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  1. I had a quick look at selling due to working from home a lot more now. I could manage in my sisters UP as she is off to uni next month, but after looking around nothing else really interested me. My Mum got a better offer than what she paid for her Porsche nearly 2 years ago and it's been daily driven since. 👍
  2. I fitted my BCS one last weekend and it sounds great, 0 drone on the motorway and all my questions were answered straight away. Brill company 👍
  3. I went for the BlackVue DR590W but was lazy and got an OBD power adapter. It's good quality and was easy enough to hide the cable, was £145 all in from Amazon (16GB)
  4. I have the same issue, some images load fine and others don't. If you copy the image URL to one that doesn't load it pops up with a permission error, so I doubt clearing your cache will do anything. I think an admin will need to look at their side 🙂
  5. Looks brill @starmagsi 👍 I had a rs197 before the R which I loved but unfortunately managed to write it off
  6. Here's mine I've had for about a month now. £180 from Control Customs and took 3 weeks from original enquiry to receiving 😀 (sorry about the bad quality pic)
  7. Hi Daniel, as mentioned above the logout option only shows on mobile but its an issue at the websites end. Clicking the below link while on your Chromebook will log you out https://www.polishedbliss.co.uk/account/logout Alternatively you could use Google Chromes mobile view and that will show a log out button on your account page. I tried both ways on a work Chromebook and they did the trick. 😀
  8. Hiya @SA0301, I'm a similar age to you and insurance on my mk7 wasn't cheap. I have 3 years no claims and I paid £1400 annually with both of my parents as named drivers. When I had a tracker and immobiliser fitted I phoned up the insurance and they refunded just over £100, so in total it was £1280. I searched around for a while and couldn't get a better quote, but I guess its never going to be cheap when I'm 20. 🤕
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