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  1. Man I tried to get the recording a few times today but it is just not possible to hear it on the phone. S/race mode actually do make it slightly louder but not a huge dif
  2. Due to huge corona problems in my country I’d rather not drive with him in the car. I am in daily contact with a few eldery 😕 I was surprised vw official workshop was even open as they should all be closed rn.
  3. Good idea, I will try to get under it this weekend.
  4. It is an import from Germany so it has 2 year warranty by my knowledge. I have 26k km/ 16k miles Tires are pirelli sottozero3 but it is 100% not it. In 6th gear at 3-4k rpm the noise is there but when I downshift to 4th/5th gear at same speed there is no noise. Is your cabin sound the same when accelerating slowly at 3k rpm vs 4k rpm?
  5. Hi, I just bought a 2019 oryx golf r (post wltp). The car is amazing and the tips I read here are very useful. Yesterday I noticed there is a pretty loud booming, almost vibrating, sound coming from rear of the car in 5th, 6th and 7th gear between 3000-4000rpm. Most noticable and loud is at exactly 3200rpm, specially if there is a small incline. The sound is so loud it is hard to overpower it with music. As the noise is not there at same speed in lower or higher rpms I believe it is not the tires. I already disabled soundaktor via obdeleven. Almost no difference. Today I visited a dealer near me who said it is normal. But they tried to drive it only on local roads and the sound is not so noticable at low speeds. Car is completely stock and has 10days of warranty left. I’d apprecaite any suggestion what to check. Or is this normal in this cars?
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