.
  12. My R is at the dealership already, I don't know how I'm going to wait until the end of May to get it. This is going to kill me 🤔
  13. @Booth11 nice to see the key does have the R on it.
  14. @Booth11 you should have shares in this company. This thread is making me spend money.
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